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  1. snuggans

    In Progress Prisoner lords that you recruit to your kingdom remain in your party as prisoner

    Summary: After recruiting to your kingdom a noble that youve captured in battle, they remain a prisoner in your party. You then have to manually dismiss them to set them free. How to Reproduce: 1. Capture an enemy clan leader 2. Convince them to defect to your kingdom 3. They will remain a...
  2. snuggans

    Patch Notes e1.8.1

    Has anyone else noticed the massive amount of wars being declared on the player and/or your vassals. To me it feels like your kingdom strength is weighed heavily for this and if that's true it needs to be changed.
    its the anti-snowballing effect. it wouldn't be so bad if the rest of your faction helped you out but most of the time i find that its just my lone army of less than 1k troops fending off 3 to 5 factions just constantly sending armies faction does create armies but they dont use them very well, they'll create them deep into their own territory and then they have to crawl at 2.0 speed to the frontlines, then they change their objective and turn around and crawl to the other side of the map. sometimes they'll concentrate too many troops in one place, you dont need 2k troops to take a castle, but they do it, and this starves other armies of potential parties
  3. snuggans

    Ranged troops in loose formations while sieging

    ranged troops do start out in 'scattered' formation, the issue is that the scattered formation has been bugged for a while and functions like a shield wall instead. additionally since all formations in a siege start out automated/delegated they prefer to gather near barricades doing nothing, so if you ever see an artillery take out like 20 units with one shot its probably because one of these groups got hit
  4. snuggans

    Patch Notes e1.8.1

    • Fixed a bug that caused clans without settlements to over-value the worth of settlements during vassal defection calculations.
    • Fixed a bug that caused AI parties to hoard items causing them to slow down significantly due to overburdened and herding penalties.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the player's captain perks from being applied to the player's assigned formation during field and village battles.
    • Fixed a bug that caused cavalry AI to miss their targets when using melee weapons.
    thanks! these were urgently needed! i have concerns about this one though:
    • If a player clan-owned settlement's prison exceeds the prisoner size limit, the excess amount of prisoners will be sold to a ransom broker. The prisoners that will be sold are selected from the lowest tier troops with all proceeds going to the settlement. This only applies to non-hero prisoners.
    why limit this to only settlements belonging to the player? they're the settlements that need this the least because you have full control of the dungeon and are able to clean it out. the problem is with settlements that dont belong to you.

    there are a couple issues with dungeons in general, for example the dungeon capacity does not apply to the AI, they just dump everything in there and ignore the ransom broker.
  5. snuggans

    WE WON

  6. snuggans

    The Ruler of a faction should have the option of taking a fief for themselves during the vote for ownership, even if they are not 1 of the 3 options

    agreed. the AI does very badly with fiefs that have a foreign culture, often it ends up rebelling. it just makes sense for the leader to appoint fiefs based on culture. also for several reasons it would be prudent that each clan's fiefs be close to each other, would make them easier to defend, they would solve quests more conveniently, their level of recruitment would be consistently higher, it would also increase immersion
  7. snuggans

    There should be a slider that allows the players to choose how fast the day/night cycle is

    meanwhile i think time passes a bit too fast and im in no hurry to play as my offspring because its a perk reset. i also disagree with "no chance of having your character die of old age" because my progress is being halted by anti-snowball programming and how my own faction forces me to make peace with weak factions, giving them a chance to rebuild their armies and surprise-invade me later when im busy elsewhere

    but im not against having a slider, i love more options
  8. snuggans

    Can You atleast FIX the annoying WAR/Peace thing?

    even when you're the faction leader, your own faction forces you to make peace before you can make progress against another faction, and they're all a hivemind that vote the same way, to overrule them requires ridiculous amounts of influence

    here's the repeating cycle:

