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  1. Waiting for mods to catch up

    I wonder if now that the game is officially launched, will TW be obliged to release updates that don't break all the mods? You couldn't really complain about it during EA because it was EA, but now that its an officially released game, getting locked out of your modded playthrough for a few weeks waiting for all your mods to get updated every time TW wants to release a patch is a lot less acceptable.

    What? Why would they be obliged? Mods have always been a do it at your own risk type of thing. Hell, have you seen the Skyrim modding scene? Those poor mods are still being broken 10 years after release.
  2. The lore of this game is just useless flavor text unless you do something about it.

    Writing lore is a lost cause in a game like this.

    The devs could write 1000 new lines of lore and dump it in the game. Then a month later this thread will be repeated. Why? Because people like us who play this game for hundreds of hours will always run into the limits of the current lore.

    As usual in games like this the real good lore is the one you make up yourself and determine yourself.
  3. Steam Workshop Support

    I haven't actually checked out many mods yet, but looking at some of the ones already on there, like improved garrisons, makes me very excited for the future of the game already.
  4. All the information I brought back from Gamescom (Banners, bug fixes, futur of the game, UI changes, new crafting parts in forge, consoles, etc)


    Why do people even act like this is a bad thing lol. I'd love to know how often you guys played the vanilla warband versus modded warband. A game being extremely moddable is a great thing and Mount and Blade has also been one of the best modded games out there.
  5. What does clan system serve in gameplay?

    The clan system is an awesome improvement and provides so much more space for roleplaying and interesting dynamics.

    Of course like all things, even in vanilla warband, Taleworlds has provided the baseline and im sure mods will take care of the rest.

    Can you imagine POP Bannerlord, where each clan has its own knighthood order? Fantastic.

    And no, I don't think "it will be improved with mods" is ever a bad thing. Thats how Warband worked, and thats how other long-lived and richly modded games like Morrowind and Skyrim have survived so long.
  6. Missing WB features are not up to the standards of Bannerlord!

    This is what Ive been talking about for a long time. Take influence as an example. In Warband your influence was implicated by your renown, relationships you built etc. So you could influence castle votes, marshallship votes etc by talking to those people. You ask them who they support, and you could either say you too support their candidate or convince them to support you. In BL influence is and explicit currency that removes all the immersion. Policy vote? Menu. Castle vote? Menu. Relationships? Menu.

    For example, you are a king and want to boost a vassals influence. Why put it as a ****ing menu button? "Give influence to clan" is so lame. You could go and TALK TO THEM and get a dialogue option "I acknowledge you and your clan as a great house, I wish to make that known" and that could have the same effect. Get a relations boost and give them 50/100/150 influence.

    Why leave companions in a town through a "plus" sign nobody sees? Why not TALK to your companion and make them stay in a town.

    This game has so much immersion potential in the little things. We dont need feasts. We need reasons and means to talk to other people in the game. Ask them what their party is doing or how goes the war. Those are simple lines of text. For gods sake

    I kinda covered this in my last post, but just to point out, making the player talk to each NPC (which includes finding them, moving to their location, hoping they arent also on the move, etc) is a major pain and something that can and should be modernized a bit.

    People really look at Warband with rose colored glasses. It was fun the first time, but the reality is you would have to go through the same dialogue options hundreds of times just to see that like green +10 pop up in the lower right corner.

    It was a drag and these changes in Bannerlord definitely modernize things to a satisfying extent.
  7. Missing WB features are not up to the standards of Bannerlord!

    Encyclopedia does this and more!
    The encyclopedia is a menu where you press a button, a meta information resource for the player that makes him an know it all omnipotent being, and I think this kind of system really, really sucks. I don't know about you guys, but if I wanted to play a game just to read text and clicking, I would go to Wikipedia, when I want to play an RPG, I want to play an RPG and get immersed into the world. Being an omnipotent being that knows everything by just going through menus makes this game absolutely boring, and it's an easy way out of actually thinking on game design.

    Feasts were a multiple of things: A place to know lords, their attitudes (depending on the quests they give you, again, another rudimentary system that needed improvement but got changed for a menu encyclopedia information), an in game event that showed some sort of life, and a place to earn relations with lords and ladies (useless in Bannerlord because influence is s currency you win by killing poor people in rags AKA looters).

    Didn't the last beta release or so change this so that lord and settlement information only appeared if you were near it, owned it, or a companion was in it?

    Also, there is a balance. An in game encyclopedia may not be as "immersive" but it is 100 times easier and smoother than having to call a feast, wait for everyone to appear, walk around trying to find the right lord, talk to them, etc. God forbid the lord doesn't show up! Then you have the fun of chasing him down on the map!

    For what it's worth, I am not against a sort of improvement on the feast system. It's just that, it's more nuanced than "Warband had feasts and Bannerlord doesn't, so clearly bannerlord is the worst game ever and does nothing right".
  8. Missing WB features are not up to the standards of Bannerlord!

    I don't totally disagree tbh. Some of the features people keep calling for were incredibly shallow and simple.

    Like, I saw a post asking for poems. Poems!? There were nothing to them. There were like 5 in the whole game, you buy them, you give them to a princess, you see +10 rep. You move on. Did anyone even ever read them? Probably not. They were such a nothing mechanic.

