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  1. There needs to be a criminal path in the current game


    Looking at Bannerlord steam page description, we may still expect some criminal features...

    Though, as it was already said in other similar threads, it will be a simple feature. You fight the thugs, own the alley and get some daily income...
    But yeah, intrigues, assassination, blackmailing etc. will not happen before official release, probably TW keeps those for a DLC...

    A single modder has already made all that content in the same time it takes taleworlds to add some minor quality of life gameplay feature. They should just contract modders to flesh out the rest of the vanilla game at this point.
  2. So the update from months ago killed multi-player?

    There's more people playing the bannelord online mod than vanilla multi-player. Sad state of affairs.
  3. Resolved No War bug, kingdoms declaring peace right after war starts

    I am seeing there is occasional war between kingdoms but most of the time it is peaceful. No more than 2 or 3 wars going at once in the whole game after some months. Please fix the long peace time
  4. Resolved No War bug, kingdoms declaring peace right after war starts

    I have uploaded a save game on a ticket with the problem. It can be found at
  5. Resolved No War bug, kingdoms declaring peace right after war starts

    Summary: Kingdoms declare peace a day or two after declaring war, leading to a peaceful game where there is very little wars and nothing is happening. How to Reproduce: Not sure how this happened, I am currently a vlandia mercenary for vlandia and I notice nothing is happening with the wars and...
  6. Will 1.5.8 beta come before February?

    I'm guessing mid February based on Mexicosstatements in other threads
  7. Resolved [Beta 1.5.6] Peace requirements for defeated Kingdom are unbalanced

    Yes it will be applied to player as well. I do not know how we inform player currently when one of his mercenaries leave. Is it stated at left bottom comments? If not it can be good adding some kind of information there.

    please do not add any more information to the bottom left comments. Also there is no way to scroll up and review the log like in warband. That entire window is easy to miss important info especially if you are fast forwarding the game speed. Something like this should be a right hand screen pop up buttons imo.
  8. Reduce Damage Dealt Campaign Option

    Yes and we need the inverse for player heros. Reduce or increase damage to player heroes. Agree 1000 percent more controls wnd customization we have over difficulty the better rit is for all players.
  9. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    I totally agree with that. And one more thing is that it's to easy both for player and NPC lords to raise an army. There is nothing that stops You from it except influence. Army should cost influence, money (for example the one raising it should cover the upkeep of all troops or some mechanic to split the cost between all the lords in the kingdom) and require something more like clan lvl/relation with king or the lords/tactics lvl and battle history or something.

    Edit: and also something that would be required from player to be able to join an army (invitation or something)

    There is just too much army spam in general. One gets wiped out and a new one immediately forms. In my current playthrough im playing a vassal of sturgia they are starting to snowball and besieging FOUR southern empire fiefs with 4 different armies. Seriously what the heck?
  10. Armies should have a defined objective upon forming, shouldn't be so random.

    They should definitely find a way to reduce army spam.
  11. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    One thing I am noticing in 1.5.7 beta is that the side effects of having death in battle enabled is causing a lord drain on some of the enemy clans im fighting. Day 600 or around there and some clans in southern empire have lost most of their adult lords. Right now there 1 lord leading the clan and a bunch of kids. Not sure what happens when the last adult noble dies but its about to be a clan ran by orphans

    This is not helping snowball situation when sturgia has twice as many alive lords as southern empire because im mostly fighting southern empire and only taking part in winning battles which ends up killing enemy lords. The game needs a failsafe where a clan won't go extinct while it has children still alive. Maybe you can implement some kind of regeant system until the children can come of age and assume leadership
  12. Resolved [1.5.7] Childhood education focus points aren't applying in adulthood for siblings

    Summary: Some of the focus points you get during the childhood education stages are not making it into adulthood. I do not know why. I am unsure if its the ones that are randomly generated, or the ones you pick at the different stages, but due to the massive time scale involved, it is hard to...
  13. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    I did not understand first question. Yes mercenary changes is at 1.5.8

    By the way something can be annoying for player and can be also related to snowballing (long term side effect) is sometimes parties around enemy cannot catch it even they should :


    Here normally weak and fast parties should catch 733 men Khuzait army. Black numbers are speed of parties. However 82 men Empire party come close to Khuzait army and run away back because it thinks 1208 men army cannot join battle (can be out of radius at first moment but it will catch up). This behavior saves Khuzait army from that bad situation. You can see how Khuzait army is fast (3.4 vs 1.9 (forest and bigger army disadvantages are effective also)) compared to Empire one because of horses it carry and better cavalry ratio it has. But even this speed advantage here weak & fast parties should catch Khuzait party and it should not escape from this situation. I will examine it and think about improvements. Something valueable can be found from here to improve gameplay & kingdom balance.

