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  1. BloodLuster

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Duce del Fascismundy said:









    What mod is that?!

    This game is out to get me!
  2. BloodLuster

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Mabons said:
    Basically anyone know a game similar to this but better? Keeping the stealth intact that is...

    If you don't mind old games Hidden and Dangerous 2 is pretty similar in gameplay but structured in missions rather than an "open world". And not all missions are stealthy.
  3. BloodLuster

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    Don't really get the hate.
    Who doesn't like to get a free incomplete game with their 800$ figurine?
  4. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Petty sure that's Steel Division: Normandy 44
  5. BloodLuster

    Assassin's Creed Origins

  6. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Every single men was chosen due to their prowess and not facial hair!
    Pvt. Broadhurst is sent to investigate the cottage ahead. He was blessed with stealthiest moustache.
    Cpl. Basil AKA "Magnificient Moustache", MM for short, leads the team to rendezvous with the Norwegian contact and infiltrate the compound.
    Being the automobilistic enthusiast that he is Pvt. Boardhurst stops to contemplate that car which he doesn't know the make or model!
    Hours after the beginning of the operation the Moustache Brigade successfully locate the evil lair secret Nazi facility entrance.

    To be continued...
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    Screenshot Mega Thread




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    Sports games MEGA THREAD

    crodio said:
    RabbleKnight said:
    And there is the journey which is a story mode with cinematic and drama.
    I agree on the journey being gay and completly unrealistic.
    So far I followed my agent advice to choose a lower rated team to "have more playing minutes" and I did so, I chose Middlesbrough, they just got promoted and fight for maintenance on the league so a youngster looking for minutes is a good fit. No matter what I did, achieving the goals they asked me, scoring and providing goals, I could never get into first team I was always a sub. And what does the club do? Sign Harry ****ing Kane. Like Middlesbrough, a club with no aspiration to the title and fights for maintenance, just signs the star player from Tottenham? Really? To add to injure he didn't score a single goal and I get loaned out to the championship with a 6 goal tally? As a sub? **** it. I just Alt+f4 and didn't touch journey again.

    Not to mention EA has yet to fix their AI, the several bugs from last year like the cdm still goes forward despite instructed to not do so, the ****ing coins farmers in FUT (if anyone plays that). Pro Clubs still lack functions, and for ****s sake how many more FIFA games will it take for them to add a goddamned Online Career Mode?
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    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Arvenski said:

    It's TES Online, I think.
    It is indeed The Elder Scrolls Online.
  10. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

  11. BloodLuster

    Pc improvement help

    Thanks guys
    Just bought the X version that is the newer version of that one and it's the only one available in Portugal and it works like a charm.
    Both temperature and noise (especially the noise) were reduced. Thank you very much!
  12. BloodLuster

    Pc improvement help

    Hi lads, I was wondering if the more tech savvy of you could help me improve my system. I have a bit of knowledge about computers but I'm a bit out of touch with the new stuff from the manufacters and feel kinda of unsure about what to do. So my specs, bear in mind the system was a prebuilt pc...
  13. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Jhessail said:
    BloodLuster said:
    More Age of Commandos 2

    Why did they stop making this kind of games!?
    They milked the franchise too much in a fairly short time span:

    Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (CBEL) was released on July 1, 1998. Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, a set of new Commandos missions issued as a standalone game, was released on March 31, 1999. Commandos 2: Men of Courage, a full sequel, released in 2001 Commandos 3: Destination Berlin was released in October 2003 - which isn't too bad. But there were also the following games: Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive came out in 2001 and Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood in 2002. Despite being from a different studio than the Commandos series, they looked very similar and game play was almost identical.

    So we have six near-identical games coming out between 1998 and 2003. It works for the sports games and the brainless shooters because their audiences are counted in the tens of millions but it doesn't really work for any other genre, where the audience is limited.
    I guess that could be it! An oversaturation of the genre could have lead the downfall of those games, I do recall an FPS in the Commandos franchise aswell, it wasn't very well received that didn't help as well.
  14. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    More Age of Commandos 2

    Why did they stop making this kind of games!?
  15. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    What do elite operatives do to a stolen U-boat?
  16. BloodLuster

    Battle Brothers

    People complaininig about goblins and **** and here I am gettinh my ass served by common bandits. Shame.
  17. BloodLuster

    Cheap Gaming

    I also have one coupon for Valkyria Chronicles so if someone is interested add me on steam.
  18. BloodLuster

    Your Car

    Well this is what you get when you piss your co-workers with your bad jokes.

    And if you can't tell from the photos I drive a Suzuki Vitara.
  19. BloodLuster

    Screenshot Mega Thread

  20. BloodLuster

    Wargame: Red Dragon

    What's new in Red Dragon?
    I have both European Escalation and AirLand Battle is it worth the price tag?
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