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  1. SP MP [Bannerlord] Mods List (updated 29/01/23)

    Any historical realistic mods been released yet?
  2. B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    Super mod. Does anyone know if it will have further updates? Or is it being created for the new Bannerlord?
  3. SP Armor Mod for Viking Conquest

    I install this:

    And i dont have this helmet (left)

    I dont hae this helmet even cheatmenu is active. Even if I manually install your Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13.0 mod, I don't have this helmet. I am asking for help, does your package do not have it? I care about this helmet, how can I install it? Thanks for youre answer!
  4. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    How install this fantastic BALANCE MOD 13 with Dark Age for Viking Conquest and Vagn`s armour mod for Viking Conquest? Please, help me. Thanks guys!
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