    1. faction declares war on you, they come at you with strong armies because they've been building up while at peace
    2. battles happen, sieges are attempted, maybe some are successful, maybe they get reversed
    3. when you've finally got them on the run, "Making peace with x" notification pops up, your faction forces you to make peace
    4. all the enemy lords are freed, they begin to build up their forces again

    then start over at step 1

    and this cycle is even worse when you are one of the empire factions because the Khuzaits and Aserai like to come at you from behind while all the action is happening on the western frontlines, so they're able to grab a few fiefs, but then you arent able to wipe them out because your faction forces you to make peace when you finally get over there to deal with them
  9. snuggans

    the AI should clear hideouts

    hideouts are great in the early game because there's few of them and the player has nothing more important to do. towards the late game hideouts are everywhere but the player is preoccupied with armies and sieges. hideouts apply a -2 penalty to security of a fief, if the security gets too low...
  10. snuggans

    In Progress 1.80 Armies and Parties hoarding grain

    Does the "unresolved" marker mean this has been seen but isn't "in progress", or does it show up no matter what the reported issue is? New to forums, sorry.
    'unresolved' is the default label. usually when a bug has been seen, a developer/rep has posted in the thread. regardless i think they're aware of it
  11. snuggans

    Army parties bringing too much food

    ya its been reported here:

    a couple ways to tell which party is the issue is (1) before they reach your army, look at their speed, 1.x is usually their speed, (2) if theyve already joined your army then look at their food amount, i tend to get rid of those that have over 400 amount
  12. snuggans

    Patch Notes e1.8.0

    with defection being sorta fixed i thought it was safe to go into 1.8.0, but now a bunch of armies and parties are travelling at 1.0 speed because of the grain situation. i preferred when they were starving instead, at least i could counter that by bringing a lot of food myself. not sure what to do now.. :lol: i dont feel like playing anymore, what's the point? the other 2-3 armies in my faction cant get anywhere, its just me holding off 3 factions again. what a cursed patch
  13. snuggans

    Resolved Crafting weapons does not unlock new parts in patch e1.8.0

    try leaving and re-entering the smithy, then the new parts should show up. still a bug though
  14. snuggans

    Need More Info Clan parties donating prisoners

    Hey, there is no specific rule for the AI lords to keep or sell their prisoners. They are managing their prisoners according to their current state. Our design team did not see anything out of order here.
    i respectfully disagree, this is clogging up dungeons to max capacity which means i run out of places to drop captured nobles, which should have the highest priority, it's silly that dungeon guards are telling me "no we dont have room for the king of Vlandia, we have a bunch of peasants imprisoned here from like 3 months ago".

    what is the benefit exactly of having AI parties "storing" prisoners? in fact it seems to be a detriment to themselves because they're losing out on that money, all so that the fief owner can have the money sometime later? maybe never? because its not like i see them coming by frequently to clean out the dungeon, it just remains that way
  15. snuggans

    In Progress 1.80 Armies and Parties hoarding grain

    i dont use any mods and it seems like the only solution is to dismiss the parties who have too much grain and hope they get defeated. quite an important bug since it's essentially removing some parties from consideration, very problematic if they're the only ones available to join your army, and if the AI picks them up then their army won't make it anywhere to defend or attack. i hope this gets priority
  16. snuggans

    AI battle Suicide

    yeah they're assuming that you will join the battle and so they throw themselves at the enemy army first, its very annoying behavior that i hope gets patched

  17. snuggans

    what are the conditions to trigger pregnancy?

    initially i read that the two characters have to be in the same settlement or party, but then i read some 2 year old reddit posts that had governors in two different towns have a baby, and 2 different party leaders also having a baby. i'm wondering if there's just the one way or if theres...
  18. snuggans

    Clarification on Captain's perks for dismounted cavalry

    We know this isn't true because the Forest Kin scouting perk counts Archers as "Infantry."
    ive read two posts that claimed otherwise, could someone test this? i dont have the perk in my game
  19. snuggans

    New Companions are not spawning

    has this issue been posted to Technical Support forums?
  20. snuggans

    Need More Info Wage limits don't take into account wage-reducing factors

    Summary: Garrisons will stop growing before hitting the wage limit or garrison capacity when wage-reducing factors exist such as the Castellan's Office building in castles, or the Imperial cultural trait, or governor perks that reduce wages. You then have to guess a new wage limit to be able to...
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