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    Can I be the Crimean Khanate Leader?

    No, you can be ruler of the Tzardom or the Commonealth if you compleate the story lines
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    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    Will the high relationship with the tavern keepers give any bonus? Or maybe it does yet?
    If it still don't exist can i suggest some bonuses that lower the prices for having a supply chariot or a discount for the wine and the invading armies locations? Or maybe ... a chance to gamble a gem (like the city guildmasters) for a special, rare, but not too good unit, like the outlaw knights of the owl and boar
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    Can't activate

    what do you mean with "I can't activate this game"? Do you mean that the key doesn't work?
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    Traduzione definitiva Mount & Blade: WFaS

    arcano said:
    ciao a tutti, chiedo se latraduzione per WFaS e stata completata oppure abbandonata, se è stata completata mi direste dove posso recuperarla
    grazie in anticipo

    Suppongo che sia stata abbandonata, nel mentre se vuoi, e se ti serve, puoi cercare nella wikipedia italica di wfas ancora in sviluppo se ti serve qualche informazione
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    If you wanna have the servers just ask Fortuna or Marth
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    OPEN SOURCE mods for WFAS

    I gave to you the links for contact the modders and ask 'em, but i think that no one cares about the copyright of the wfas mod. The only case when that happened was in 2013, when the Deluge's team removed HoH mod from ModDB
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    Czech translation - updated version

    I don't think that they would accept it (Talewords Staff) , but you could download it in a wfas mod site (ModDB or WFaS) and share it to the others Czech players
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    How to mod WFAS?

    1 - Just cancel the whole game

    2 - Yes, is hard to add 'em

    3 - Find a Tutorial about that

    4 - Find a Tutorial about that
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    OPEN SOURCE mods for WFAS



    And many others in the forum
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    MP Other Gotha's Adimi Tools - for WFAS!

    I'm trying to do a "film" in wfas with many actors and, for make it better, i added more items from the HoH mod. The problem is that i cannot spawn 'em with the spawn menu. Do you know how i can add 'em into the spawn menu?
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    Cant find resource/BRF files??

    They're in CommonRes of the WFaS Folder
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    Replacing the game's music
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    List of mods for With fire and sword. (Last updated 31/5/12)-Updated

    John Gustav Armfeldt said:
    Hasn't someone made a mod for WFAS called Heritage of Husaria?, in the case the author forgot about to post it i will put in relevant information if he permits.

    Btw i did not make any of this at all, i am just posting it here so it gets a little more well known, if author or group of the mod wants me to remove this post then i will.

    Heritage of Husaria

    Mod Made By ivanhoe95 (known Moddb name of author)

    You can find it in nexus-mod site

    Current Build 1.7 + 1.1 realism & Native Fixes
    Current Latest build was released on Apr 5th, 2014

    Heritage of Hussaria mod is a Single-player mod for MB With Fire and Sword. This mod offers some game improovements such as tons of new mercenaries (like mercenary hussars, hungarian veterans, western troopers,etc ) AND tons of new iems - hats, unifroms,sabres etc Items: ivanhoe95 - modding Mr.Csatadi - some new items The Deluge group - some more new items The With fire and sword (for Warband) gruop - the remaining new items :smile:

    has an average score of 9.4 on Moddb

    You can find it in nexus-mod site
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    Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword - Wikipedia Italica

    Report del 26 luglio 2019 - Aggiornamento dopo 143 dal post originale

    Giorni passati: 143
    Update compiuti: 46
    Crescita della pagina: 111.775 byte
    Attuale posizione nella classifica delle pagine più grandi di wikipedia italica: Ottantesima
    Attuale versione della Pagina Wikipedia: v13.0

    Paragrafi compiuti:

    Antefatti storici
    Impero Svedese
      Gustavo II Adolfo Vasa
      Cristina I
    Granducato di Moscovia
      Ivan IV
      Fedor I
      Boris I
      Fedor II
      Periodo dei Torbidi
      Falso Dimitrij I
      Basilio IV
      Falso Dimitrij II
      Falso Dimitrij III
      Michele I
    Khanato di Crimea

    Contesto Storico
    Potop (Il Diluvio)
      Fase Cosacca (Inizio)

    Repubblica Polacco-Lituana
      Tabella Statistiche delle Unità Polacco-Lituane
      Tabella Equipaggiamento delle Unità Polacco-Lituane
      Tabella Statistiche dei Nobili Polacco-Lituani
      Tabella Equipaggiamento dei Nobili Polacco-Lituani
    Impero Svedese
      Tabella Statistiche delle Unità Svedesi
      Tabella Equipaggiamento delle Unità Svedesi
      Tabella Statistiche dei Nobili Svedesi
      Tabella Equipaggiamento dei Nobili Svedesi

    Paragrafi programmati prossimi alla scrittura:

    Contesto Storico
    Potop (Il Diluvio)
      Fase Cosacca (Intera)
      Fase Svedese
      Fase Moscovita

    Granducato di Moscovia
      Tabella Statistiche delle Unità Moscovite
      Tabella Equipaggiamento delle Unità Moscovite
      Tabella Statistiche dei Nobili Moscoviti
      Tabella Equipaggiamento dei Nobili Moscoviti
    Etmanato Cosacco
      Tabella Statistiche delle Unità Cosacche
      Tabella Equipaggiamento delle Unità Cosacche
      Tabella Statistiche dei Nobili Cosacchi
      Tabella Equipaggiamento dei Nobili Cosacchi
    Khanato di Crimea
      Tabella Statistiche delle Unità Tartare
      Tabella Equipaggiamento delle Unità Tartare
      Tabella Statistiche dei Nobili Tartari
      Tabella Equipaggiamento dei Nobili Tartari
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    Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword - Wikipedia Italica

    26 luglio 2019 - Conclusione (provvisoria) del paragrafo sugli antefatti storici del Khanato di Crimea (corto capitolo generalizzante 150 di storia della Crimea, a causa delle poche informazioni riguardo a essa)
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    Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword - Wikipedia Italica

    21 Luglio 2019 - Conclusione (provvisoria) del paragrafo sugli antefatti storici moscoviti.
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    Cant start black mace quest

    Attar said:
    After playing singleplayer to see how it could start, turns out that you must talk to cossack lords and ask them to do some special quests (they are 2) then when you complete them, you should talk to any cossack lord again and he will tell you that Khorol is under attack (this is the beginning of the black mace quest).

    But if you already made these special quests for other factions, then you cannot redo them and starting the black mace quest is impossible.

    The thing that i said 10 messages ago
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    NPCs in Multiplayer maps - Entry Points

    Does anyone knows how to add some NPCs in a Multiplayer map? Also i've to ask about the entry points, because when i place 'em they don't work in the battles (one team spawns in the middle, the other in the entry points). Can someone help me?
  19. Leonfav_il_piccione

    Cant start black mace quest

    False. For do the black mace quest you don't need to join the cossack faction, you just have to do the two special missions, also you don't need the 30+ relations
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