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    Digital Companion Release

    Wow how amazing... you still haven't fixed Multiplayer servers crashing but you hand drew a map.. glad your priorities are in the right place and you care so much about your fan base... GOOD JOB IM SO PROUD.
    Not sure if the guy who drew the map would be able to fix the servers.

    Anyway, that's cool. I don't know when was the last time I received out of the game content for free.
  2. bm01

    Mods – Can't play with 'em, can't play without 'em

    with a cryptic error like "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" with no indication of what that object is or where it came from.
    Unless the method where that exception was thrown is more than 10 lines long, you can generally figure out which object it's talking about with a decompiler (sometimes with a debugger).

    No, the real question is why it was null when obviously it shouldn't have been in the first place, and that can be very difficult to tell. Maybe it's because of something that happened hours ago, for example a mod created a party with invalid characters, but then a lord is trying to recruit that party, and it crashes when it tries to calculate something about it. In which case, it's code misuse, generally caused by the fact that modders have to meddle with non-API stuff (C# making that possible), undocumented, uncommented.

    There could be failsafes though, in this case "don't allow the creation of a party with faulty characters", but depending on the types of check and their amount this can have a impact on performances, and for something again that wasn't supposed to be accessible to modders.

    Some crashes will also look like it's caused by the game and not a mod, but try to set the CanDismount flag when a non-mounted unit gets attacked. Even ButterLib won't be able to catch that one because it will happen in the engine, or at least on a deeper level. You're just not supposed to set that flag on a non-mounted unit. And when it happens, neither the game or ButterLib has the ability to tell which mod did it.

    I'm 99% positive a few of those "fixed a crash" you see in the patch notes are actually that, devs making sure the game doesn't crash (either immediately or after a while) due to a mod misusing something.
  3. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    I'd rather be a karen than a cuck for TW (bad game developers who sold us on a borderline lie of what the game would be).
    I know it requires some effort but you could also be neither. If you're unhappy with how things turned out and want to contribute in a way to the gaming world, you can always leave a well-argued review on Steam explaining your reasoning, showing the lies to potential buyers, etc.
  4. bm01

    "Shields Block on Back" actually don't block on back

    You get an Armour bonus though if the shield on your back is struck by an arrow. Think it was about 10 bonus armour
    As far as I know it's like that since pretty much forever. I checked the code and it's still there.
  5. bm01

    Anyone know what happened with Cheyron?

    "People behave like dumbasses on the internet, waddya gunna dobboutit?" Is just an excuse for keeping the status quo of toxicity.
    It's also coming from people who have never once been in a position similar to this one, or under any kind of spotlight. They can't possibly understand how it feels to get insulted or defamed by dozens of people over pretty much anything (updates too slow, bugs still not fixed, and little hint to the other post where people justify their toxic behavior by the fact that TaleWorlds didn't listen to them: community ideas not implemented). There's a reason why devs of any company typically don't deal with the community themselves, and why community managers are a thing. It's literally someone's job to take the heat, and to act as a buffer. But when you're a small developer or a modder, you can't really afford community managers. And with popularity, your hobby becomes a job and a source of stress. I mentioned MMO freeshards once, I could write pages about how the community is literally what kills most projects, but I'm just going to say receiving death treats after banning someone for cheating or whatever isn't fun. It doesn't matter if it's only half a percent of the community who acts like that, because half a percent quickly becomes over thousands of people given enough popularity. Then on top of that you have people saying to learn to grow a thicker skin, practically shifting the blame onto the victim (I'm not doing to draw a parallel here but I'm sure you can understand what I'm thinking about). No human being is supposed to be able to handle thousands of personal attacks.
  6. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Grow up and get thicker skin if this is upsetting you so much.
    Ah there it is, the excuse most toxic people, bullies or even trolls eventually bring up: "you should get a ticker skin".

