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  1. AJAJP_Juan

    How can weapon and endurance skills be made more viable for the player?

    The attributes are more like morale and troop wages though which make more sense than increasing attack and defense.
    No no, it increased their attack and defense stats, which determines how much they hit/dodge:

    A general or king can bestow a valour bonus on his army by way of his stars. For every second star a general has all units under his command will receive a point of special valour. This valour only gives +1 attack +1 defence, it doesn't give a morale bonus like regular valour
    Source: frostbeastegg guide
  2. AJAJP_Juan

    How can weapon and endurance skills be made more viable for the player?

    That ****e is in total war from shogun 2 onwards and it sucks.

    Not really, since Medieval Total war 1 (earliest I've played) each star your general has increases the attributes of the units under his command, that stat magic was just more hidden then than now.
  3. AJAJP_Juan

    What changes would you like to see to the influence system?

    Why are you on literally every post defending BL and undermining Warband as if you made BL yourself ? Honor supported your RtR indirectly. Example : It was easier to recruit lords with high RtR and Honor compared to only Honor or RtR alone, that duo increased your chances of recruiting lords, building claim. It was a good system as many of us think as they were complementary to each other, have fun with your influence system in BL. RtR + Honor + Relationship trio were miles better than we got in BL, and its a fact.

    It doesnt. Warband lord recruitment was as random as Bannerlord, the percentages were just hidden there.
    Warband was not a particularly deep or well design game, pointing this out doesn't mean apocal is defending bannerlord.
    The biggest Bannerlord apologist strikes once again.
  4. AJAJP_Juan

    Master of Roguery "Bannerlord Is Perfectly Balanced" 750+ Roguery (Scroll down)

    You don't need mods. You can blow right past the limit if you get all the XP in one big chunk. And since he's starting from Roguery 1, he's getting skill points at the super-low rate of 41xp per skill point, so its easy to see how those huge gains can happen. If you tried this at Roguery 150, you'd probably only get a fraction of the skill points.
    I don't think it has to do with the low level requirements, but the low level+focus point xp multiplier.
  5. AJAJP_Juan

    Petition to bring back weekly income/expenses.

    How would this affect anything? You get the same amount of money and lose as much, just x7 once. I cant see other than maybe immersion to change it. Amassing a lot in Bannerlord is due to loot prices, and even then you could amass big stacks of money insanely quickly there aswell.
  6. AJAJP_Juan

    What's on your mind?

    I ****ing hate Christmas shopping. Rhetorical question, what are you supposed to get for people who have plenty of everything, don't do anything, and don't seem to show an interest in anything? It's a good thing Christmas only comes once a year.

    Tradition (or TV) states socks and sweaters.
  7. AJAJP_Juan

    RNG stuff that should be made more interactive.

    Have you done this recently? I thought people were saying you couldn't continue as wanderers anymore. I've still never seen any of it because I've never died :dead:
    I haven't done it recently.
    Back in 1.8 and 1.7 I couldn't choose a companion as heir, only wife and daughter.
  8. AJAJP_Juan

    Official Release

    Wanderers are not spawning in a new save I created in the official release version. Disappointing really. Why isn't anyone else talking about this? its such a key part of the game. Shame that they didn't make this a priority to fix, very disappointing.
    I just created a new save (sandbox) and hired some companions, and in a few days they started to spawn. I think the game tries to maintain a total of 32 unhired companions.
  9. AJAJP_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    By the way what happens if I die while my heir is still a baby? Let's say my wife is dead too. I'm planning to do a playthrough with player-death enabled during battle.
    Pretty sure you get a "Game Over" screen, as when the only members in an AI clan are underage kids the clan disappears.
  10. AJAJP_Juan

    Why is charm highlighted when assigning a governor?

    Maybe is highlighted because of emissary scaling from charm, as steward mostly affects it with perks that are shown below?
  11. AJAJP_Juan

    POLL: Your reviews of the COMPLETED FINAL Bannerlord

    No, but will make one positive. One day, I promise. I should really make revies of the games I play, dont I?
  12. AJAJP_Juan

    Battle Cheers: Why are their 4 choices if its random every time?

    If I'm not mistaken you chose among the cheering animations, not lines.
  13. AJAJP_Juan

    Something strange in the neighborhood

    All the garrison wounded only in sieges? Check again during peace time or at least while not besieged, as it seems that the problem is that you have garrison bigger than what your food stocks can provide, and thus your men are unable to fight (militia doesnt contribute to food consumption, neither gets affected by famine).
  14. AJAJP_Juan

    Will TW do a No Mans Sky thing?

    People should read the forum rules and then read them again before having a meta discussion about who's a bad boy and who's not.
    Reading is for nerds.

  15. AJAJP_Juan

    Why Bannerlord Voting is Broken, and How To Fix It

    Relations in Warband was pretty big, enemy vassals who you are friends with never attacked you on the map or raided your villages (snip) Fellow friendly vassals are more likely to respond to your marshal summons or defend your fiefs if they are attacked.

    Not true, relation has no effect whatsoever on lord actions, neither their condition (upstanding, marshal, etc)

    it also made it much easier to convince them to join your faction.

    It was a factor, but not the biggest, that was the fief factor (fiefless? Amount of free fiefs?), and even then 100 relation, who would be safer from a military standpoint, more comfortable relation wise and approved your claim (uphold your rights, etc) could fail.
  16. AJAJP_Juan

    Recruiting clans is way too expensive, Warband had a better system

    That seems rather counter-intuitive. Persuading Lords while at war seems rather risky, not to mention good luck catching them while out of an army.

    You can initiate the negotiation while he is prisoner, so no problem in that front.
  17. AJAJP_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Kingdoms can be considered destroyed now? is this just a campaign thing? @Duh_TaleWorlds @Dejan what exactly are you guys talking about here and what triggers the scene to be played?

    Also I really like scenes so far, just saw the marriage one and it was nice. I got married at clan tier 0 so im curious if the scene changes based on your status? Like does a king getting married have a more grandiose scene? If not that would be cool to implement
    Pretty sure is campaign exclusive, part of the main quest
  18. AJAJP_Juan

    e1.8.0 Troop & Item Changes

    Chickens now have 5 health points instead of 100.
  19. AJAJP_Juan

    Need More Info [e1.7.1] Militia not joining defence

    hmm okay that is good to know, what level would the rebellion could start?

    Rebellion I think work in random checks, and if is Loyalty below 25 and militia outnumbers garrison, the rebellion will take place.
  20. AJAJP_Juan

    Need More Info [e1.7.1] Militia not joining defence

    Have you checked settlement's loyalty? If below 30 IIRC they wont join their owner, and receive an increase of growth to help start the rebellion (starts when militia can win auto against garrison)
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