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  1. With Fire and Sword 2?

    Dr Funk said:
    "Seriously, what do pirates in the caribbean have to do with fire & sword ?"
    They are both set in the same era, with very similar modes of fighting, in a time when cultural globalism was reaching an unparalleled level. For example one could see a morion helmet in use anywhere from the russian steppes to california to the Philippines. Both fire (guns) and swords (swords) continued to be used. What do you find incongruous? Why so serious?

    In case you missed this :
    Take Les Misérables and stick it in Japan for instance. Just sounds weird, that's all
  2. With Fire and Sword 2?

    If Sich are interested I have a few ideas for future games: how about "Oliver Twist 2: The Battle for Stalingrad" ?

    Seriously, what do pirates in the caribbean have to do with fire & sword ?
  3. SP Musket Era Gaunt's gameplay mod

    I just discovered that food isn't consumed, starting a new game doesn't fix it.
  4. Requests for custom banners, surcoats and shields

    Could anyone make me a banner with this on it ?

  5. SP Musket Era Gaunt's gameplay mod

    doesn't seem to work, isn't there just a txt file I could replace by the original ?
  6. SP Musket Era Gaunt's gameplay mod

    Hey, I like the changes except one thing, starting with a party size of 1000, I find that it takes the fun away, is there a way to revert to the native system whilst keeping the other changes ?
  7. Musics of the last WFaS

    I know it's some serious digging up I'm doing here  :mrgreen: but I was looking for some music to replace the original which is really starting to get on my nerves, so I found this topic and was wondering if anyone still had the files and could reupload them somwhere/ or had something similar to point me to
  8. Change the name of towns/villages

    Yep thanks, works perfectly now  :razz:
  9. Change the name of towns/villages

    I did start a new game but there's nothing, I also tried to create a module file including the edited .txt but that didn't help much either
  10. Change the name of towns/villages

    So I wanted to change some town names, so I found the parties.txt file and edited it, respecting the original form (_ for spaces for etc), pasted it back into the game directory but the changes don't seem to appear anywhere, especially on the map. What did or didn't I do right in order to have...
  11. It was not the Polish Republic

    Yup, the XVII century was long, about 100 years :smile:
    I just found funny that you didn't quote the part that didn't fit your argumentation, plus random passages from internet aren't really an exact source (check one wikipedia page in 2 or 3 languages: you quite often get major differences)

    Polish Commonwealth is a direct translation from Rzeczpospolita Polska.

    And i'd still maintain that saying that it should be renamed to a name seldom used at the time, for historical credibility is kind of paradoxical.
    In my opinion it wouldn't be a bad idea for education/information purposes if it would fit, and that commonwealth or polish commonwealth are logical alternatives.
  12. It was not the Polish Republic

    [quote author=Osviux]Some guy also wrote that some foreigners called it just Poland, well some foreigners called it Lithuania, but i want to give an example. If foreigners called France Germany, and Germany France you would also be that stupid to call them soo?
    [...]I think this attitude is a sign of a lack of education. So because some stupid peasants called the Commonwealth Poland you dont have to be like them.

    No it's more like calling The Netherlands Holland. In the case of the commonwealth it was just shorter and easier thus widely used.

    Plus since you're quoting wikipedia, you forgot this part: "In the 17th century and later it became known as the Most Serene Republic of Poland (Polish: Najjaśniejsza Rzeczpospolita Polska, Latin: Serenissima Res Publica Poloniae):wink:

  13. It was not the Polish Republic

    A good thing that Osviux wants to send a nice letter to those "stupid racists" about a "***** country taking all the glory:wink:

    (Just to point out that even tough he isn't entirely wrong, his way of presenting things ["I want, I want, I want,"] is extremely irritating)
    And I do find that Polish Commonwealth is a logical alternative.
  14. [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    Does anyone play this on-line ? It's a fine mod but it gets a bit boring playing against totaly and utterly mindless bots
  15. It was not the Polish Republic

    lotsofpaper said:
    The only reason it was called the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth is because they were SUBJUGATED by the Russians along with the poles.

    Wuuut  :?: :lol:
  16. It was not the Polish Republic

    Being given that (despite your own personal beliefs) Lithuanians represented only about 750 000 citizens in a 11M country, that poles largely dominated the cultural and social life, that the crown was more developed in terms of economy and administration, and that the commonwealth was largely referred to elsewhere as "Poland", I think that 'Polish commonwealth' is a valid synecdoche if the full and official name doesn't fit.

    But once again we could change it to 'Great Lithuania' or something in the same taste to satisfy Osviux
  17. It was not the Polish Republic

    Osviux said:
    Yeah, but i want everyone to see  it. The thing is that you are cutting out Lithuania. It should be Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth on default!!!

    It's cutting out 14% of the population of the commonwealth  :wink:

    But seriously isn't it that the full name is just too long ? But then I suppose you'd rather have it called the great Lithuanian empire or something
  18. Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    nox said:
    diggitydiggity said:
    I still get the bug where I talk to lords in my faction and they tell me 'you got away the last time' and I lose relations points...
    And the game crashes at some random points which didn't happen before iirc

    Did you ever fight with these lords previously? 

    How did you enter the faction?  Are you a vassal of the king of a faction?  This needs to be entered as a bug, and with as much detail as possible, please.

    I'm merc for the poles, and no, never fought these lords:

    Here's a good example
  19. Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    I still get the bug where I talk to lords in my faction and they tell me 'you got away the last time' and I lose relations points...
    And the game crashes at some random points which didn't happen before iirc
  20. Bug Reports - E1200 Warband (solution to crashes in first post)

    I've got a weird problem: there's nothing in the towns except the first one I enter: no tavern, no shops, nothing, I can only go to the fortress or enter the town center where there's nothing except my clone  :???:
    Anyone know how to solve that ?
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