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  1. Medivhtratos

    Wo sind meine Soldaten? Bannerlord

    Ist so richtig. Wird die gesamt armee dezimiert kommen nach und nach mehr deiner Leute aufs feld
  2. Medivhtratos

    Game is patching on Steam...but no patch notes.

    Yeah, I was accused of snarkeyness last time I asked Wtf is it your day off? You can't you be bothered to post a patch note. Then they said something like they can only post noted when they're given notes to post and they don't post patch notes if they're not sure if they fixed what they were fixing.
    Yeah it still makes me smile. Good to see that nothing has changed 😏
  3. Medivhtratos

    Speed Rating for Ranged Weapons?

    It's coded but not in the xmls. The stats of the troop is important how fast they reload and aim/shoot. I think that the XML affect only the weapons usage, bullet drop. Somewhere in this forum is a discussion about that, myself included. Think about 1 or two years ago, with a video and what code I changed.
  4. Medivhtratos

    High tier armor prices still too high

    Idea: increase the xp cap for all troops
    = you will gain less coins for looting
    = by time you have enough coins to get your Armour and the troops can be upgraded to their last tier(or not, it depends on playstyle)

    And I'm also in for increasing the wages by troop tier.

    Occasionally this will also increase the players behavior to value his troops more. When I'm still up to date it will also break the auto battles.(stopped playing at 1.7.x)

    But maybe it will help to get the late game more interesting. Tell me what you think.
  5. Medivhtratos

    Remarks about throwing (known, certainly)

    ""throwable=true" think it was something like that for the components of the weapon?!? in the XML file.
  6. Medivhtratos

    Opinion: Trade good price calculation needs improvement (1.8.0)

    If I understand the solution in the right way=>So all workshops should produce only for the town where they are staying in and only than when it is the most profitable?

    I will tell it the caravan masters, that they will lose their jobs.
  7. Medivhtratos

    Bannerlord campaign day 3328

    Yeah late game is an endless war after such long time at least with the strongest faction being the enemy of all. It becomes a game worthy of the title "total war" . But I must say that I don't know what other obstacles they should give you in the late game. A "your wife killed you, because of intrigue. Because of that a new clan becomes the new King of your faction. The new King ordered you Clan to ged rid of half of your fiefs." is a rage quit for me even it is "?! immersive?! ".:lol:
  8. Medivhtratos

    Medicine Skill formular

    This is my suggestion for the medicine skill leveling system If I understand the code in the right way the player(or companion) gain 10xp for each wounded soldier in his own party he/she heals after a battle (without the focus multiplier). Suggestions: 1. If the player is in an army he/she(or...
  9. Medivhtratos

    Balancing skill tree...

    Yeah medicine is a problem. After a battle you gain 10xp(without the skill bonus factor) for 1 injured soldier you heal. So do the math for yourself about how many soldiers you have to heal... It's insane
  10. Medivhtratos

    Balancing skill tree...

    I don’t think it’s actually “casuals” arguing for imbalance and exploits though. It oddly tends to be those that are prone to use console commands, which has always been a mystery to me why they then care when people try to steer the game towards a better risk vs reward state.
    It was just a joke. Besides athletics had also his shiny days were you could outrun horses or kill an army of 100 looters alone. But this was changed to the better. Still waiting for the termination of the horse exploit where you could repeatly join a town/castle battle and finish the defenders alone. Or is it already fixed? Didn´t play since summer last year.
  11. Medivhtratos

    Balancing skill tree...

    Well it was adressed and they changed it in 1.8 for the better in case of the athletic tree. Yeah riding is still superior but hey there must be something for the casuals :sneaky: ("meme after 4 runs with atlethic leveling to 300 before the patch 1.8")
  12. Medivhtratos

    Why are there inferior Tier 5 units?

    So are mounted troops worth double still?
    No they changed to 20% from 50%
  13. Medivhtratos

    What determines where the villagers go?

    Faction, distance, raiders on the way, tradebound, itemprice

    Onica is trade-bound to the named castle and not to a town(settlements.xml)
    Poros "was" a city of the southern empire and the SE faction
    Raiders on the way let the villagers re think their way
    if they can sell their items to a better price i would also do that (if i read that method right "thinkdestination" in "Villager Campaign Behaviour")

    Im sorry but i can´t find out where the castles are bound to

    So to answer your questsion...its coded, the settlement with the best numbers in these points will get the villagers. The distance takes care that they are not going to valhalla.

