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  1. Your favorite moments in Warband

    My favorite was my stupidest and most heroic way back in 2012. Was taking on a Sarraiand (sp) Lord(s). Should have been an easy fight for me. Think they outnumbered me by I had all elite cavalry. Stacked my horsearchers 1st with plan to run them out of arrows and retreat them. Well, my plan worked well horsearchers circled threw them out of formation, charged with lancers.

    Then somehow I made a huge mistake. Not sure how but think I meant to retreat the horsearchers off the field who were out of arrows so more lancers could come on, but ended up SENDING WHOLE ARMY OFF!

    Took me a little while to figure it out. Once I did I took stock. There was me outfitted with great armour, sword, shield, bow, arrows & step charger. Most of the enemy was gone, unfortunately what was left was mostly cavalry. I got a pack of Malmalukes to follow me and dropped them one by one with head shots. Once in awhile the lighter cavalry would catch me and I would draw sword & dispatch them. Eventually ran out of arrows and could find no new ones. About 8 enemy left now, half still mounted.

    Had a rather desperate 4 on 1 fight in the woods at the edge of the screen, lost my horse and 3/4 of my health points but found a new horse and set off to finish off 4 remaining enemy. 3 were easy, one almost finished me. Ended with less than 10% health and a lame no longer "Campion" Step Charger. But, I survived, think I even gained a level. Oh, and aside from my character no wounded & no dead.

    It was fun, but never again.
  2. Disband hunters to patrol map

    You can give them to Manhunter bands if you freed prisoners in a joint battle. Just when you are on page after battle where you can take prisoners and recruit freed troops put them with un recruited troops, Manhunter band should then pick them up.

    I did it some years back, worked good until the Manhunters moved off and was killing bandit bands in enemy territory.
  3. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    JosieJ said:
    I think you need to hold a castle or town in your own right in order to hold a feast, at least in Native.

    It lets me have the feasts, but as there is no real site, those attending just freeze on the map. When my feast is finished it gave +2 to almost all lords of all factions. (Looks like only exception were those with serious negative relations with me).

    Now, I have a town, so going to see net feast is back to normal.

    Just strange, played since 2010 and never had this happen before?
  4. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Have a strange feast. I am a Khergit with only Kedelke & I married Lady Katia of the Vaegirs. She of course resides at Tulga and we wanted to hold a feast there. There was an "Error" message when she said yes, but did not pay it much attention. When it is time for the feast I find it is not there & it tells me it is at Sanjar Khan.

    Anyone every had this problem? Never seen it before, but then normally it is hard to marry before I have a castle -- but also strangely in this game peace has settled in all over Calradia. 
  5. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Ilwuen said:
    How do I know whether a weapon does piercing, blunt, or slicing damage? I mean f.ex. with Morningstar it says "swing 38". Is that piercing or slicing damage?

    It should be followed by a letter (C=Cut, P=pierce, B=Blunt), like this"

    Swing: 56c
    Thrust: 21b
  6. What mod tools needed for this type of modding ?

    RASAS said:
    ok, but will I need to learn how to 3d model ?

    Can the 3d modeling program Blender be used for this instead of 3d Studio Max ?

    I do not think so. You should be able to cut-n-paste from and to textures for what you want, using a simple image editor (I.E. Paint). I would at least try it. Just find the two textures from the textures Folder in Mount & Blade, copy the part of the Sarranid Guard armor you want and paste it into the Sarranid Mamluke armor. Just make sure you make copies. There are normally 3 for an item. You may need to only change 1 or 2 to make it work.
  7. Edit Vassals?

    TaaKeeR said:
    is there a way to edit a vassal,for this case im wondering if there is a way to make a vassal just a lady, because she is a woman, so i can interact with her like i would with any other lady. is there a script, tweak etc  :?:
    i've tried using morghs editor but with no sucess

    Morgh's but this is a major change. There likely is a way to do it, by adding code in the module system. Some ready made mods are close. They allow you to marry your vassals (Diplomacy or Floris maybe?). (Females can already marry male ones.) If you search in "The Forge" you may find a stand alone modification.
  8. Several Questions. Horses in inventory, recruitment...etc

    Spoodsy said:
    I can't answer all your questions but if you want a mod that is like an upgraded vanilla I suggest Diplomacy

    Agree. Floris is another that offers just about all you requested. That is the beauty of Warband once you outgrow vanilla you can switch to a mod, or make your own. (Or, if you have been playing since release go back to basic vanilla for a change, hehehhahhahah)
  9. Can't find vassals that have joined me

    Spoodsy said:
    I just wiped out the nords from the map, 5 of them chose to join my faction but I can't find them anywhere. They are not at my court and when asking their relatives or other lords no one can tell me where they are. Interestingly their wives are at my court so the game knows that is my court. I'm using the Diplomacy mod so that might be a part of the problem. Thanks!  :grin:

    Since you converted them there were right next to you at one time. Most likely they have since been defeated by your enemies in battle and are making their way back into the game. check the past notes to see if they were mentioned.
  10. What mod tools needed for this type of modding ?

