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  1. Arcas Nebun

    [BEAST#1] Group B

    Alliance of Destruction vs GrandTurk
    We could not agree on the date of the match.
    Аccording to the rules:

    I would guess you got no response?
  2. Arcas Nebun

    [BEAST#1] Group G

    Defenders of Fortune 3 - 0 Defenders of Faith



    Thanks. OP Updated.
  3. Arcas Nebun

    [BEAST#1] Group H

    Deutschritter 3:0 Armia Koronna.




    gg to Armia Koronna!
    Thank you. Updated.
  4. Arcas Nebun

    [BEAST#1] Group E



    DM 9-0 IPL ggwp tyvm for a match
    Thank you. Updated...
  5. Arcas Nebun

    [BEAST#1] Group D

    Guys... any chance we can get match schedules?
  6. Arcas Nebun

    [BEAST#1] Group D

    Runaway Teutons - 9 : 0 - Cockroaches of Malta



    Thank you. Updated.
  7. Arcas Nebun

    Pierd toti banii

    Fiind in Early Access, jocul mai are bug-uri ciudate. E posibil ca un script sa se fi rulat aiurea. Cel mai simplu e sa faci un screenshot si un bug report. De asemenea, afla in ce locatii se intampla si cand ajungi din nou in locatiile alea, salveaza inainte.
  8. Arcas Nebun

    Conclusion on "Chinese mod abuse" Issue

    There is a mute system implemented in the game at this moment. Any player can mute another player if he finds the other player to be abusing. As such, both sides can use it whenever needed.
  9. Arcas Nebun

    Tournament in EU [brainstorming]

    Either way, I think it is not a bad idea to discuss it and maybe try it in the near future.
  10. Arcas Nebun

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    How does doing those actions make you feel in game?
    Firstly, that is not overpowering unless you learn to play all classes. Two, as an archer, aiming from a horse, even with my previous warband experience, is tough here (though it gives me mobility). While being able to pick up other classes' stuff is nifty, you still need to learn it. And it is not easy.
  11. Arcas Nebun

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Only if there were ways to kill unshielded infantry:unsure:

    I think the rock paper scissor thing that I saw in many games is a bit trampled here because of the class system. The moment I hop on a horse as an archer or I pick up a shield with an archer that should't have one changes the dynamic of the game alot. Though, it does need improvement. That's for sure.
  12. Arcas Nebun

    Sneaky's Shennanigans Episode 2: TK'er goes unpunished!!!

    I think there is enough evidence there for him to get the banhammer.
  13. Arcas Nebun

    The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    As an archer player, I find cavalry easier targets than infantry and even other archers (depending on the skill). That is, if I can see them coming. The only problem that I see with them and you pointed out is the sound cue. Yes, you hear them usually too late to do much, especially if they are experienced players.
  14. Arcas Nebun

    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    I'm not sure why you suddenly remind us you did not give 10 years ban but permanent ban at 9 years ago in Warband, but as the status the thread arguing about political bans, and this may not be a good move in my opinion. It may lead someone to make a connect between political bans and the ban you made in Warband.
    I made that post to emphasize on what a ban can entail on private servers. It was a bit out of context to be honest (since the bans were given for cheating and/or excessive/repeated trolling) and I was a bit out of the topic but then again I had no other example. The thing is, in my opinion, politics and games should not be in the same pot. Unfortunately, lately, they are.
    It all depends on the people in the end.
  15. Arcas Nebun

    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Higher percent may be from china but I suggest you check the second after china, and the third, and the next. Also the anti cheat system is the steam anti-cheat system.

    When I was admin on IG Battlegrounds in Warband some 9 years ago I did not give 10 years ban. I gave permanent bans (it was private server, but none-the-less).
  16. Arcas Nebun

    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    And I guess that's why someone suggest Taleworlds to declare their multiplayer server policy first. Because in my opinion, whatever the amount of reports received, dev should only make bans when they have enough evidence to show who is cheating and how. Especially if the amount as you said is huge, it means that many cheaters are in multiplayer servers, then it must be much more easier to prepare to record a video who cheats and what kind of cheats they use. This also help devs and the anti-cheat system to improve.
    That is why the anti-cheat update. We have it now and now we can see what actually happens.

    EDIT: cheaters come from every place of this earth.
  17. Arcas Nebun

    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Well if your mods have the power to ban, I'd understand your puzzlement. As far as I understood your system (correct me, if I'm wrong there) your mods can only report and your admins at TW, outside reach of the PRC government, are looking over these reports, having, as you guys said yourself, put good faith into the reports and administered the bans, because obviously, before the outrage came, they had no warning sign that PRC-chinese game mods would report for political reasons.

    So, if I'm right and moderators can only report, not ban, the solution would be rather simple, namely the one I suggested: Don't hire in Mainland China but in the RoC or hire people, who learned Chinese, outside of China, who can take over these moderator jobs.
    Firstly, we moderators do not have any power on servers. We are players as you all are (I am a moderator on a subforum and I just state my opinion here). Secondly, all players can report a cheater or a troll and, if many reports come in, the team would take action. I do not blame the team, I do not blame the ones that reported, it is just how it works right now and TW is working on this system to be more effective, as per the posts of the admins.

    But it still cannot explain the fact that some player was banned without cheating.
    And if there are someone in dev team is in charge of those bans, and accept the report who without cheating but reported as cheater, then this guy in my opinion should be punished (For me, the best case is to be fired).
    Regarding this, it is very hard to check if a player was cheating(that is why the latest update with the anti-cheat system were released). But imagine yourself as a dev that just seen reports of a cheater. If you see one, you would ignore it, two, well, if they don't have proof, again, ignore. Three reports, this is where it gets tough. All in all, I would urge you all to please await for a response from the dev team and keep the discussion pertinent, not throw accusations from one side to another, and try to be constructive on this matter with valuable arguments.If you all keep insulting each other, this topic will be locked like the ones before it.
    Thus... keep it civilized and leave the insults at the door.
  18. Arcas Nebun

    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Imho TW should just not employ any mainland chinese moderators, since they're subject to mainland chinese laws and thus are compromised regarding freedom of speech and respecting it.

    Hire instead from the Republic of China aka. Taiwan, the Free Chinese.
    As it was stated before (and I will say it again), there are no people outside TaleWorlds dev team that can issue a ban. The bans offered right now regarding this matter are addressed at the moment, since they were reported as cheating (thus the ban time was reduced during the review). Please read the whole topic before posting (or at least the last postings).
  19. Arcas Nebun

    MP is dying already -- this is bad for your business guys!

    I believe the development team offered an answer regarding stability and such:

    If I answer for the parts I am involved:
    - Stability: Apart from game server related crashes, recently we had major issues with one of our providers. We are currently improving our system to handle these kinds of issues better. Also we are moving relevant services to another service provider. This will happen one part at a time and some has already been moved. Moving whole system will probably take around 1 month maybe 6 weeks. We are moving them slowly so each part is tested and monitored one at a time.
    - Anti-cheat: With the next patch, anti-cheat implementation will be completed. Custom servers will also have anti-cheat and detected player will be kicked from game instead of what we did until now, logging their actions. Of course there can be improvements and bug fixes depending on the need.
    - Player Reporting System: 1-2 weeks, depending on our patch schedule and tests. Detailed logging will be introduced at the same time.
    - Analytics: This is used since the beta and gets updates as our designers need.
    - Recently Played Players and Friends: 1-3 weeks, depending on our patch schedule and tests.
    - Clans: This is gonna be implemented part by part. I am personally expecting first update regarding clans to be released this month but again depends on patch schedule and tests. Also we may want to add more features to it before releasing.
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