    If you are right about the distance than you maybe lost in the other points.
  14. Medivhtratos

    Unqid refusing to sell Sanala?

    public override float CalculateSettlementValueForFaction(Settlement settlement, IFaction faction)
    float num = (settlement.MapFaction == ((faction != null) ? faction.MapFaction : null)) ? 1.2f : 1f;
    float value = settlement.GetValue(null, true);
    float num2 = (settlement.Culture == ((faction != null) ? faction.Culture : null)) ? 1.1f : 0.9f;
    float num3 = this.GeographicalAdvantageForFaction(settlement, faction);

    return value * num * num2 * num3 * 0.33f;

    => This value should be the main reason for your price, the other thing is your charme and reputation with the owner clan.
    Below you will see some code pieces for the methods in the "CalculateSettlementValueForFaction" method.

    So 4 things:
    - owner = Mapfaction?(1,2)
    - Prosperity of town * 1000 + 750000 = value?(variable)
    - culture of town = faction culture who owns it?(1,1)
    - How many cities and villages of the same faction are arround this town? <= This seems to be the highest factor, and in terms of Sanala reasonable

    value for Town (In the method)
    if (this.IsTown)
    num = 750000f + this.Prosperity * 1000f;

    Border Towns are cheaper and thats the reason:
    private float GeographicalAdvantageForFaction(Settlement settlement, IFaction faction)
    float num = this._settlementDistances.GetSixNearestSettlementDistanceWithSameFaction(settlement, faction) / 5f;
    float num2 = (faction != null) ? Campaign.Current.Models.MapDistanceModel.GetDistance(settlement, faction.FactionMidSettlement) : 0f;
    float num3 = MathF.Pow(1f - num2 / Campaign.MapDiagonal, 0.1f);
    float num4 = Campaign.AverageDistanceBetweenTwoTowns * 1.5f;
    float num5 = (Campaign.AverageDistanceBetweenTwoTowns < num4) ? 1f : MathF.Max(0.5f, MathF.Min(1f, MathF.Pow(num4 / num, 0.25f)));
    return num3 * num5;

    So sky is the limit :grin:
  15. Medivhtratos

    Why are there inferior Tier 5 units?

    This is a fair point. I suppose in AI on AI battles it only cares about the tier(level) and type so it's all the same there and stopping at t4 would hurt the AI balance (only for AI X AI).
    Yup, I searched the code and it seems that for Simulation there are 6 things which are important for the AI or Player.

    - troop tier (basic troops)
    - hero level (for lord/companion/player)
    - mounted or not (that was one of the main reasons for the snowballing khuzait)
    - tactic level and tactic perks and terrain perks(scout? / think i saw some last year?)
    - random math (the reason why your Tier 5 soldier could lose a fight against 1 Looter)
    - of course also "strengh in numbers" 10 vs 3 you know what i mean

    If i don´t miss something i think that was it. That can be the reason why they doesn´t change it, because the AI always simulate battles.
  16. Medivhtratos

    High level armor feels so worthless.

    With blunt as dmg it doesn't really matter what you wear.

    A tipp: naked or civil armour are just fine. You are faster and have nearly the same protection like your badass Armour.

    If you doesn't want that, you can mod or change their dmg Formular.

    BTW I think that not only Armour doesn't work but also the dmg of some weapons is just to high when connected with the speed formular.
  17. Medivhtratos

    Battanian Veteran Falxman is a DOWNGRADE, it is completely outclassed by the normal Falxman

    Totally agree with the OP headline. But please dont change the Falxmen(the vet. guy needs a change though). I love it to watch him, when he starts harvesting :grin:
  18. Medivhtratos

    It's called MOUNT & Blade for a reason... or is it?

    I would absolutely be doing this if there was better camel armor
    You mean the design right? Cause changing Armour values are easy
  19. Medivhtratos

    It's called MOUNT & Blade for a reason... or is it?

    Not anymore, siege engines now grant only engineering xp.
    Ah thats nice. I have waited for that
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