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  1. Resolved str_Robbery_pay_agreement doesn't exist

    Summary: it look like this string is missing from at least English and French version (as when a translation is missing in french language, the english one should be displayed.) How to Reproduce: I was able to have this error, after losing a caravan escort, during the next encounter with bandits...
  2. In Progress Italiano An option dialogue in arena still not traslated

    There are more that this string that are missing in your language in this specific dialog.
    Check my post and perhaps provide a translation for each missing italian translation in your topic.
  3. In Progress Français 6 translations strings missing (Arena)

    The problem for this 6 missings strings are present on all non English version, but I have no knowledge to provide a correct translation for each language.
  4. In Progress Français 6 translations strings missing (Arena)

    I also found 3 strings that are present in the French translation file (std_TaleWorlds_CampaignSystem-fre.xml) and not in the English one (std_TaleWorlds_CampaignSystem.xml), they look like old text/ version of missing texts of the previous post. (for old game version ?)

    <string id="02hHMG6g" text="Je ne suis pas satisfait des habitudes que mon compagnon a développées pendant l&apos;apprentissage de ses compétences, pouvez-vous m&apos;aider ?" />
    <string id="Nvcm6c14" text="Je ne suis pas satisfait des habitudes que j&apos;ai développées pendant l&apos;apprentissage de mes compétences. Pouvez-vous m&apos;aider ?" />
    <string id="z4Tj7s7p" text="Je ne suis pas satisfait des habitudes que mes compagnons ont développées pendant l&apos;apprentissage de leurs compétences, pouvez-vous m&apos;aider ?" />
  5. In Progress Français 6 translations strings missing (Arena)

    6 strings are missing in file std_TaleWorlds_CampaignSystem-fre.xml ( Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBox\ModuleData\Languages\) Missing Translation : <string id="Y7tz9D28" text="These teachers who help people hone their skills and learn new habits... Can you help me find one?" />...
  6. In Progress Français Translation error (Hold fire)

    This translation is wrong, in French this text has been translated as "continuous fire" instead of "Hold fire" Location : string id="Q2yjFlC9" in file "std_native_strings_xml-fre.xml" (Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\ModuleData\Languages\FR) Translation Error: Tirer en continu...
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