    You think "insufferable inaction and stupid decision making" or "such high quality work" are respectful comments leading to constructive discussions with the devs (and they're not the worst I've seen around here, I just took two quick examples). I don't. End of story.
  7. bm01

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    Harmony is inocente, the culprit is RBM but the guys already patched it and its OK now, there another issue in barter with gangs, and that's the harmony fault, but it's playable.
    Harmony is just a tool for modders and doesn't know what Bannerlord is. If a stacktrace references Harmony that doesn't mean it's its fault (similarly, a mod can make the game crash and not appear in the stacktrace at all).
    Please don't bother Harmony's author for what's happening in your game, I mean the dude may not even know the game.
  8. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    What? Insulted on a daily basis? What in the hell are you talking about? People talking about how bad the game is and how poor communication has been, is not "insulting" or "disrespecting" them.

    Wake up, kiddo.
    Somehow I'm not surprised you're not seeing them. I'm sorry you think this for example is a normal and respectful behavior to have. Right next to people complaining about updates breaking their mods.
  9. bm01

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    When can we go back to 1.0.1 ? I did not want to update to 1.0.2
    If you're using Steam, normally in the game's property menu under "beta" (kind of a misnomer), but 1.0.1 doesn't appear to be available yet, never mind, it's there, just have to relaunch Steam.
  10. bm01

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    If you're playing with mods you should disable automatic updates (both for the game and mods). That means not using the Workshop.
    When you have a stable game with compatible mod versions, just keep it that way for your whole campaign.
  11. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    You answered your own question. Reddit allows community self-censorship. You are very unlikely to see a subreddit where everyone is saying the game is bad because negativity in general gets downvoted.
    You realize I was replying to a comment practically saying "we aren't that bad, there are places more toxic than us, like Reddit"? If anything, you just prove my point.

    Not that I necessarily agree though, there are plenty of subreddits where you can criticize a game without being downvoted. Try asking people what they think of Engineers in /r/EliteDangerous/ for example. The general consensus is that they aren't fun and even bad for the game. Now of course if you say the devs sucks, they should get fired and they should hire modders instead, you'll probably get downvoted anywhere, and rightfully so. I'm sure you can notice the difference between both statements.

    /r/StarCitizen is really the only place I can think of where you can't criticize the game at all because people are still too high on hopium and susceptible to the sunk-cost fallacy.

    Yeah, us pearl clutchers asking for the servers to not crash every 15 minutes for almost 4 years now is way out of bounds.
    I've never said that. A whole game mode being pretty much unplayable, if I'm understanding correctly, is obviously unacceptable. You are indeed entitled to a functioning game.

    That has nothing to do with insulting people because you feel you aren't being heard.
  12. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Yes, yes, TaleWorlds bad, players good. I get it. Now leave me alone please.

    By the way earlier or in another topic someone suggested Reddit was even worse when it comes to negativity and toxicity towards the devs. Generally I would agree that Reddit isn't a great place, but I checked it out anyway. There's a post asking if the game is worth buying, and overall people answer yes (at least at the time I'm writing this), the only negative opinion being downvoted. I'll leave it to you to decide what that means, if it does mean anything; personally I appreciate the irony.
  13. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Fantastic question, now answer it. I bet you can't.
    The point you completely fail to understand even though I talked about it in my last paragraph is that I'm not saying this to help or defend them, but because players like me who wish the community wasn't as bad as it is right now are indirectly affected by your entitled behavior. And yes I'm saying it again. It's great to make suggestions and even more so if they implement your ideas, but if not you should just move on or make your own game. Throwing a tantrum because you kept making suggestions for years and they haven't listened once is 100% an entitled behavior. The sooner you realize it the sooner you'll be able to move on from this.

    Overall I would prefer if people on these forums were less negative and aggressive (and not just towards devs), and instead worked toward building a community with what they have now. Even bad games, and that's assuming this is indeed a bad game, can have great communities. But it's completely delusional to think the devs will start communicating or taking suggestions more often when it's that bad and they get outright insulted.

    Have you even stopped to consider that maybe the reason so many people are posting these things, and the forums are half dead, is because the game does suck in many ways, and because TW isn't communicating with us?
    Great theory, but I know deader and worse games with better official forums, X4: Foundations for one.
  14. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Holy quote war. Sorry, not playing that game.
    Now let me ask you: How does it benefit you at all to be whiteknighting for Taleworlds right now? Why are you telling people they shouldn't criticise the game's incomplete state and lack of communication and progress?
    - Why aren't devs talking to us anymore, where's the engagement?
    - You know, getting insulted on a daily basis...
    - Why are you whiteknighting?!

