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  1. In Progress Floating weapon parts

    A modder has made a fix that you should attempt to use
    Bless this mod author and bless you as well for giving us a heads up. This actually fixed it, TaleWorlds still leaving the problems it should solve to fans&modding community even after a "Full Relase" lol what a joke.
  2. In Progress Floating weapon parts

    Still bugged as of 1.8.1, can't wait for the full relase, game sure seems ready for a full relase huh.
  3. In Progress Floating weapon parts

    As the issue still persists, wanted to add on it that before the hotfix that was implemented on 22/07/2022 earlier version of beta 1.8.0 was working fine regarding this issue.The crafted weapon's blade parts were scaling correctly if the blade's length increased and didn't float but the hotfix patch that was implemented seems to have caused this bug.
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