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  1. chadz

    Melee: Battlegrounds Kickstarter (by cRPG devs) - UPDATED THREAD!

    You can (and probably will) fight from the very first moment you join the game. But I don't think there's much point of me copying over the information from the other thread into here :smile:
  2. chadz

    Melee: Battlegrounds Kickstarter (by cRPG devs) - UPDATED THREAD!

    Splintert said:
    If there's anything that can be learned, it's that post-action consequences don't do a very good job of preventing the action. Especially in a video game. There's inevitably going to be a number of ways to get around actually getting punished.

    First of all, what we're trying to do here is highly experimental, it might fall flat on it's face, but we're willing to risk that, instead of just rehashing concepts.

    But for the sake of argument:
    - Assume you need a character that spent 100 hours ingame to be able to kill someone
    - When you kill someone, you set him back by maximum 10 hours, no matter how much progress he had
    - after killing someone, the one who got murdered can wipe out the killer's entire progress (at least 100 hours) with the click of one button
    - do you think we would see many murders? (not a rhetorical question)

    That's an extreme example. The other extreme would be immunity for the killer. The trick is to hit the sweetspot inbetween. And if we don't hit it, we remove permadeath. As I said, we're experimenting.

    What games have you seen where the you learned that 'post-action consequences don't do a very good job of preventing the action'? Because there are hardly any games with such a strict reglementation as we are planning.

    In general, we have a specific gameplay in mind, not tools. The tools are there to create the gameplay, not the other way around. We don't throw in a bunch of tools and see what gameplay occurs. We design each tool to move the game towards the gameplay we want to have. And then we iterate, over and over again. As good gamedesign should be, imo.
  3. chadz

    Melee: Battlegrounds Kickstarter (by cRPG devs) - UPDATED THREAD!

    Here a little preview of the things to come  :wink:
  4. chadz

    MP Native [WB] cRPG 0.4

    So we gave cRPG a pretty huge overhaul, and we thought we should mention it here - many of the changes were targetted specifically at new players and to remove the grind of the game. You can download it at We would like to hear especially from people that...
  5. chadz

    Mount & Blade 2: Poll

    You might know this joke from Emo Philips:

    Emo Philips said:
    Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, "Don't do it!" He said, "Nobody loves me." I said, "God loves you. Do you believe in God?"

    He said, "Yes." I said, "Are you a Christian or a Jew?" He said, "A Christian." I said, "Me, too! Protestant or Catholic?" He said, "Protestant." I said, "Me, too! What franchise?" He said, "Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?" He said, "Northern Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?"

    He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region, or Northern Conservative Baptist Eastern Region?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region." I said, "Me, too!"

    Northern Conservative†Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1879, or Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912." I said, "Die, heretic!" And I pushed him over.

    Truth to be told, this thread makes me a sad panda. Not because of the hate towards cRPG, you get used to that. No, it's the fact that two different gamemodes of the same game can cause such bias and such a split. With the same game mechanics.

    This is why I want to propose a competition. The best players of Native vs the best players of cRPG. 2 Battle rounds in a fair environment, one in Native, one in cRPG with equal chars. In the end, it might prove something. Something that should have been proven a long time ago.

    It might prove that we can have fun playing together.
  6. chadz

    Homemade Muskrat - Dangerous :(

    TrinityArse said:
    And the battery was dead, so I don't think it would've exploded.

    Not that anyone needs any more proof that darwin is eagerly awaiting you, but...

    what, exactly, do you think is the difference between a full battery and an empty battery?

    (Not that I'm believing you in the first place, little troll, no one is that stupid)
  7. chadz

    Bytecode MS Decompiler

    Cernunos said:
    If it's a decompiler for the sake of studying scripts, why not restrict it to scripts only ? And maybe a few other interesting things, but not the WHOLE mod.

    You are acting like there is only one person that did only one decompiler. You fail to see that anyone can do it, so if he would limit it artificially, someone else would make a better one. You cannot stop it.

