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  1. Need More Info [e1.0.1] NPC stuck on ladder

    I can confirm this continues to happen as of patch e1.0.9 . It happens on Kranirog Castle.
  2. Resolved Can't Give Yourself Fief

    As a king of my own faction, for some reason I can't give myself a fief. In the vote screen it says I ultimately get the final choice, but their is no option to give it to myself, only a selection of lords. Its getting to the point where everyone is about to get more fiefs than me.
  3. Resolved Differentiating Between Unimplemented and Not Working Perks.

    I've seen this mentioned on a few different threads but haven't found a thread dedicated to it. It would be really nice if Tale Worlds differentiated between the perks they haven't yet implemented at all, and those perks that are simply bugged or not working. As of right now their isn't any easy...
  4. Resolved Man-at-Arms perk does not work

    Completely agree. It would be nice if they differentiated between the perks they haven't yet implemented, and the perks that are simply bugged or not working. Their "Known Issues" thread would be a great place for it.
  5. Resolved [e1.0.1] Cavalry identified as Infantry

    Me too, and it is VERY annoying. In my experience, I THINK it has something to do with the order of units in your party, and what groups they were attached to. I noticed that when my companions are up top and in group III, on the field, he correctly says "Cavalry" for group III. However I swear the game randomly switches my companions back to group I at times, and others that even if they're labeled right it doesn't do anything.

    Also, I know for a fact that Bannerlord overrides some units group designation and sticks them with others. My companions have been labeled in group I, the infantry, but in battle they get selected by F3, not F1. I BELIEVE that this contributes to our issue.

    It's almost like the game goes down the party list and the first person who has a horse is what it uses to "voice" the group shouts, I.E. if I have a mounted companion who is labeled "I" for some reason, it says "Infantry" when I select F3 (even though he's grouped in "I" on the Party Screen, mounts seem to override as I said above). Usually archers are fine, but sometimes they've been messed up. Usually group IV, the horse archers, work without issue, and are the most reliable.
    Thats Really good to know, at least this is a temporary fix.
  6. Resolved [e1.0.1] Cavalry identified as Infantry

    The same for horse archers sometimes.
    If I don't pay attention I get confused when I want to send cavs and hear infantry! :grin:
    Usually my character will say horse archers, though sometimes he messes that up.
  7. Castle won't finish construction

    Same Issue, specifically on a castle, haven't yet had the issue on a town.
  8. Need More Info Siege battle lag caused by battering ram

    Same issue i5-9600k 32GB -3200 Ram. Gtx 970, HDD.
  9. Need More Info So, soldiers don't know how to use siege towers?

    Having same issue with the ladder version along with battering rams. They just break down the door or get the ram to the point and then only a couple of them at a time trickle in.
  10. Resolved [e1.0.1] Cavalry identified as Infantry

    I also have this issue. Reproducible across new and old saves. Still an issue as of Patch e1.0.4
  11. Resolved Siege Glitch

    It seems this is patched in the latest update.
  12. Need More Info Can't Talk to my Own Prisoners

    I put a lord in the dungeon of my castle. When I go to the dungeon and try to talk to him he tells me "I am not allowed to talk with you". The only reason I want to talk to him is because he has a quest marker. I've attached an image of the occurrence. Image
  13. Need More Info Can Clip through wall at Mecalovea Castle

    I can clip through this big wooden door looking thing at, . When i swing, attacks go through it and hit the wall behind.
  14. Resolved Siege Glitch

    So if one of your castles is under siege, instead of trying to get past the enemy and into your castle, in which case you would lose half your troops, you can instead try and attack the enemy siege camp. This will allow an allies to join you in attacking the enemy. The only thing is, if you do...
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