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  1. Are Children still clones?

    They need something in place for the option to change the kids' culture (be it with influence, one of their aging up options, or random ratio between husband/wife/kingdom alliance/towns owned). Culture isn't genetic (and that of the mother only).
    According to the Devs the Culture will be changed to father only.
  2. Remove the hidden Clan Member limit / Add Family Tree

    Just curious are you playing with hero deaths disabled / lowered clan death% settings?

    If so, I can kind of see this not being as much of an issue for everyone who does not.

    Playing with death options enabled or at a higher rate would kind of prevent this for the most part.

    But I agree though, a cap on player clan is stupid and a family tree would be a great addition.
    Even with Death on, the chance is so low, it is only 2% and the pregnancy chances are higher than that.
    Currently a Hero will have around 4 childs, before the Hero has a chance to die in Battle.

    But yes, the player clan should not have a cap, because player clan is the most important clan in the game and players have always an use for their members.
  3. Are Children still clones?

    Are clan's children still all clones?
    I haven't played in a while since this specific bug bothered me and hasn't been fixed since early access came out.
    They are clones, because when a child is born, the game copies the template(to 100%) of their father/mother, sons get the template of ther father and daughters get the template of their mother.
  4. Remove the hidden Clan Member limit / Add Family Tree

    The clan member limit seems to be capped at around 55-60.

    The great-grandsons in my own clan (more than a handful) can no longer have children, while my great-granddaughters that I married off to other clans, seems to be pushing out babies every year.
    On that note, my youngest son (with my third wife, she wasn't too pleased) also can't have children.

    I also have another suggestion related to this, as the amount of clan members is pretty, well, unmanageable after so many in-game years: A visual family tree, that highlights the blood-relations with a red line, and their spouses with a blue/other colored line, for easier comprehension. I imagine that their portraits will show which individuals has skill-ups/levels available, and gives a few options/shortcuts when clicked: Show their Encyclopedia entry, Give the option to talk to them, Show their inventory, Show their skill panel.

    I'd primarily like to see the clan member limit removed though, thanks for reading!

    P.S, the "retire" function in the new beta update is a godsend, thank you! <3
    Yes, this is the stupid idea they have ever had.

    And this is the same stupid idea that had kill another game(The Guild 3) for me, I don't know why Devs makes this stupid system for the player, I mean, when they want to limit the AI clans to grow fine, because they don't know how to use their members, but players have always an option to use their clan members and player clan has already a different pregnancy system then AI clan, because player clan members have to wait together with their spouse to get pregnant and the AI don't have to wait.
  5. Third Generation All Barren

    You probably married him to a clan leader. Clan Leaders always take their spouse into their clan. Which is also why two Clan Leaders can't marry.
    This should be removed too, if normal female clan members have to left their clan to join their husband's clan, female Clan Leaders should be forced to left their Clan too.
  6. Third Generation All Barren

    That is the way it works currently, whether it should be like that is a different subject. Right now the only check it does for if it should apply this penalty is whether the wife or her spouse is the current Main Hero.
    This is the same stupid thing, that killed the Guild 3 for me.

    I don't know why Devs have to add a total max. for family members, this would never be in real life, no one would stop making babies, because their family is too big.
    They should allow at least 1 child per couple, if they want to control the Hero population, this would be the better solution, that a couple needs the permission of their clan leader, to have more than 1 child.
  7. Third Generation All Barren

    The issue is probably your 58 lords (as in everyone who is not a companion). But all wives except for your wife (if you're the husband) or you (if you're the wife) take a penalty as I mentioned above. In fact, I'm pretty sure that only you and your spouse can have any children by this point.

    The point at which AI couples in your clan start taking this penalty is after your clan has more than
    4 + 4 * Tier, so if you're a Tier 6 clan, 28
    And the point at which they would have absolutely no chance is twice that.

