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    SP Native Calradian Conflict - Now with added realism

    I have finally decided to announce my mod, Calradian Conflict. Set in Calradia, it focuses on delivering intense, realistic and gritty combat, with an epic battle system that guarantee's survival to only the wiliest of generals. The mod is aimed at enhancing Mount and Blade's terrific gameplay...
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    Restore .808 style recruitment?

    I am hitting another wall with my mod, right now I am struggling to get my mod to play correctly because of the random small amounts of troops you are allowed to recruit. I was wondering if anyone knows how to either, a) Increase the amount of recruits you can find in village, b) restore the...
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    Changing the effects of leadership skill

    Ok here's the problem, editing the module.ini file is useless for changing the effects of leadership. It has no effect at all on the effects of the leadership bonus. What I am trying to do is increase the party size by about 200 each time someone upgrades the skill. But now that I have found out...
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    Nethtunes radio

    Hey there, just incase any of the European members of these forums are interested, Nethros and I have set up our own deluded radio station for your inquisitive ears. Our radio includes songs, music and the news all usually on at about 5pm till late GMT. If you are interested, download winamp and...
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    When you release your game, will it be supplied on CD's or downloadable? Also ATm how long does it take for your ordered serial key to come?
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