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  1. MasacruTheArcher

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers (Unofficial 'Ask Questions Here' Q&A Thread)

    I got 2.55 from nexus along with the 2.55 butter fix, but when I run M&B and select the mod in the launcher it says 2.54??
  2. MasacruTheArcher

    Problems with the Steamversion

    When I run M&B it keeps saying unavailable, I'm reinstalling tho, had this installation since a long time + windows fresh install and so on.
  3. MasacruTheArcher

    Problems with the Steamversion

    Doesn't the discount exclude the DLC? I think it's shown in the pack by mistake?

    oh posted at the same time.
  4. MasacruTheArcher

    Taleworlds released!

    Connor MacLeod said:
    in Germany is Steam OFFLINE !!! xD 

    You can ask the game to play when you Warband has to steam and not DLC? . and you can start Warband without Steam?

    Warband needs steam on in order to run from what I know. Also you need to buy the DLC on your steam account if you have warband on steam ;o but they'll fix the logging with germany anytime now, a valve guy said on the forum.
  5. MasacruTheArcher

    Taleworlds released!

    Might just happen in 45 minutes, at 8pm (Gmt2) Which is usually the time they post updates, news (10 am for them? idk)
  6. MasacruTheArcher

    My NW ''Gaming Snack''!

    OH WHY! Now I'm even hungrier!  :evil:
  7. MasacruTheArcher

    mmm russia3

    There's these servers running that mod, but I cannot find any trace of it.. I wanna get it to join, please? Name of it?
  8. MasacruTheArcher

    Warband has now become like any other fps to me.

    As a matter of fact I do not find the archers the issue but the 2h sword people  :roll:. I'm a one hand/shield fan and when I go against a 2h sword guy(80% of players) he just clicks clisk and he's 50% faster than I am when it comes to swinging. It's impossible to swing at him cause he hits you before you manage and that ruins the game for me. That's one of the reasons I do not play MP anymore. (I still play from time to time but that's it)
  9. MasacruTheArcher

    Steamworks Key Too Big


    The point is that the game's activation key is the steam activation key, must be a mistake. I really hope they fix it soon :sad:
  10. MasacruTheArcher

    Steamworks Key Too Big

    It would had made sense if you had experience. Also you don't have to do it, but here you go.

    - Click on M&B Warband in your steam game list. Move the cursor to the right on the CD KEY. Then copy that cd key (copy to clipboard or w/e ). Now go and click on "Add game" it's on the left side bottom, "Activate product on steam" and put the key in. You'll see it tells you that you already got that game on steam aka M&B WARBAND, which means that key is the activation key on steam and not the actual game activation key.
  11. MasacruTheArcher

    Steamworks Key Too Big

    From what I did notice is :
    - Steam uses a different type of keys to activate games than M&B does. Well the cd key you're seeing under your "Cd key" in Warband is actually the M&b warband steam key, not the game's activation key. Must had been a mistake. Go copy that key and try activating it on steam you'll see.
  12. MasacruTheArcher

    The Music Thread

    mailor said:
    My contribution to this thread:

    You just introduced me to this amazing girl :grin: I love her voice and songs :grin: Now I'm becomin' her fan, thanks for sharing that.
  13. MasacruTheArcher

    The Music Thread

    To be honest, I prefer calm music while playing such a game, something like the medieval total war music or this (don't think it fits with the mod's era but check it out )
  14. MasacruTheArcher

    The games art is way more important than the games graphics/ review

    The Dominator said:
    Who gives a **** about Graphics?! I actully prefre the older cruder graphics. most games today focus 80% or so on graphics wile older games who lacked the ability for that sort of graphics focused more on THE GAME ITSELF! making them more fun to play. games of today BEARLY have addequate gameplay

    Agreed, a good example is Age of Empires 2 = the game's graphics are so good even now and so many play it online through game ranger, like over 50 servers always, hundreds of people. That's an example.

    I played M&B for over 200 hours and tbh, I prefer THE GAMEPLAY, over graphics. There must be so many people that run the game, sees that it doesn't have HDR and boom, uninstalls it. When I first played M&B and saw the epic simple graphics and all that I felt for it :grin: Seriously, that makes it feel more medieval from my point.
  15. MasacruTheArcher

    Xfire was bought by Titan Gaming.

    I just said it was bought... that's all. I hope the new owners will do better. I didn't say it's the end of world gosh.
  16. MasacruTheArcher

    Xfire was bought by Titan Gaming.

    Archonsod said:
    And we're supposed to care why?

    Well don't ask me, but since your sig is xfire, I thought people would care or find it cool. It's good to know what's happening.
  17. MasacruTheArcher

    Xfire was bought by Titan Gaming.

    Got some information together and it's official. Viacom sold xfire to Titan Gaming. Never heard of em'. I hope they'll maintain xfire. Almost the whole xfire crew quit ( was fired? ) . Sad though. Those guys made xfire great...
  18. MasacruTheArcher


    Is this bloom from the ENBSERIES Mod ?
  19. MasacruTheArcher

    [Suggestion] Changing height

    Heigh advantages ,def no ... everyone's gonna be as tall as possible to get advantage , is like always seeing everyone wearing the LAST armor just because it's the last (strongest) if u get me .

    If they do add HEIGH then it shouldn't change the gameplay , but even so idk if it will look good .
  20. MasacruTheArcher


    Many of you people have bloom effect , HAO ?  :shock:
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