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  1. How do I greatly reduce or even disable tax inefficiency for 4.2?

    Somebody said:
    The math is in script_cf_dplmc_calculate_tax_inefficiency. You can also cheat a bit and change the game's campaign difficulty right before the budget report.

    Where do I find that?  Also, how do I read the information.  I found describe_tax_rate_to_s in scripts.txt, but that is all.
  2. How do I greatly reduce or even disable tax inefficiency for 4.2?

    Playing a mod with 4.2.  Money is pretty scarce in this mod as productive enterprises barely give any.  I have to rely on my fiefs, which are numerous.  I am currently suffering around 60-75% tax inefficiency.  I tried to do the tweak manually but could not identify the proper value to change. ...
  3. Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition (Updated w/moddb link)

    I have been trying to modify the tax inefficiency because it does not fit my playstyle.  So what I have done is followed the tweak guide here (sorry if I screw up the hyperlink formatting) and finding parts that look similar, as I have done before when a tweak does not work perfectly.  I saw that 2106 shows up frequently in a similar pattern, and the first time almost matched the tweaked portion perfectly, except the 100 in blue was 15.  This looked most promising and I am about to see if the mod still works, but I know Diplomacy 4.2 is used in this mod and diplomacy affects tax inefficiency.  For all know, I may have tweaked tax inefficiency but in some different and weird way.

    I have tried TweakMB and most options are greyed out in TweakMB.

    Out of curiosity, what does 2016 mean?  I feel like I am splitting DNA looking for similar sections without knowing where or what I am splitting.

  4. If I add more mercenaries to troops.txt, will that mess with the game?

    I know that there is a mercenaries section in troops.txt.  I want to expand it to include every soldier.  I see two ways of doing that.  First is simply having the mercenaries section end at the end of all of the soldiers, the other is to make copies of every soldier and place them so they are...
  5. Is there a mod that allows to me to recruit tropps from any faction?

    One of the reasons I play Mount and Blade is being able to recruit any army I want.  Modules not having this ultimately makes me pretty uninterested to play.  Is there a way I can recruit winged hussars as Sweden or any other faction?  A module or something in my files I can change? Thank you.
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