    Same thing as feasts. The current encyclopedia does what the feast system did and more. Also, while they were cool the first 2 or 3 times, all they did for the 423 times after that was ruin the momentum of a campaign or a war.

    But I would like to see more changes before release and hope they plan on supporting it post release too.
  9. Why do you all hate this game?

    If Taleworlds would've just revamped Warband with better graphics, UI and added QoL improvements and a better level of diplomacy I would've been perfectly fine with it, in fact I would've loved it.

    As someone with hundreds of hours in Warband .... isn't this what Bannerlord already is? lol better graphics? Check. Better UI, absolutely. QoL, absolutely.

    Diplomacy is the only thing that is arguable there but 3/4 isn't bad.
  10. As of 1.8.0, What Do You Think is Needed to Fix Bannerlord's End-Game?

    They need to separate the economy into personal purchases vs kingdom fief system. Money should be used only to buy companions, mercenaries (by contract, not on an individual basis) and items. The actual lords should have their own system that doesn't intereact with money at all, like levying a pool of men that replenishes very slowly.

    The current problem is that by the lategame you have infinite money, so the AI has to be given infinite money to keep up, meaning that wars last forever. The infinite money is caused by all the early game mechanics like selling trash items that you can spam with no limits. You end up supporting armies by selling vast amounts of garbage rather than by holding fiefs. By separating out the personal and the state economies, it would fix most of the fundamental problems i have with the game, not least the impetus to hoard every piece of loot you come across. You shouldnt be allowed to sell rusty helmets or rags for example, who in their right mind would actually want to buy that crap?

    I don't think we should limit and restrict what money can buy/do like that. That would gamify things too much and feel too gimmicky. I like the fact that the in game economy is one massive thing that operates the same at low levels as it does when you run a kingdom. It's just like reality, armies are paid with money and not invisible "reputation bucks" or anything like that.

    Of course that makes it harder to balance and find issues so I agree there need to be more things that can eat into money and blobbing. But this is where other aspects can come into play like rebellions or smarter alliances so that small kingdoms can gang up on bigger ones. I would prefer to try to fix the problem by enriching the simulation system instead of just drawing a line through it and inventing something made up.

    Also I disagree about not being able to sell those things - it's reasonable that you could find buyers for junk who would be interested in breaking down/melting down those items for re-use. It just needs to be cheaper, sure.
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.7.1

    + added UI in encyclopedia (you will never use)

    I understand people want to be miserable but is this necessary? The encyclopedia is awesome in Bannerlord and 1 millions times better than how it was in Warband. Not only does it look better but the functionality is there to easier and quickly find information on anything you need. There is so much more information in it and you can even pin cities to the map which is like something that I always wanted to do in Warband.

    I also find it ironic that everyone wants Feasts back, yet in all my 500+ hours of Warband the main point of feasts was to get everyone together to so I can easily find and track down a lord. Well with the Bannerlord encyclopedia this is trivial and very well done.
  12. TW make reinforcements spawn outside the map limits and march into battle area

    Never been an issue in total war games even though its perfectly doable

    As Memoefe said its because in Total War the maps are huge. And no, I don't think it would be good if Bannerlord maps became as huge.

    I think reinforcements can be tweaked and improved but it's not as simple and clear cut as "well just do it how another game in a totally different genre does it"
  13. TW make reinforcements spawn outside the map limits and march into battle area

    Or it can be an ineffective solution because if you destroy the main enemy army fast enough - which doesn't seem that rare or hard in cases where you have a big advantage or are well prepared - then you can just camp the edge of the map and kill the reinforcing units 1 by 1 as they enter the map.
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    I have two weird issues now since starting a new game.

    1, I cannot actually quit the game. "Save game and Exit" and "Quit to Main Menu" both put me back in the game. As in, if I press "Save game and Exit", the game freezes for a few seconds, it flashes, and then I am back on the campaign map (almost like it was loading my last save?).

    2, starting the game up puts it into windowed mode, even after I set it to fullscreen. This happens everytime I choose Continue from the launcher, and every time I need to set it back to fullscreen.

    Both of these seem to pop up in any new save I make, after loading that save atleast once.
  15. Best archers in the game?

    I'm coming over from PoP and I really loved to have an archer heavy army. Get a bunch of Ravenstern Rangers and watch the enemy lose half their men before they even get to you. Which unit should I focus on here? I remember the Rhodok Crossbowmen being pretty good in native, is it the same here?
  16. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Does the "recruit from nearby villages" option in castles need some things to be true for it to work? I've captured Ironoak and the last 2 times I've told my dude that the garrison has stayed 0.

    For what it matters, its on the front so there is only one friendly village nearby and we've been at war for most of the time I've had it. But it does make it annoying to defend this place with no garrison.
  17. [S]1257 AD (improved) - old discussions

    Mitchmon said:
    Ok this has been bugging me for a while now but, please turn on auto units. You know when you capture a town or castle they auto dump units into there. Please turn it back on cuse every castle or town I capture for england, Scottland just captures it again.

    I agree, or at least tackle this problem some how. As of now, it seems impossible to be able to manage ANYTHING simply because I barely have enough troops to fight with, let alone leave behind.

    I got good enough to be able to take a Mongol castle on my own under Poland, but the "Hell yeah!" quickly turned to ":sad:" once I realized I was stuck with a Castle and Village to manage, with only my 45 member party and 12k Denari purse.
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