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  1. Balexander

    MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    i like the name Landsknecht so why not lol
  2. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Yes my battle Test folder is in my modules n the BattleTest.bat and BattleTest.dll are in Win64_Shipping_Client folder, i tried starting from the battletest.bat and i get the steam api issue and if i try to run the .bat file as admin the command console opens up for a sec and then closes, game crashes before it can load up the api error message
    try this:
    Verifiy your data

  3. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    yes but it just loads up regular multiplayer, not the battle test if i select it from modules
    so your BattleTest Folder is in you Modules and the BattleTest.bat and BattleTest.dll are in the Win64_Shipping_Client folder right ?, did you try starting it with the BattleTest.bat ? and did you try to start it in Admin Mode?
  4. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Yea idk, but I tried running the managed sttarter and the native starter in the Win64_shipping_Client folder and i get the same message but starting the TaleWorlds.MountandBlade.Launcher from that same folder starts up fine how I would normally start bannerlord from steam
    if you open the launcher from Bannerlord and go under DLC is Battle Test selected ?
  5. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    yes its really Strange why Taleworlds did that :unsure::coffee:
  6. Balexander

    Not a Single game on my List could beat M&B and i dont think something better will come in the...

    Not a Single game on my List could beat M&B and i dont think something better will come in the next 10 years or maybe even 20
  7. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Good Job, but a Question: why does Taleworlds Hide the Banners ? hmm :unsure:
  8. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Banners are gone now ( mesh is either hidden or gone ) Thank you Bannerlord!
    Unfortunately, I have to take down all new chars/banners and torches. Currently it's playable though. Will share once it's done
    Thank you For your Hard Work (y)
  9. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    I was able to get in game, but crashes upon seeing my character. The horse isn't there and it says something like "loading ruin2"
    I feel it has something to do with the new costumes and items.
    -I grabbed the mpitem from native and put it in the battletest moduledata folder.
    yes thats probably the case here :xf-cry:
  10. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Could you check Native module folder in the game files, go SceneObj folder and check which maps are in there. If your selected map is in among them, then go to BattleTest and delete the XML files in ModuleData ( not the folder )

    If this doesn't work, I'm afraid you have to wait until I check what's happening and I'm not planning to reinstall game anywhere soon
    Still Crashes, maybe Taleworlds has Changed something, like Item IDs
  11. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Well I uninstalled the game yesterday, so didn't get the update. But if it's related to Steam API error, then it's almost sure that it's related to TW blockage. Can you open .bat file and remove /singleplayer , save and try again?
    after removing /singleplayer from the bat i could start the game but like potetflak, my game crashed after i clicked start battle
  12. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Do you also have the same Steam API issue?
    looks like it :cry:
  13. Balexander

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    really a good Mod but after the latest update i have Problems starting it
  14. Balexander

    does the recession in Turkey affect Taleworlds ?

    The Question : does the recession in Turkey affect Taleworlds ?
  15. Balexander

    [Unofficial] Closed Beta Application: Fun thread

  16. Balexander

    [Unofficial] Closed Beta Application: Fun thread

    Gurkhal said:
    I've got to get in on this action. :smile:

    Name: Gurkhal
    Reason: Because I've never played MP so you'll get the total "Newbie gets screwed" perspective from me.
    Best Reason ever !  :mrgreen:
  17. Balexander

    [Unofficial] Closed Beta Application: Fun thread

    Steam Name: Balex
    Real name : Alexander  :fruity:

    Reason: 4000 Hours in warband and 60 in with fire and sword, i have all DLCs and games
    i will Test bannerlord until i have found all bugs  :cool:
  18. Balexander

    Special units and Minor factions

    vota dc said:
    Battanian has archers with long bows and very good melee axes as special troops in minor faction.
    There also the naked berserkers with axes in the encyclopedia for battanian but not the falxmen.

    For Vlandia just bowmen and crossbowmen but not knights for now.

    For Aserai camelry and slave soldiers.

    For Sturgia some mercenary troops.

    For the others just lore stuff, but I can't recall them in the gamescom video.
    Vlandia has Knights .... you can recruit them when you are Lord , they didnt remove this feature not that i know of because i read every blog
  19. Balexander

    Dev Blog 07/03/19

    WOW no new Informations.... and not that what we wanted to see, maybe a gameplay video or a release date would be NICE
  20. Balexander

    Suggestion: Custom Player Troop Tree

    that Topic was already discussed, there wont be custom troops for player in native but Mods will do the Job
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