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    Seek n Destroy said:
    That was really unexpected, lot of people quitting but I understand that times can be hard and modding is merely an hobby.
    I shall keep on working on the mod, I never stopped if anyone wonders but I just don't talk a lot about it outside the team. The look what I just did is not very my type but I have nothing against sharing and posting.

    Good luck Zemdu and I will only ask for a last favor, could you contact a moderator so I can take the mod's board moderation as Tsubodai seems to be no longer active.
    I will
  2. zemdu


    hi everyone I'm zemdu co-leader for cursus honorum and I've been with it from the very start I have some bad news, I'm quitting because of problems concerning my friends, family and education. I have neglected all of these in order to work on the mod that is cursus honorum. I might have time...
  3. zemdu


    thx matmohair

    we won't add them in a long time but perhaps sometime in the future
  4. zemdu

    Any new SP released mods for 2012

    Cursus honorum and rome at war are great roman mods if you like the timeperiod
  5. zemdu

    No guns in bannerlord for the love of sgdfkmfmdgksdmf

    How about adding a medieval handgun as an easter egg (sort of like the rare samurai armour and weapons)
    Only in singleplayer, very expensive and very very rare
    With a longer reload time than the xbow, very unaccurate but does alot of damage.

  6. zemdu

    Faction Requests

    how about Sparta?
    really good infentry but bad cavalry and archers

  7. zemdu

    FAQs- Please read BEFORE posting!!!

    Have you tried copying the game to steam apps then installing the patch to the copy?
  8. zemdu

    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    we at cursus honorum are looking for a scener (our previous one quit)
    so if anyone's interested in making the beutiful city of Rome, Gallic villages and island scenes pm me :wink:
  9. zemdu

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Also plz put in some pre-marian roman items (hastati, princepes, triarii etc etc)
  10. zemdu

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    between bannerlord and RTW2 2013 will be the best game year ever!
  11. zemdu

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Suggestion; Please implement naval battles, I know that you've got the code  :cool:
  12. zemdu

    looking for Sceners, Modellers, Researchers, musicians & animators

    hi I'm co-leader for this mod,270.0.html It's been going good, howver our scener quit because of school, family etc etc so we're of cource looking for a new one. we're also looking for modellers, researchers, musicians and someone who knows how to...
  13. zemdu

    Most badass faction

    what do u think is the best multiplayer faction?
  14. zemdu

    Våran klant till Kung (SWE)

    på tal om det

    förra vänster partiets partiledare Lars Ohly Fickrunkar i direkt sänd TV

  15. zemdu


  16. zemdu

    Most badass faction

    khergits aren't op

    you just have to adapt your strategy as you have to with all factions.
    with the khergits you could either beat them pretty easily at sieges make your soldiers stand up-hill in a tight formation with bow or xbowmen behind them
  17. zemdu

    OK, This Is Confusing

    zimmer plz post these cind of things in the faq
  18. zemdu

    How famous is the above player?

    beobart is'nt that famous
  19. zemdu

    Most badass faction

    I have to agree with you Mkhedari
    Nords are  :oops:ing badass
    I mean they're vikings for Valhalla's sake :wink:
    It dosen't have anything to do with the fact that I come from Scandinavia  :mrgreen:
  20. zemdu

    Most badass faction

    which is the most badass faction in the game (And don't say that it's the players new faction)
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