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  1. Etrepcar

    How starting a new game is like:

    I think you may be taking my comment a little harder than you need to, while chiding me as immature for daring to disagree that I should accept this as a disappointment.

    I am sorry you are offended by how I phrased that as a player and member of this community, and long-time fan of the franchise, I have a different opinion than you and expressed that in foil to your use of "we".

    You have quite sharp criticisms against the game, developers, and the community -- but you react so sensitively to any counter-criticism. Yes, online this is where problems come in with discussion forums -- we're here to discuss (or debate) ideas for the development of this game, but some few expect to be above that discussion. I don't get that, and I honestly don't mean to offend, but I do think it's fair game to discuss the ideas in a discussion forum. I never meant to mock you, and acknowledging that the argument is irrational is a statement of fact, not mockery. I think if you read your comment over, if you're honest you can acknowledge that. It expresses that you're unhappy, but your specific claims are hyperbolic at best. If you disagree, maybe you understand that we're allowed to disagree and that's a normal part of discussion....
    Nice doubling down, but do you know that you don't get paid for this? Sure, you might earn some brownie points from the likes of you, but that is a pretty embarassing thing to be proud about.

    I can express my opinion with hyperboles: personal opinions about video games doesn't need to be based on facts, that is why they are opinions. Also, the "we" part is just a regular normal expression, used to express opinions: stop taking everything so literally like a dumb AI. I thought humans were the animals that supposed to understand things others cannot, like sarcasm, expressions and abstractions?

    You know, there are certain countries that pay you for being a little troll and acting like a bot, maybe you could check them out? This way you could earn some money.

    Inb4 multiple double downs (triple downs?), getting reported for even referring to certain countries and being a meanie.
  2. Etrepcar

    How starting a new game is like:

    Don't tell me what to accept, especially based on an irrational argument. :razz:

    I stated in my first sentence is that this is my personal opinion by making the "I think" remark. I never tried to persuade anyone: I just expressed my personal opinion, I am not holding at you at gunpoint to accept it or even care about it. It's simply not my fault that you tried rephrase it as an "argument" in your mind, looking for a opportunity to mock me. You know, not everything is an argument on the internet: people express their opinions all the time, and not every one of them needs to "debated".

    Also, thank you for proving and continuing the stereotype of Bannerlord fans being immature children who think that any criticism of the game or the devs is a personal attack against them: you are the pride of the fandom. Too bad that other people have already one upped you in that regard.
  3. Etrepcar

    How starting a new game is like:

    I think we just have to accept this game will be an unfinished disappointment, made by a bunch of people, who think they can do the same thing and get away with the things they did 10 years ago, using the same methods. Developing an advanced game with a bunch of interns and almost no staff is not very favorable to the development process.

    Of course, I would love to be proven wrong, but the game basically plays and looks the same as it did during day 1 of release: there might be less bugs, but the features changed were only minor, few major exceptions that have no actual bearing on the game. The changelogs are full just meaningless minor changes like changing the price of meat from 50 to 49 gold, nerfing weapons that are already outclassed by your starter equipment, and (sometimes re)introducing more bugs.
  4. Etrepcar

    Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    TaleWorlds has already dug their grave for multiplayer: it is only matter of time when it decides to jump in.

    I am very doubtful mods will be able to recreate the same fun Warband's multiplayer had, and even the singleplayer part. I think we just have to admit this game is and will remain an unfinished disappointment, made by people who think just because they made one cult game 10 years ago, they can do it again with a bunch of interns and almost no expert staff. In 2010, it was acceptable, but in 2020, it is not.

    Of course, I would love it if the game would be finished, but ever since the EA launch, basically nothing major changed: it's all just minor changes with maybe one "pseudo-major" change.
  5. Etrepcar

    [For those with some industry experience] When do you think Bannerlord will really leave Early Access?

    1.5.6 will fix lots of bugs, I'm seeing lots of "this bug is fixed and will be implemented with upcoming patches" on the bug report page

    Sounds promising, are there any news about performance and optimization (if there are bugs preventing the game from running better)? The requirements on the store page right now are a bit "off" in my opinion.

    Other than that, I am starting to regain my optimism for this game.
  6. Etrepcar

    In the new year TaleWorlds should put out a revised update about their plans and timings for the game

    Don't worry, the big overhaul mods will revive SP (after a year or two) and you can expect a community patch mod soon after release to fix almost everything that the players complained about, but the devs failed to address.
    The other important thing is how much would Taleworlds be committed to fixing engine things and giving modders new possibilities after the release. I think they won't disappoint and would leave a large crew to keep working on 1.1.

    I really hope you are right, it would be a disappointing, if not shameful ending to the franchise if it remained like this.
  7. Etrepcar

    The Final Release Date

    They didn't even say they will release the game after 1 year:

    Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
    “While we do not have a set date for a full release at this moment in time, we expect that the game will be in early access for around a year. Our focus is on ensuring that the game is fun and enjoyable rather than imposing a deadline that might have a negative impact on the final product.”

    But people already act like they announced a March 2021 release.

    The text literally says "we expect the game will be in early access for around a year.".