    Taleworlds gave everyone all the info you need to do it. There is no cracking involved.. or witchcraft, as some pretend.

    And I fail to see what is the big problem with what is allowed and what isn't... it would be pretty straightforward to use the existing system, no? You could go and rip all models from other mods. You don't do it, because that would be a jerk move, and you would get caught very soon. That would make you lose all reputation in the community. Problem solved, no?
  8. chadz

    Bytecode MS Decompiler

    Shik said:
    Awesome work! Now I'll borrow code from all the big mods and make the best mod ever, you guys will love it!

    I'd play it.
  9. chadz

    Bytecode MS Decompiler

    Ritter Dummbatz said:
    Also, ripping off - you can code anything someone else has done before, everyone is using the same ops, usually the idea of the feature itself is the interesting part, everything else is just coding it.

    If it is like you say, why would you need a decompiler?
    Read again, I don't need a decompiler, I'm perfectly capable of coding whatever I need myself, and I usually like doing stuff myself so I can have an eye on the efficiency and performance - and after all, it's fun, too.

    I said it would be nice for new people to use it to learn the module system.
  10. chadz

    Bytecode MS Decompiler

    This discussion is nice (*cough*), but totally missing the point. It's not as if it is up to you to decide if it should get released or not. When you started modding for M&B or warband, you should have informed yourself if the code is reversible or not - if that matters to you.

    Fact is, it is reversible, fact is, decompilers exist. All it takes is one person to post a download link and the ball is rolling, no censorship can stop that. It's like outlawing a rainshower.

    From a personal point of view, I'd welcome it, it would allow new modders to learn stuff much quicker. There are just so few examples of tutorial code. And those examples really help learning to mod.

    Also, ripping off - you can code anything someone else has done before, everyone is using the same ops, usually the idea of the feature itself is the interesting part, everything else is just coding it. 

    (And to the people suggesting that a tool like that should be done, but only spread among "good modders" - you seriously disgust me. That kind of elitism is just sick. )

    xenoargh said:
    We know that cmpxchg8b wrote one, because he said so, and in his / her case, I rather doubt that it's been used for anything naughty, mind you. 

    He cheated himself millions in cRPG :sad:
  11. chadz


    Ah yeah, there was an old link on the cRPG website, it's fixed now :smile:

    Also, thanks Janus.
  12. chadz

    Native Compatible Role Play server to be aired soon, info inside!

    Coy said:
    blitzking said:
    If you want to get your facts perfectly clear, talk to some of the claimants and rulers in game. That alone will often give you enough info.

    I like the idea of having an organised RP, but shouldn't this be techinically counted as a mod? Also, can you simply play as a generic non-persistant character on the server? Say, a generic brigand?

    A mod implies that is a modification of the game.

    Nothing is being technically changed. It is native compatible.

    There is definately quite a lot of scripting and modding involved in this project, just not clientside.

    This project is a fine example of a server side mod (and the first major one for warband, I believe).

    Although I'm a bit worried about the negative side effect this might bring. A gamemode that relies on highly dedicated RP and players.. and then people just joining the server because it's full :smile: (example: DM servers as duel servers before  there was a duel mode.. that was no fun enforcing the rules :razz:)

    Either way, looks like a marvellous piece of code, and I'll be very interested in checking out how some boundaries are bypassed :smile:
  13. chadz

    Native Is Dying?

    Rhade said:
    ... where cRPG's time spent presents a gear reward so EVERYONE advances, even if they're bad. It's an artificial crutch.

    cRPG doesn't work like that. You get a lot of money while playing, you can afford the highest tier equipment within a few hours. The balancing part is that your equipment decays again when using it. If you want to wear good equipment all of the time, grinding won't bring you anywhere (due to decay), the only thing that works is winning rounds again and again (there is a multiplier that multiplies your income, going from 1 to 5, if you won a round it increases by 1, if you lose on it drops to 1 again). I'm not saying that this is something you have to know - but if you argue about a subject, it doesn't hurt to understand the basics first.
  14. chadz

    Native Is Dying?