    DUDE I have this happen ALL the time in my playhrough, it is so annoying when there are two armies playing ping pong with smaller "tackle" units going back and forth between chasing and retreating. Last night I had a 1000 army in the middle, and a 600 man army on the left and a 600 man army on the right, the 1000 was inbetween the other two armies and they refused to engage because of the reinforcement radius. I really suggest increasing the range at which a party will consider another party "in range" for engagement purposes. The AI is overly squeamish sometime! Even if it starts the fight outnumbered, it should factor in the chance of nearby parties dog piling into the fight.
  14. Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    TW very clearly want to put all their focus on SP right now... and to be fair who can blame them. 95% of players are playing SP not MP right now; true we could say there is a good reason for this - but it's hard to dispute the fact that SP changes improve the game more for the majority of people.

    I imagine once SP has settled down a little and is in a much better place; MP will be reviewed - but right now TW want the main game 'complete' first.

    Okay as long as they are planning on doing multiplayer at some point. For the record I spend all my time in single player but that's due to the fact multiplayer has been basically trash and unsupported for multiple patch cycles now. I read every patch and its clear they moved most of the development resources from multiplayer to single player.

    I am neither pro single or multiplayer btw I simply want each game mode to be fun and supported in equal measure. Paid for a full product not half of one. Hopefully multiplayer will become a larger focus later on in the EA development cycle.
  15. Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    Did tw abandon multiplayer altogether? Upcoming plans posted in September and none of this has been implemented as far as im aware.
  16. Allow player character to govorn one fief

    There are a ton of govonor related perks sprinked throughout the entire skill tree for almost all skill lines that are completely wasted on the player under current mechanics. My suggestion is allow the player to select himself as govonor of 1 fief maximum that you will confer your bonus to...
  17. Leadership and Steward are overlapping skill lines needing some rework

    I forget the specifics, but there was also a tool tip error in early versions that stated the Quarter master needed leadership. It has looked to me like maybe steward was split a off skill for leadership, as leadership in warband did both passive functions of +part size and +moral. I think party size fits more with leadership as a passive and moral for steward, but perhaps it was a balance choice. Party size on leadership would make it even more valuable, while steward would be pretty ignorable.

    That's how it was in warband with leadership and I feel like they came up with steward as a govonor specific line but they seem to be all over the place with some of their design decision especially with the skill trees. Imagine if there was a tracking tree sepererate from scouting the way it was in warband with two different skills. Thats what I felt like they did with leadership and steward. Steward should be for govonors and they should add players able to govern atleast one settlement because I hate all the wasted perks for the player that only affect govonor.

    I find great potential in using the younger sister as a high int steward, but I wish she could be the other int roles too.

    I'm 99 percent sure my younger sister had all of her stats reset and she didn't follow the template I was building her into at all with the new education system soon as she turned 18 she got the generic npc treatment. Probably a bug for a new feature that had minimal testing due to how long it takes for the kids to age.
  18. Resolved [e1.5.7] Quest 'Needs help with Brigands" is unbalanced for companion mission part

    Summary: The quest from the towns called 'Needs help with brigands' is unbalanced. In order to assign a companion to it, you need a combat skill at about 150. 150 is an extremly high amount of skill points for most of the wanderer type companions in the game, I think only lord type companions...
  19. Leadership and Steward are overlapping skill lines needing some rework

    One of the most annoying things that have bothered me about the skill tree are the leadership and steward trees, I long thought it was a bug that steward, a skill line mostly about supplies and managing fiefs, was given a party bonus, while leadership, a skill line about well, leading parties...
  20. Resolved [e1.5.7] Village Quest 'Village Needs Draught Animals' too difficult / unbalanced

    Hello, i will inform the devs about the issue. Meanwhile, can you please send us a save file so we can further inspect the issue? You can upload the file to address. Please paste the link to this thread as description so i can identify it.

    i have uploaded the save file 'draughtbug' to the TW uploader
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