    And then people justify their insults and disrespect by saying they've been suggesting improvements for the game for YEARS but they don't listen... The perfect definition of entitled players.

    And finally they say that if they listened, maybe the game wouldn't have been such a disaster, not realizing the game isn't a disaster at all and people are enjoying it.

    The general negativity on these forums also is also why people slowly stopped coming here over time. Look at the front page, a good third of it is about how the game sucks, how the forums are dead, how devs aren't listening. It also makes people not willing to engage in discussions, ask questions about the game, share their experience. Granted that's also a moderation issue and posts tilted "I've been scammed by the devs" shouldn't be tolerated in the first place. But anyway, a community is shaped by the players, it's always been like that. If you want people to stay and devs to interact with the players again, there needs to be a better atmosphere around here.
  15. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    You aren't following the game. Your deflections "but it sold well" and "it has an average Steam rating" are not at all substantial, nor do they justify the level of poor engagement in EA or the slow and erratic pace of development.
    The developers and their support people are pros, paid to do this, and if there's a level of toxicity on different forums (not just here, it's on Reddit too), it's THEIR problem, caused by them and solvable by them, by addressing community concerns. If you are psychologically unable to read other people's complaints, don't read them.
    What are you even talking about? The game selling well and receiving good ratings is literally all that matters. That's what they work for. That perfectly justifies what you consider a low level of engagement and slow pace of development. Of course that's not something you'll hear any company say because it isn't good PR, but do you really think they're unhappy about how things turned out, or they consider it a failure? Like, I perfectly understand the frustration, but contrary to what you're saying, that's YOUR problem, not theirs.

    Not following the game btw.
  16. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Long story short: if you let your vase out in the rain for two years and don't plant anything in it, don't expect there to be anything but mold, weeds and decay.
    Thing is, that's the view many share here but it's mostly the forums that are full of either disappointed or toxic people, and at the same time numbers say the game sold well, is decently received (not amazing but 85%+ on steam is pretty good), and is fairly popular. Why would they feel the need to question themselves, take suggestions, and listen to grumpy and never satisfied people?

    I'm not saying the game is in a good state, and I agree it could have been much more, and also that some bugs are outright unacceptable for a release. Fact is, in this day and age, this is obviously good enough.
  17. bm01

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    It's not caused by the release at all, because it's nothing new. But it used to be better (like a year or two ago). I feel like there's a correlation between the level of involvement community managers and devs (but mostly devs) have in forum discussions and general toxicity. For community managers, well it's their job to handle that, but not for devs. When half of the posts (not really half but it could be perceived that way) are about how incompetent you are, how you should hire modders instead, how you scammed people, no wonder you don't want to read them if you don't have to.
  18. bm01

    Came back after 2 years..

    "I’ve played less than 30 hours SP and MP"

    Vendors such as Steam handle refunds. Not TaleWorlds. And for Steam you typically can only get refunded if you've played for less than two hours.
  19. bm01

    Need More Info The game has crashed after entering a siege.

    I found another player having the exact same crash, with this report:

    We don't have any mod in common so I'd say there's a high probability it's caused by the game itself, not a mod.
  20. bm01

    I've been scammed by developers

    Ok, the game is unplayable from full release and i asked for a help only i got information that my issue was "While we are still investigating the issue, there is not a definite fix that we can offer on it at the moment" Hell with them, fix it or give my money back. I have paid for it and i want playable. Shame on them.
    Steam sold you the game, not TaleWorlds. You can get a refund for any game as long as you haven't played for more than two hours. In practice you can even get refunded if you played for longer than that, but you need a good reason, two hours is generally enough to tell if the game is working or not.
    Your issue was forwarded and is marked in progress, there isn't really anything else they can do for now. You obviously didn't understand what they meant by GPU related.
    Also scammed is a very strong word and borderline defamatory.
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