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  1. Diavolo

    Hints and tips about skills in bannerlord

    After playing this game for a while now I have noticed some things that I wish I had known from the start. Here are my tips about this new skill system that we all are new at: - On the skill screen the + circle will give you a description of the skill and what situations will improve it. While...
  2. Diavolo

    My experiences with Silverstag

    hi everyone. Just tried out the new version of Silverstag. A pretty awesome mod in my opinion  :mrgreen: This was actually the first mod in which I made my own kingdom and conquered all of Calradia, of all the years I have been playing M&B. Anyway, although I find the mod great, here are some of...
  3. Diavolo

    Rolf not returning to party [Spoilers]

    Hi, I have a question about the main quest, which may or may not be a bug.
  4. Diavolo

    Low upgrade prices in v.1.165

    hey all, first of all I have to say I really love this mod :D I really like how the different weapons handle so differently (e.g. a big axe is actually a lot slower than a dagger) anyway, one thing I noticed in the new version 1.165 is that upgrade costs for units have been reduced...
  5. Diavolo

    Port to Warband?

    hi, this mod is awesome. However, will it be ported to warband? Currently there are no mods for warband with little focus on horses, this mod sure could to the trick :D
  6. Diavolo

    Problems creating polls

    hi, im having a weird problem with this forum. I cant create polls on "released warband mods" and "released mount and blade mods" child forums. I can create polls on normal child forums and normal forums. I am wondering why Im having this problem, and if there is something I can do to fix it...
  7. Diavolo

    Effective ways to get reknown after v1.125

    hi, those of you who have payed attention to the changes and played a bit with the new patch may have noticed the new way the AI calculates army strength. Now higher level units are a lot more worth than before. It is also made harder to gain reknown at all. Before I knew of some good "tricks"...
  8. Diavolo

    Estimated release for Warband v1.114

    hi, I was wondering what time the patch/update to Warband will be released? This summer? Early Autumn? Late Autumn? Christmas? or never? I have tried searching for this, but found no topic about it. I know there are mods that are waiting with porting or updates because v1.114 for warband will...
  9. Diavolo

    Multiplayer TEATRC

    hi, figured I'd make a seperate topic for this, since its pretty different from the other aspects of the mod. I really want to get a lot of people playing the MP of TEATRC. I really enjoy the different factions and units and the fact that the different factions actually has major weaknesses and...
  10. Diavolo

    TEATRC tactics

    hi, my favorite aspect of M&B is tactics. (its is also a big part of the game :P) And TEATRC is a mod where the different factions' weaknesses and strengths are quite different. The great advanced formations with standard bearers and all makes tactics in the mod a bit harder, but also more...
  11. Diavolo

    Tactics in 1257

    Hey all, I would like to know how people play this mod on the battlefield. There is a lot of talk about units and wages, but I am more interested in how you deploy your troops in battle, what faction you play, why you play them and what you do in different situations. Right now Im at school so I...
  12. Diavolo

    How do I change the amount of troops gained/reinforcement wave in SoD?

    I dont have the best pc in history, so to have on good graphic settings, I have to keep my battlesizer low (about 150) to avoid lag and such. Therefore to avoid having to fight 10 small fights to kill a medium sized army, I would like to increase the amount reinforcement of waves each side gets...
  13. Diavolo

    Do I get nobles even if my lords owns all castles?

    Hi, I have followed the advice in the faq about giving all the castles to my lords, and keeping all the towns for myself. This works very well to get money and such. Now ive finally buildt a knight chapter, but it is ofcourse in a castle of one of my lords. (since I only have towns.) Will I...
  14. Diavolo

    Giving lords only castles

    hi, I read ofcourse in the FAQ and "tutorial", where it said it was smartest to give all (nearly all) the castles to your lords, and keep all the villages and towns for yourself. I tried however to give a castle to one of my lords, but then he got a village too. Then I took away his village, so...
  15. Diavolo

    whats your favorite "tool" in AI mesh editing?

    Do you like subdivide? wield? fill? or is it something else you love that makes your work with the AI make a childs play? let us know. Please explain why too :D I'll start, mine is weald (the one where you make two vertices become one) I love it because it gives me the opportunity to make the...
  16. Diavolo

    You get resources once per month

    hi, this is a thread for new people wondering how to get resources. You have to wait a month.  :mrgreen:
  17. Diavolo

    Custom Settlements Collection (settlement DLs)

    hi, I think its very hard to find the custom settlements that ppl have created. I know there are a lot, so I made this thread, to make it easier for new/old players to find and dl settlements to add to their game. I want to say that its very nice if ppl do NOT post comments and such here, or it...
  18. Diavolo

    Scene editing: is lag a problem?

    I am currently working on a settlement where the city is quite dense. Many houses, tight streets and such. I am considering adding alot of clutter (brooms, small crates, broken items, etc. etc. etc) I think it will make the city look more alive, but Im worrying about lag. Will many small items...
  19. Diavolo

    how do I add my own music?

    hi, Ive understood that I have to put the music files in the music folder in the mod I want to play. thats all I know. I have tryed, and it doesnt work. The music doesnt play. Is it something I am forgetting? (or dont know about) that I have to know to make this work. (Perhaps add some lines...
  20. Diavolo

    Share with us your tactics!

    What kind of tactics do you use? We are talking about everything: the amounts of different troops in your army, what tactics you use on taking a castle compared to on the field, or what you do if you are forced to fight in a mountainous area. Share everything you can think of when it comes to...
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