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  1. Set faction and personal relation (<Factions> and <NPCCharacters xml-mod>

    Hi, I'm doing a lightweight mod which basically set my characters background with new (and living :)) parents, grandparents etc. The family tree split under grandparents and I've made a separate faction for this lineage. There's also some inbreeding going on, but so far I've got it to work but...
  2. Diplomacy moc for 1.8

    Hi, have you tried version (fork from original mod on github)?
    It works for me and others.
  3. CTD aftter siege

    Thanks for your answers. I will put the thread in the right place next time.
    I was looking out for someone maybe knowing a specific mod causing this problem since i'm using many but not especially obscure mods.
  4. CTD aftter siege

    I've also posted this on the nexus forum. But i'll paste it in here aswell: Hi, I run a lot of mods but it have been running pretty smoothly so far. Running 1.5.1 Here is a link generated from better exception window. I Also included the latest savegame:
  5. (MOD Request) Higher Clantiers and Relation with a min/max about 500-1000

    an explanation how i can expand negative relations would also be appreciated if all above is to much
  6. (MOD Request) Higher Clantiers and Relation with a min/max about 500-1000

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this. But i posted on nexus site also. At the moment i got a mod that make me able to expand relations to +500 but i would like to do the opposite, decrease to -500. Another wish i have is more clan tiers. I'd like to take my clan to 15 or something...
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