    All Virile does is multiply the chance by 1.3 if either the wife or her husband has it, so a 1% chance would become a 1.3% chance, a 20% chance would become a 26% chance, and so on. And a 0% chance is still a 0% chance.
    I say it again, this should not be for the player clan, because the player clan, has other pregnancy system than the AI clans, because player clan members have to wait together with their spouse for pregnancy and the AI cheats the pregnancy.
  8. Third Generation All Barren

    I don't know if there's an explicit max, but NPC couples do get a penalty the more members (not counting companions) their clan has, based on their tier.
    But this should only for AI clans and not the player clan, because AIs are stupid and don't know how to use their family members.
  9. Minor and Major clans offer their services as mercenaries or vassals respectively.

    Currently, you must travel the world and ask (really beg) clans to join as a vassal or be a mercenary for your kingdom. This can be a bit stupid when you're the only kingdom in the game that has really any power and a ton of fiefs, meanwhile many fiefless clans would rather join another weaker kingdom for free and still be fiefless than join you for free even though they would have a higher chance at getting a fief.
    Same story with the mercenaries really. They're meant to help weaker kingdoms against larger, more powerful ones, but they would still join a war against you even if you are weaker since they can't ask you to join.

    Imo, this is a pretty major handicap to a pretty significant "core mechanic" in the game, which is running your own kingdom. I was really hoping this would get added to the game before or on the 1.0 release of the game.
    I think mercenaries should be reworked to work only for rich factions, because currently factions can use them as a "debt payer" for their factions debts, they should make it, like it is in Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign, who a Kingdom needs to pay a lot, to fight their wars, but after peace, they instantly leave the service.
  10. What are the current conditions needed for pregnancy ?

    The same as they've been for almost all of EA. Wait in a fief with you spouse during the early morning check for a 1-18% (or so chance of getting pergant depending on female's age and number of kids and the verile perk. Your spouse can be the governor, in you party, in tavern/keep, or leading party in an army with you.

    Yeah that's what you should do. Yeah it sucks but I doubt TW will change it. It doesn't have to be just the 2 of you and it should be in a town or castle. It can happen in 1 morning check too, 10 days is just convenient for not reloading constantly and not wasting too much game time. It's like an telephone game where people have decided there's some special meaning to waiting 10 days, but my meaning is just convenience.
    Why did you say on the early morning check?
    My clan wives are getting pregnant at different times per day, it is not only on the early morning check.

    I have gotten multiple wives, who are gotten pregnant at night.
  11. Modded Bug found recruiting minor clans

    I found a cool bug last night recruiting a minor clan as a vassal of my kingdom. Basically I dont know how this worked or if its a rare situation, I dont know if it will
    work for everyone everytime or not, anyways i own a kingdom. Most powerful and we are fighting the south that are destroyed, I had the leader of the Legion of the Betrayed in my prisoner catagory and asked if he would join me…Turns out it gave me the dialouge as if he was a true vassal out the south, I was able to get him to join me for 20k. It was strange as when i looked at kingdom clans he didnt have the gold coin icon stating hes a mercenary, He was a true vassal of the kingdom with a town.
    If you don't have the Allegiance Overhaul mod, they will most likely leave and take their fiefs with them, because they have still mercenary logic and this is the real bug here.

    There should be always a way to convert a mercenary clan into a real vassal clan.
  12. Im a king yet a Minor Clan

    For some reason my clan is considered a Minor Clan despite me having several fiefs and being the King of my own Kingdom with a few vassals.

    I have read some ways to resolve this but they all require me to relinquish my title and fiefs and start as a vassal in another kingdom. Its worth bearing in mind, I am currently the strongest and richest clan in the realm.

    Is there anything I can do which doesn’t result in me joining another kingdom and losing all my fiefs?
    Minor Clans in this game is not bad, because you get 1 more party than any other clan.
    Normal Clans only can have 3 parties from clan tier + 1 from Talent Magnet, if the Clan Leader has the perk.

    Minor Clans can have 4 parties from clan tier + 1 from Talent Magnet.

    Minor Clans are not really minor, they should be called Mayor Clans and the others Minors.
  13. Garrison of granted fief

    What happens to the garrison of a fief I grant to a vassal clan?
    On a previous version of the game (1.7?) the high tier garrison of a castle I granted to a vassal clan seemed to simply disapear.
    One would presume those troops would either stay in the garrison or be found in the army or the vassal the fief was given to.
    It may be that once a fief is granted, the existing garrison is replaced by a random standard garrison for the faction?
    Did anyone experienced this issue?
    They stay, but NPCs are very bad at managing their money in the game.