    KillerMongoose said:
    And how much chance does a person who is incredibly skilled but level 1 stand against a terrible player who's max level? Dunno, hows your manual blocking skills?
    The whole idea just doesn't belong in Mount and Blade, a skill based game. What the.. did you ever play singleplayer? And why is that for you to decide anyway?
    And why have all the levels and crap if you're going to just let people start high leveled? Because it makes people tied to their chars. Makes people unique.
    It makes no sense, and customization may have been the intention but any game with a leveling system like so is going to become a grind fest whether the creators like it or not.When did you last play it?
  15. chadz

    Native Is Dying?

    KillerMongoose said:
    Yeah I honestly hate cRPG with a passion, native mp is skill based and requires thought and timing and footwork. cRPG is basically "Hey, I spent weeks and weeks grinding and making this character because I don't have a job, family or friends so I'm going to just stomp on you with back and forth spam because I can 1 hit you"

    That's the point that annoys me. That guy obviously hasn't played it - and yet he has a very strong opinion about it. It's obvious because what you are stating here does not exist.
    It takes you about 5 hours to get to level 20, with level 30-33 being the total maximum. It doesn't matter if you played for days, weeks, months or years. And we're currently working on a feature that allows people to skip even that part and start as a high level char right away, so you don't even have to level your char during that time period - the point of cRPG is character customisation and teamplay, not grind.

    But again, people will have some silly predefined narrow minded opinions about it rather than actually having a look for themselves.
  16. chadz

    Native Is Dying?

    MadocComadrin said:
    [ptx] said:
    So, chadz should herd the mindless populace to other mods, so that the people playing them have something to kill, other than themselves.
    Madoc, that is your choice, to play something or not. As it is the choice of the players that choose cRPG over other mods.

    Also, yeah, cRPG has changed a lot, since the last patch. Grind is far smaller, there is a soft cap at lvl31 and lvl30 is reachable in really short time.
    Aye, but when you have people coming in here saying that people need to give cRPG a try, perhaps they ought to take their own advice.

    cRPG players do. Whenever a new mod comes out, there are ususally threads in the crpg forum, talking about it and getting cRPG players together to try the other mods out.

    But I'm not sure if splitting the cRPG playerbase up and forcing every player to play other mods is the way to go..
  17. chadz

    Native Is Dying?

    Ischenous said:
    I wasn't clear but I never said cRPG sucks. Nor did I say the entire cRPG population is wrong. I'm simply saying as already pointed out it took many players from native, which it did, you can not say otherwise. I myself have played it a little, particularly went it started and it's a good idea, just not to my style.  In fact thinking about it, that's more a compliment than anything, saying that it attracts such numbers. Either way please read what I put in future and don't put words in my mouth and procede to attack them.

    Are you, in all seriousness, trying to explain to me that cancer was actually intended to be a compliment? That's like telling your girlfriend she is totally **** (because she is so warm and soft inside).

    Turanien said:
    cRPG was a very nice mod in the beginnings. It was a lot of fun...
    It still is. Or so I've heard.

    Turanien said:
    However; I will say that cRPG has pretty much bled Native dry of players. It is, for me, literally a cancerous lump on the game. On a good evening, the server list will report up to six cRPG servers full with players.
    That's nonsense. Native didn't need a mod to lose players - native is perfectly capable of doing that by itself. That was actually the reason why I coded and released cRPG in the first place. It didn't take a genius to estimate that Native wouldn't survive for much longer. Even back then, when cRPG wasn't even public, you could see players dropping the servers like flies. Oh no, not cRPG killed Native. Native simply lacked depth. I'm not talking about levelling or character progression or anything. I'm talking about easy to learn, hard to master.

    Before M&B, I was a passionate Team Fortress (the difficult one with bunnyhopping) and Tribes player. Both those games had a level of complexity and competition that native can only dream of.

