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  1. Zephilinox

    Perisno Bugfix Download (0.744)

    You can download Bugfix 4 for Perisno 0.74 here: (0.744) This includes Bugfix 3, simply extract this in to your Perisno module. It is save game compatible. (View the MelsPerisno thread for her patch of 0.744)
  2. Zephilinox

    Freelancer 1.6 source?

    I'm looking for the source for 1.6 (modmerger or not) but I've only been able to find 1.5 If there is no 1.6 source, is there at least a change-log?
  3. Zephilinox

    How to remove purple desert texture?

    I've cleared and with pure white, yet this horrible purple still remains. Where is it coming from?
  4. Zephilinox

    Scout Fix (Update)

    Go here for a proper patch:,330788.0.html
  5. Zephilinox

    Discussion + Suggestions

    Got a suggestion, idea or improvement for the mod? post here and let us know. Note: Possible spoilers exist throughout the thread, proceed with caution. Ingame books readable. Religion and race suggestion >...
  6. Zephilinox

    [Archive] Bug Reports/ Crashes [Read OP]

    For those of you who encounter crashes please read: Suggestion 1:,131274.0.html &,127609.0.html Suggestion 2: Suggestion 3: Try GameBooster >> Suggestion 4: Avoid Using...
  7. Zephilinox

    OSP Code Combat Perfectly Smooth, Mouse-Enabled Deathcam V1.4

    Video of V1.0 Tested for Warband 1.157, Warband 1.158, Warband 1.167, and Diplomacy 4.2 (view page 2 for details on diplomacy integration) Please note that the smoothness is dependent on frame-rate. The higher your frame-rate the smoother the camera rotation will be. Features: Smooth Mouse...
  8. Zephilinox

    Dark Knights switch alligiencies

    When the Dark Knights spawned, I went up to one and with my 10 persuation, talked him into joining queen katilus of praven as a vassal, then I went up to the rest and did the same, all of them joined, in future versions having them either be impossible to recruit, or very hard, would make me...
  9. Zephilinox

    Recruiting nobles from other factions

    In my opinion being able to recruit nobles from the towns of other factions shouldn't be allowed, just because I'm a vassal/lord of swadian shouldn't mean I have access to nord nobles, or khergit nobles, or any nobles other than swadian nobles, it is just strange. was this intended or is it a...
  10. Zephilinox

    Looking for a module to create my own faction's troop tree.

    I've just finished a game of native and I'm looking for some modules to try out, one that I've really wanted is the ability to create and edit my faction's troop tree, and to recruit those troops from my villages, rather than the standard troops, maybe even have some of the lower tiers...
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