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  1. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    This issue has been fixed with the latest hotfix. Thanks for reporting!
    Thanks, respect.
  2. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    Also, when you forge something:

    "Forged item added to Rhoda's inventory"

    Who's Rhonda? My name is ATTICUS!

    That's atrocious! I mean... Atticus
  3. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    Changing to new beta 1.5.4 reset my icons back to normal, so far so good
  4. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    I have a problem with mixed icons for items and skills in my current campaign. I tried reloading my game, closing the game entirely and then loading again - didn't work. I don't want to start another campaign and while this is not game breaking it is very annoying
  5. What's the best workshop to open in 1.5.3?

    Hello I tried to figure out a good location for my workshop and I was using information such as multiple villages bounded to the town that produce the same resource, town's prosperity and watching town's traffic and noting what is being sold / bought by visiting caravans. Sadly no matter how...
  6. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    @KingEroc1st That is excellent tweak man. I remember one time when they accidentaly made arena give You 100% of the normal experience and it was sooooo satisfying. Like it wasn't a matter of cheats, this experience was still earned through hard work and beating the crap out of arena folks but at least when starting a new campaign I had a way to train myself instead of having to hunt looters for months to come.

    Also I would love to see retirement and importing characters mechanics from Warband. I tend to start new campaigns and make different decisions, see how things unravel differently but having to train your character from 0 every time is a bit tedious. Like I already have a few perfectly good characters, let me just use them instead of having to go through all of early game grinding again. I loved that mechanic in Warband and I had a few trained heros that I used to import every time I started a new campaign
  7. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    I'm not sure about that. In a battle where I killed around 30+ enemies using one handed sword and dealing around 100 cut damage per hit I wasn't able to increase my one handed and athletics more than +1 per battle and these are only around lvl 90 each. I have max focus points put into both skills and around 6 attribute points into vigor and 10 into endurance. Yesterday I've spent like 2 hours doing only that and increased my stats by maybe 15 points each.

    I just took a look at a save from before few months and at day 337 I had 121 in one handed, 101 in athletics and 139 in throwing with 4 attribute points in vigor, control and endurance. In my current campaign I'm at day 508 and I'm still behind in according skills with bigger effort put into raising them

    While I'm not entirely sure about how much has changed since then I still think that it takes a lot of time to get to something like lvl 100 in some of these skills, even if You're dedicated to raising them and You're investing points to max out learning speed. I can't imagine how much time and effort must it take to raise it to 175.

    Also, I've hired a surgeon companion early on in my current campaign and through all that time his medicine skill has raised by... 4
  8. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    @mexxico Can You provide some information about that? Is this how it's supposed to be? Do You guys know about this? And are You planning on changing it in any way? It's really tedious and boring to level up your character right now
  9. Hey. I noticed that the skill progression in single player is much slower than it used to be. It...

    Hey. I noticed that the skill progression in single player is much slower than it used to be. It took me dozen hours to reach around 90 lvl in one handed and athletics with maxed out skills. Is this desired? I can't imagine how much time and effort would it take to reach lvl 175 or higher to...
  10. Sturgia!

    Yeah I really like Sturgia's theme and tried a few times joining them and every time they end up declaring wars on everyone while being obliterated. I remember them being at war with one of the Empires, Sturgia already lost a few castles and was barely scraping enough armies to defend what they had and then they declare war on Battania and Vlandia. They really have a death wish in this game
  11. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    Hello I was away from the game for 4 - 5 months now and I came back recently and started playing on 1.5.3 version. It's day 509 in my current campaign and I fought a lot, I have max points in athletics, one handed and polearms and around 6 points in vigor and 10 in endurance but despite that...
  12. When will content be added to the game?

    Thanks for making my day, have a nice day <3

    Couldn't have a bad one if I tried kiddo
  13. When will content be added to the game?

    Sorry but if you're too impatient to wait 1-2 years (or more) for to game to be complete. I'm ****ing surprised you lasted the 8 years waiting for EA release. If you put 1000+ h into the game already, that's your own fault, you knew what you were getting into. Don't know what items are you talking about, only items that are unavailable are some of the noble ones and there's an easy fix for it. I just use cheats to get and then turn them off. You're acting like it's a big deal. If modding tools are not a big thing why people wanted them so much? As for the rest, they are just minor things. If you have something huge that really is a problem then maybe we can talk. You're just nitpicking on every single small error. You should at least focus on big errors and talk about them if you want to impress me or whatever.

    These were your own examples, I just showed you how these things bring next to nothing to the experience and took way less effort than it may look, but yeah, this is pointless. Enjoy your game in a nursing home I guess. Watch out, I heard there's big content update coming and they're going to fix cow texture this time
  14. When will content be added to the game?

    Nothing big in 6 months? Are you even talking about Bannerlord? I mean they fixed a big number of bugs, added new armor sets for Battania and Sturgia. Added late game horse harnesses, improved ai diplomacy, multiple new quests, added cheering, added multiple perks, added multiple females to avoid clan destruction, with hooked spears you can take off people, they added modding tools and much more. If that's not enough for you, then I am very confident that with even their biggest update or full release you still would be unhappy.

    Are You even serious right now? Added harnesses? Cheering? Multiple perks?
    Dude, they added perks to a few skills and some of them still have coding errors in them. Harnesses and other items are nice and all but that's a drop in the ocean, many items are completely unbalanced and we have tons of redundant scarp. If anything many items became unavailable to buy in game right now and You need mods to acquire them. Adding females with working character creation kit is nothing more than generating some numbers, from what they were saying they have specific ranges for numbers in character properties to represent every nation's look, so that's nothing more than generating some numbers in these ranges and than just making sure that they don't look ugly. Modding tools are the same tools they are using to create their content so it's not like they worked on them from the scratch in the last few months. What else - cheering, half-assed selection menu where You can blindly choose animation that You want your character to play (animations were already in game of course).

    I could go on for hours. Today I gave the game another go after 4 months and I'm so disappointed. Not only did I found that not much has changed, some of the things that have changed did so for the worse. Healing is abysmal now, only few perks have been reworked and some of them have bugs, missing items, brain dead siege ai, etc.

    Tell me again about new horse harnesses, maybe in a few months we'll get another saddle
  15. What affects character's weight? My hero is loosing weight

    So I started out with a normal looking guy but after a while he looks more and more thin. My other hero got really muscular and fat. I've tried a few things but I cannot determine what are the factors in this process. Can anyone help?
  16. Character getting thinner / fatter

    Hello, my character started to get thinner and thinner. Now he looks like stickman. Whate are the rules to this mechanic? What makes my character grow muscles / get fatter?
  17. Resolved Missing Armor and Weapons from stores

    An absolute ton. Most Vlandia and Battania gear was unavailable, and most crossbows, though the latter are still super bugged in terms of price.
    DAAAAAAAAMN! I was wondering why is there only one crossbow. This makes much more sense. I really hope devs will fix this in the next patch
  18. Khuzait Heavy Lancers stats too low

    Khuzait Heavy Lancer's stats are way too low, much lower that Kuzait Lancer's
  19. How to make units form more lines / rows?

    Is there a way to make units form a single line? Or stand in two / three lines? When I use my archers I would like them to form a single line so they have clear line of sight. When I move them around sometimes I can put them in that formation but sometimes it forms many rows / lines instead. It...
  20. [BUG] Imperial Lance has too much swing damage (135 Cut)

    Imperial lance has 135 cut damage making almost any other melee weapon obsolete
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