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  1. Resolved [Beta 1.6.0] Tier 5/6 Units disappear after time in the Garrison of the settlement you own.

    Summary: Tier 5/6 Units start to dissappear from the Garrison of a city you own, while being a vassal, after leaving them there. (Settlement is not under siege, Garrison has not reached wage limit, settlement is not starved) Problem may also consist with lower-tier Units, is however noticable...
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Can someone who is on the beta branch, tell me to which settlements the new villages are bounded to and what their primary produce is?
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Haven't looked and don't plan to, right now I am looking for a way to fix the damn shield wall, faster troops are moving in first and dying because they get isolated. It may not even be the item references themselves, but other checks that are made, like average prices in towns and such, somewhere along there are instances staying alive.

    It happens when you reach a distance away from the character. I would say this is related to performance, just like other games have rendering distance or lower resolution textures that are used for things that are further away.
    For the shield wall issue

    A basic algorithm could be:

    How about a search method that searches a radius proportional to the infantry type size for all infantrymen that have the same infantry type flag and under your command flag.
    Results are stored in a Linked list which is then sorted via a quick sort, save in a variable the speed of infantryman that has the lowest speed.
    Then set this speed for all infantrymen in the linked list
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    They changed the code that handles items, so every time you load the item list, it stays there after you leave. You can easily check this by enabling cheat mode, task manager and opening the inventory, every time you do it, memory used will increase.

    So a new Object is generated everytime the item list is loaded and the old object is not freed?

    Any idea what Datastructure is used to store the items internally?
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