    You would need to learn about modding "Textures", check out "The Forge",64.0.html  you will find tools and instructions on how to do it. If you get stuck on anything you can post there too and get help.

  11. Modding the arena mode

    Kublai Khan said:
    Hi all, I like very much the balancing in this game ... I can get all the money and the experience I need ... without even an hour passing in the game time, I consider this nearly a cheat, anyone knows how to mod this?

    Just don't do it? There are a dozens of "Exploitations" you can find. If you go to "The Forge" forum you can learn how to mod, it should be easy to set the reward to zero (try taking away your character's weapon) or just delete it.
  12. Marriage problem - Father's permission

    [LoS] King Reinhart said:
    Ghost of Razgriz said:
    [LoS] King Reinhart said:
    Don't get married bro, she'll take half your kindgom and dennars. Plus, historically speaking, most of the girls were married in into other families at like age 15-16 so SHE'S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU BROOOO

    You do realize that the marriage age back in the Dark Age/Medieval times was far younger than what today's standards are, right?  For those wondering, it's probably somewhere around 13-15.  I don't remember for sure.
    Good lord  :???:
    But to the OP, only thing I can think of is improve your relationship with her father as much as you can and keep asking. He's bound to say yes eventually

    Just checked it out. Built my character highest renown in game, had 100 relations with him. Still says "no" because I talked to her 1st.
  13. No longer being offered quests from village elders

    bomberswarm2 said:
    I was just awarded Veluca, now when I go to the nearby villagers I no longer have the option to do a quest to increase relation with any villagers. The button to ask is completely gone. I checked about a dozen different villagers, ones I own, ones I don't, ones with negative relation, ones with high relation, one with +99 relation, the button is gone from all of them. I am using diplomacy. The button vanished after I was awarded the city.

    Is this a bug and how do you fix it?

    Could be a bug, or could just have disappeared temporarily as you have done all the missions. All missions reset after a set time from last time you did it. I have noticed the buttons disappear until rest in some mods.

    If they do not come back, then go to the bug forum and post there, you will need to tell them version, any mods & provide a savegame.
  14. Marriage problem - Father's permission

    Like "Ghost" says Boray Belgaru has a unpleasant personality, that personality type will never let you marry her if you saw her 1st without his permission. Elopement has a lot of negatives associated with it, best to just find a new girl.
  15. Question about modifiers and what they mean

    Here is a link at an old Warband site that sums it all up:

  16. Do I need high charisma and persuasion or is persuasion only enough ?

    As a practical answer, it all depends on how you want to play.

    My fallback is to have a high strength character, as being in front lines builds experience fast, especially when your character is a beast! I will pick starting stats to get as much CHARACTER based skills as possible in leadership & persuasion.

    Have played a CHARACTER based character and it is very different -- there are big benefits to having character at 20+ & 10 persuasion. Being good in melee though is not one of them.

    Female characters have problems and benefits -- it is like all potential character builds, none is really better or worse, just requires different play style to match your build.

    So, in the end, it is best to concentrate on one area as there are benefits getting "20" & even "30" in a trait. Best to decide at character creation and try and maximize skills for traits you do not plan to develop. None is better, they just play different.
  17. Do caravans carry raw goods?

    Best way to answer your questions is to learn to use the source code, all info is in there in detail.

    In summary, it is not that exacting. Caravans do travel and affect the economy. It is a summarized operation and not dealing in individual items. Net result will be prices going up & down depending on supply. Groups of peasants need to travel from village to town & caravans have to reach other cities. Both can be attacked on the way, this leads to economy going down. Also, when village are looted or towns besieged/conquered.

    If you really want to maximize your industries you can ask them to hold the output and take it to the town with best price. To do so though you really want to explore mods, as economy is not a well developed part of vanilla.

    You van search for info pages, check the forum 1st, I know someone wrote a economy guide.

    Here is a link with some info:
  18. How to replenish troops?

    You can also increase your character or a companion's wound treatment, this will heal your wounded soldiers faster. Increasing surgery skill keeps your men from dying & 1stAid restores points to your character and your companions immediately after ending a battle.
  19. Who is the best Ranged Troop?

    Pocgels said:
    Soo.... is there a reason there are no khergits here? I suppose this means the bow is a melee weapon if you're on a horse?

    Biggest problem with horse archers is AI does not know they are archers. Personally I love them, but they need managed. Are expensive (the horse), 1/4 spawn with javelins & while they fire fast their bows are weaker than all the above. But, in open field no middle troops beat them.

    As for best pure archer, in my last game conquering all my character got killed 3 times by Sarranid Archers, twice by Veagir Marksmen & once by a Swadian Sharpshooter. That being said, when I stock a castle or town with defenders I go for Rhodoks partly because any crossbowman is deadly, can't say the same of lower archers - I will just say I will very happily recruit all and keep all released prisoners of any elite archer - sticking them in garrison and taking them to siege towns & castles.

    Need an ALL OF THE ABOVE category.
  20. Help me find my bride!

    Ghost of Razgriz said:
    It's actually "cheatmenu" to activate and "nocheatmenu" to deactivate.

    Thanks Ghost of Razgriz, cheatmenu & nocheatmenu is correct.
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