    The only thing that could has similarities is melee combat, aka dueling. It's complex and rewarding. The rest of the game in multiplayer is very dull. There are hardly any advanced tactics needed. The hostile ex-beta community did the rest. Before there were mods, people had hateful arguments about the different gamemodes. So it didn't take long until the self proclaimed elitists pushed all the gamemodes except battle to insignificance. Which is, of all gamemodes, the one that needs the most amount of skill and the least amount of tactic and teamplay.

    And up to now, over a year after release, the Native community has not yet managed to bring up a proper clan competition system - which is the only thing that could have kept it alive at that point. I know I tried to do that, it was in vain - again, that was still before cRPG was released. I also tried releasing a system that would allow players to quickly organise mixed games, as a compromise. Again- nothing.

    And you know what I did then? I looked around what people wanted. What people said they consider warband lacks. Because I've seen many of my favourite games dry out, and I didn't want warband to have the same fate. And you know what many people said? They wanted a persistant online campaign, and individual chars. So that was how I said I'll code it, even when everyone told me it's not possible and I should have a look at the module system first. So I took my ideas, and mixed it with level progression, an online campaign, and lots of other stuff that I thought could give warband some depth. And holy ****, people liked it. Not only that, but I could finally do those things I wanted to do but the Native community rejected out of god knows what reasons.

    A system that allows individual players to have organised fights? Yup, I've done that. A total-war like scenario where clans can fight other clans for territory? Yup, done that too. Competition? It's in there. Depth? There's dozen guides about cRPG because, you know what, it's complex.

    You call the cRPG community whiny brats? There are many cRPG players voicing their complaints, no surprise considering the amount of players, but I have yet to see a concentration of sobbing kids like in this thread. Instead of sitting around, whining how Native is dying and how that evil mod next door took all the players - how about you get off your asses and start doing something for it? Because I know I have - maybe not for Native, but for Warband. So what did you do exactly - other than try to get players back by crying the loudest?
  18. chadz

    Possible? Make MP-Map_Change without item and Money revamp

    Actually, I am pretty sure you don't get a new player ID on map change. It really just changes when joining/leaving.

    So all you'd have to do is to stop the gear from resetting, or whatever you have in mind.

    But it's as Vornne said, you will still need quite some knowledge of the module system to pull it off.
  19. chadz

    Native Is Dying?

    Ischenous said:
    2) About CRPG:
    I recall on the steam forums someone described cRPG as the cancer of warband. I'm inclined to agree unfortunately.

    So the 3000 people playing cRPG per day are simply wrong? A collective misinterpretation?

    Would it help you if I'd just shut the servers down? And would that help Warband or Native?

    I'm sorry if I disturbed your gaming experience with my mod.
  20. chadz

    'game_receive_url_response' Pulling wrong data

    Jazora said:
          (store_script_param, ":num_integers", 1),
          (store_script_param, ":num_strings", 2),
    		(display_message, "@{reg0}, {reg1}, {reg2}, {reg3}, {reg4}"),
    		(server_add_message_to_log, "@{reg0}, {reg1}, {reg2}, {reg3}, {reg4}"),

         (str_store_player_username, s1, ":player_no"),
         (player_get_unique_id, reg1, ":player_no"),
         (server_add_message_to_log, "@{s1}&id={reg1}"),
         (send_message_to_url, "@{s1}&id={reg1}"),
    the warband code is correct - I would do the following steps:
    1. check your webserver logfile, see if the page request does indeed arrive, also, check if the status code is correct (200). if it arrives, copy it from the log and paste it in your browser, so you can be sure that's not the reason for failing. (My guess is that the underscore gets replaced with a space, check that one out)
    2. show the num_integers and num_strings values in your log - if, for some reason, the website fails to show a proper response, it would probably be 0 integers, 1 string (iirc)
    3. show the first 4 strings {s0} to {s4} - maybe it's simply a PHP error, which would then show in the log
    4. I think that one got fixed, but you can give it a try; tell the php page not to compress the page, because warband cant receive compressed html sites, only plain ones. (it's some header() command)

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