    Yeah I know it's not a concrete evidence that it is March and it only applies to the EA label, but still. Most EA games either get out of that period within 1-3 years or never, plus the end of the EA usually means the final version is in works or end itself is the full release: I don't know a single expection to this rule. I expect the Bannerlord to be the latter category.
  8. Etrepcar

    The Final Release Date

    TaleWorlds time is basically a modified Valve time, so for every promise (in this case, the really vague 1 year EA one) add +5-10 years of development at best, that will result in said feature either being:

    a) Scrapped (upgrading villages to castles)
    b) Hell with a tons of bugs (siege AI)
    c) Barely existing with no actual meaningful gameplay (gangs and criminal systems)
    d) Half-baked. 3/4 baked (skills)
    e) Actually implemented with maybe a few bugs, maybe not. (combat, I guess)
  9. Etrepcar

    In the new year TaleWorlds should put out a revised update about their plans and timings for the game

    They won't, it will remain in EA with a few promises until the devs get tired of it and leave it to die. The multiplayer is already pretty dead, it's only a matter of time before the singleplayer throws in the towel too (and no, mods probably wouldn't revive it, most of the major mods from Warband won't be ported from what I heard). I would like to be proven wrong though, 2020 just doesn't seem like the best year for games.
  10. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    No you're not, you just play dumb and actually succeed at it. The answers are all over the place, and literally right inside the OP. It's impossible to not get them unless you actively want to. And you don't want to because it would show how empty your posturing is, so you need to insert your narrative rather than actually getting the point.

    Case in point, you just wanted your little pretext to throw you pre-canned one-liner, like a bot mindlessly spamming the same BS without bothering with what the people are actually saying. Thanks for proving my point, but I really didn't need it.

    I've seen people in this forum exchange insults over if a horse could charge through a line of men or not, if an arrow could pierce an armor or not, and I've seen heated online battle in Warcraft forum about the morality of the Horde or Alliance. People can be pretty intense for the most pointless things.

    Alright, was nice talking to you, really insightful discussion we had.
  11. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    This question has been answered countless times, the fact you just pretend to not understand it (to the point of even asking it when the answer is obvious) pretty much shows you don't care about it, you just want your pretext to play the little "look at me I'm so above it all".

    Little life hint : trying too hard to look better only ends up in having the opposite effect.

    No, I am just curious. Just a simple explanation without the essay length responses. Thanks for the response though, really appreciate it. I thought you people were supposed to be the rationality, reason against the eeevil "cancel culture, SJW" stuff, but I guess that's what rationality is for you.
  12. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    even coastlines are changed in Warband!

    True, I guess the devs are the only ones who know the answer: maybe some kind of huge erosion/natural event happened, that only we don't know about. Or maybe the mole people did it!
  13. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    Ok, my final thoughts: why are people complaining about women in a fictional world? This is the game (franchise) where Celtic people, French-German like kingdoms, sultanates and random nomads coexist directly next to each other and the biggest concern is women?

    The Mount & Blade series were never about "historical accuracy": it's a game set in a fictional world the creator dreamed up one day with only a little inspiration by the real world. So what if the devs want a an equal amount of women and men lords? Warband takes place around 200 years after Bannerlord and a lot could have changed since then in the lore. Maybe women were more accepted as leaders during Bannerlord's time and only became marginalized later?

    There is literally no "real" medieval history in this game, it's all made up: for all we know, a civilization of mole people might have existed during any point of the lore. Trying to justify your (conservative) mindset in a fictional video game world is just sad. There are hundreds of other games based on actual history you could complain about.

    One more thing: Warband was originally a very different game with only a tiny percent of real world inspiration. It had undead, undead Harlaus, necromancers(!), mysterious bandits, ghouls, only two factions, no villages, only towns and a completely different map. It was called Warrider. Maybe it would have been some kind of weird post-apocalyptic madness where most of the population gets wiped out and only the big centers remain or just your standard fantasy fare? The whole game had just very weird vibes, might be because of the unfinished nature of course, but I think there is more to that.
  14. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    Starting the game as an ablosute loser, but few years later you're a lord. How come this is "historical" or "logical" and woman leading parties is not? Just play the game for gods sake

    Exactly, this thread was an idiotic idea from the start.
  15. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    that's really your agenda to shut to a discussion that you don't like i think there has been some pretty good ideas by the community like the historical sexism option

    Like the devs listen either: as I said, there WILL be a mod to implement it, just ask someone to make it, maybe a few bribes and you will have your have mod made no problem. Now go and do it. Please do share the results and the mod file here, the community will be eagerly awaiting.

    Also yes, that is exactly my agenda, my Sorosbucks haven't arrived yet though.

    Your comments ihave zero relevancy to this conversation. It's obvious you can't have a civil discussion like a few others in here.

    "Civil discussion" don't make me laugh. This thread was never about any kind of "discussion", it was only there to stoke the fires.

    If you want to debate, go to the Steam forums.
  16. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    so right bad and left good what is this star wars lets not derail this thread

    You and others already derailed this thread, so don't act like you're innocent by trying to get back to a already controversial topics.
  17. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    People somewhat was having a civil discussion which was only about their ideas. Then you post this:

    And then this:

    Which is a personal attack and is something that could get this thread near locked(or mods will only put on warning on you). So congrats you are in a path of achieving getting this thread locked which was in your first post in this thread.

    The mods don't give a damn about this thread, they didn't warn the people who were being hostile before, why would they warn me?

    Also, good, just shut down this thread, I don't care how.
  18. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    I like medieval history, I happen to not be waging a culture war against it. This is the modern left. People did not do this 20 years ago.

    What do you think about the modern right glorifying a bunch of incompetent, genocidal buffons and so called """Christian"""" politicians who get caught in a sex scandal each week? It's only fair to ask in return. At least your idea of "left" (only in your head) is honest about their ideas.

    I would rather have a so-called "culture war" (it doesn't exist, get over it) against medieval history than a hypocrite "Christian" dictatorship. Why do you act like you're some kind of defender of medieval history? You're not a real historian
  19. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    No, the culture wars must continue. It's us or them, no quarter asked or given.
    Have a nice day.

    I didn't say I must be right, but okay.
  20. Etrepcar

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    30 year old men arguing about women in a video game

    Yeah, it's pretty sad and entertaining to watch at the same time.
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