    So, you grant them a fief and they will mostly likely set a low wage limit on their garrison, so the troops desert and this should be fixed by the devs, any troop donated by the liege, should stay and vassals should not be able to lower the wage limit under the wage of the liege troops.
    Vassals are a Vassals, they have very little influence.
  14. When not in a kingdom or as mercenary, why can't create an army with my parties?

    even you have influence while indenpence, once you create your own kingom, the influence goes to 0, then you have to start earning again......

    I hate it very much because it takes 50 influence to make peace, every day you got like 3-6, so you need to survive a week to make peace with your first enemy.
    No, this is not the case, I always keep my influence.
    And by the way, when I create my kingdoms, I have a income from over 100 - 200 per day.
    The Devs really need to rework influence gain, it is way to much, at least if you have the immortal charm perk.

    Are you playing with some mods?
  15. Garrisons should carry the owner's banners not kingdoms.


    Its really absurd seeing the kingdom sigil and banners on my garrison troops in a game called bannerlord. Im a lord and people dont carry my banner if theyre not directly under my command.
    Why, you are a vassal, the fiefs you own, are owned by your king, you are only allowed to govern it for your king.

    If you want your garrisons troops to carry your banner, you must become a faction leader.
  16. When not in a kingdom or as mercenary, why can't create an army with my parties?

    A simple fix for this would be to allow factionless heroes/players to earn influence. That would also allow them to create armies with their own parties.
    You already get influence, even you are not part of a kingdom.

    I always stay independent until the year 1090 and at this time, my clan has more than over 100K influence(with a daily 200 influence income), thanks to the "Immortal Charm" Perk, the most broken perk in the game for influence.
  17. Sister/daughter marriage benefits?

    Question: If I marry a daughter/niece/other family member off, will I be able to select them as an heir to continue playing once I die, or no? If they join their husband's clan, it would be interesting to stay with the husband's clan and hop from clan to clan like that, although not an intended part of the game...
    No, you will lose them as a clan member and a potential heir, only clan members can become your heir.

    You need the "Arrange Marriage For Family" Mod to be able to marry female clan members and to keep them in your clan, because this mod allows you to choose in wich clan the couple will live.
  18. When not in a kingdom or as mercenary, why can't create an army with my parties?

    So when I am not in a kingdom, and not serve as mercenary, I create 4 parties through companions, but I can't create an army

    I can only create an army after I create a kingdom

    So here's the problem, even though I have create 4 parties, but I can't use them to conquer the first castle/town to create a kingdom
    I can only rely on my own party with 250+ men, which is not enough.......
    Clan parties can now support other parties in your clan, when they attack/raid/siege something, so there is no need for armies.
  19. Battania needs a buff

    In lore, Battania are meant to die off by the time of Warband. So from a lore perspective it makes sense that they should be inclined to lose.

    Plus it is good for one of the factions to be a little bit weaker to be the "underdog" faction who feels more satisfying to do well as.

    And they aren't even that weak. Their culture bonus is really good. Their cities are close together, making their caravans move goods quicker and armies better at congregating to defend.

    I am currently doing a Battania vassal playthrough, and we are winning and defeating Sturgia. So I don't think Battania needs a buff.
    Battania should get a huge debuff, for their heroes battle death chance, it should be higher as normal, because they are barbarians without knowledge or medicine.
  20. Battania needs a buff

    Battania has Cantor policy by default which makes them have more militia and also Battania culture bonus gives more militia and improves forest movement. This means Battanian vassal have close villages and can move quickly to defend and along with good militia it makes Battania very hard to conquer.
    This is simply not true, I can conquer them in 1 in-game year, when I want it.
    (Even the AI sometimes conquer them very fast.)
    So, I would not say they are very hard to conquer, they are very easy to conquer and remember militia is only tier 2 and tier 3.
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