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  1. ShadowofDeath92

    What RPGs do you like?

    NWN - 1
    NWN - 2 (Never played Baldurs gate or Icewind Dale as of yet)
    Does Deus Ex count?
    Two Worlds Just kidding  :lol:
    Oblivion (somewhat, Morrowind still kicks its ass)
    Kotor 1/2
    Jade Empire is decent
    Fable 1 (haven't played 2 and I'm in no rush either)
    All Final Fantasy games as far as 8, after that its just...
    The Witcher
    Fallout 1/2/3(Not bad, but boring after 2 hours)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Sea Dogs 2)
    Vampire - The Masquerade:Bloodlines
    Phantasy Star Universe

    And one of my all time favourites (Not sure if it counts as a RPG)

    X-Com Terror from the deep
  2. ShadowofDeath92


    Superantispyware and Ad-Aware are ftw, torrents would be nice for the mods if we got enough people to use them/seed them and the likes.
  3. ShadowofDeath92

    What are you listening to right now? Mark IV.

    Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
  4. ShadowofDeath92

    looking sci fi novels

    Rabid Potatoe said:
    Space Wolves are where it's at

    You mean the wannabe vikings?  :razz:

    Wannabe? :O Space Wolves kick ass :razz:

    And the two uplift trilogies are pretty good.

    David Brin wrote them
  5. ShadowofDeath92

    Your birthday :D


    Going to Budapest for this year  :shock:
  6. ShadowofDeath92

    What guitar do you play?

    Legacy ST Bass (I think) this one only its a bass  :grin:
  7. ShadowofDeath92

    Best Rifle

    Mosin Nagant definitely, want to get one when I'm older, also want an M1 Garand, theres a shop selling them for 1000 euro but obviously a 15 year old doesn't have that kind of money and cant buy a gun  :evil:
  8. ShadowofDeath92


    Mine works fine too, only problem is with 1.006 so I cant play online  :sad:

    But tbh it doesn't look like I'm missing much?
  9. ShadowofDeath92

    What are you listening to right now? Mark IV.

    Francis Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle - Nirvana
  10. ShadowofDeath92


    Yea it works with it, they said its because 1.006 only updates multiplayer

    [EDIT] Need help, updated to 1.005 to try multiplayer and now the game wont load?  :mad:
  11. ShadowofDeath92


    Sir Prince said:
    Which version does LO require?

    If you mean oblivion lost, then its 1.004 or  .005 (.006 also but thats only a MP patch)

    Btw this game is sick!  :shock:
  12. ShadowofDeath92


    Cheers , working now
  13. ShadowofDeath92

    Thread hijacked, enter at your own risk

    The most sinister Mr. Pavlov and The Pavenis said:
    Seff said:
    I'm only incapable of gaining weight, so I should be fine.

    I can fix that. All I need from you is commitment.

    The Pavenis school of excessive weight gain in a short space of time for perverted reasons?
  14. ShadowofDeath92

    Jonas Brothers

    They should be executed in the most painful and slow manner possible.....100 times....x2
  15. ShadowofDeath92


    Had SoC for a while and I installed it today with the Oblivion lost mod, but even before that it was crashing on me.Also have the sleeping bag mod, anyone know the problem? Bloody great game all the same  :shock:
  16. ShadowofDeath92

    Best Rifle

    20 x 110 mm  :lol:
  17. ShadowofDeath92

    Best Rifle

    For a big round, I'd say the Zastava M93 Blackarrow

    For small round by far the mosin nagant... you just cant argue with it  :neutral:

    [EDIT] Although this looks pretty sick  :shock:
  18. ShadowofDeath92

    SP Musket Era Fantasy Chide Roland:The Fall of Gilead

    Most of that stuff is beyond me, the Taheen and slow mutants etc.As for the beams I've already said its all about the baronies, and Farson's revolution but thanks for all the suggestions I'll try and include most of it that I can  :smile:
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