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  1. Game not starting

    Well I know I have memory for it. I have updated all my drivers and systems. How would I find out about the cpu integration?
  2. Game not starting

    @DerpyTreeStump are you using some Language mods ?
    I'm not using any mods currently. It is just the base game downloaded off steam
  3. Game not starting

    Have you checked to make sure that all the core files are loading in the launcher? Check the "mods" tab in the launcher and make sure all core files are selected.

    Also, you may need to delete all user data. Usually under Harddrive C, Users, Profile, Documents, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord.
    Yep all the core files are ticked and there is nothing in the documents folder for it. Is there anywhere else user data could be stored for the game?
    I also trying a mod that used a alternate launcher for the game still didn't work
  4. Game not starting

    I've been trying to play Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord recently and I just can't get the game to start. It used to just not start after clicking play on the launcher but now it starts but just crashes on the first loading screen. I have validated the files through steam and it says everything is...
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