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  1. Hagbard

    Enemies sometimes hitting through block?

    Greetings! I've noticed in tournaments, that enemies are very clearly hitting through the shield when I'm holding block. Why is this? I get no message about "crushthrough" or anything like that, and it only seems to happen with high ranking troops that I face.
  2. Hagbard

    Cavalry in this mod?

    Heya. I don't know if I'm the only one who has noticed this, but isn't the cavalry in this mod alot more powerful than in pretty much any mod out there? It might just be me, but pretty much all my usual countermeasures are nullified. No jump-slashing. Drop the spear when you stab them charging...
  3. Hagbard

    More damage in 1.36?

    Hey, was combat changed in 1.36? I feel less tough and more vulnerable to damage since I patched :) Enemy attacks seem to do more harm!
  4. Hagbard


    Hey, I'm trying to download the mod PoP but the download keeps being interrupted. Is there some problem currently?
  5. Hagbard

    Siege warfare

    Hey, I have a question. When your besieging a castle, is it possible to take a break in it somehow and upgrade your soldiers with earned xp and still retain the effect of the siege? To get to "normal" party interaction?
  6. Hagbard

    World war!?

    Hey. I'm playing my dashing irish rogue, questing for Hrunting, when suddenly EVERYONE declares war on EVERYONE(well, almost). This has made travel pretty much impossible, so I'm kinda forced to relinquish my oath to my liege here. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Hagbard


    HI THERE, Ragemelon speaking. Which teamspeak server are you people using? I tried to search the forums for it, but couldn't find anything. SO. Which is the number 1 server to use?
  8. Hagbard

    Invalid authorization?

    Hi there. I've been playing Warband for many months and never had this problem, but suddenly I get the message invalid authorization key while trying to log in. Whats up? Anyone else affected?
  9. Hagbard

    Savegame not compatible?

    Hello, I started playing with version 0.704, but when I updated to first 0,710 and after that 0,711, the savefile reads as Not Compatible. Any suggestions?
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