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  1. Terco_Viejo

    Add Culture-Based Blacksmithing Trainers/Master Smiths For Unlocking Parts & Crafting Items

    Only a madman would venture in here.... Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. :lol:
  2. Terco_Viejo

    Nothing Wrong With Cavalry. Everything Wrong With The Player

    @bestmods168 even though the ai cavalry is far from 100% operational, I'm glad to see that camel armour. I trolled with this scale barding image a while ago, but as of today it's a reality.

    In Open source Armoury soon... (Ultimate Mounts Reforged + Camel scale armor test phase)Photoshoped trolling fake 2020


    Despite being at 90% (polishing edges still wip... I need to make some weight paint corrections...) we will soon enjoy both assets in Open Source Armoury.

    I don't know if you have a mod in mind with this asset, but a donation/contribution to OSA of this complete bard would delight a lot of players. Cheers.
  3. Terco_Viejo

    Forum days are over

    @Goyyyio First of all, thank you for the kind words you have dedicated to me, however it is not false modesty to say that there have been illustrious forumites who have preceded me and contemporaries to my time on the forums who have given equal or more brilliant feedback... they already know who they are and what they have contributed.

    To quote a line from the early devblogs (Callum period);
    [...] We are striving to create the best game that we can deliver, which is a tough task that has taken us many years, and it is your support that motivates us to work harder! [...] We are like a big family, and we are all working as hard as we can to develop the great game that our loyal and supportive fanbase deserve! [...]

    ... at the end of the day the game is what it is today.

    Without a doubt, the experience has been a roller coaster which each person involved to a greater or lesser extent has wanted to dedicate as much time to it as they thought necessary, I know...going through all the stages of the Kübler-Ross curve :lol:.

    The fact that the forums today have low activity is a natural consequence, as there is little or nothing that can be feedbacked that has not already been feedbacked... a lot is set on stone now and we can't do anythig to change it; I repeat again... the game is what it is.


    Bet hey, don't dramatize in excess... cutting ropes, burning boats and delete accounts is no needed; take a seat back behind an look for other interests while the interest bar concerning Taleworlds and it's products fills up (or not).

    After all, what I have gained from it all has been meeting the people I have met during the process... that's what I'm sticking with.

    A big hug to all (forum members, moderators and developers)
  4. Terco_Viejo

    11 years of development and still missing.....

    [...] Or they're lazy too busy and feel that bald chars would, i dunno, ruin the experience?[....]


    ....this is the result of 10 minutes of amateur, rushed and shoddy mesh editing... Imagine if this is applied professionally by Taleworlds... it's enough for a few models over the course of >2 years of EA... right? 🎷:iamamoron:
  5. Terco_Viejo

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    Every time I see screenshots from this I become less and less interested. The battles are the same scale as the original game, they have the same bizzare routing mechanics, the music is more generic, and everything they've shown from the campaign map makes it feel more like a paradox game. I'd very much like to be wrong, but I have a feeling this is going to be yet another 2020s stinker.
    My same thoughts... I was thinking of buying it... in fact I have it on my wishlist since 2019... doubtful that purchase will happen.
  6. Terco_Viejo

    11 years of development and still missing.....


    Is it really so difficult to model and implement a couple of hairless models? ...
  7. Terco_Viejo

    Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    I'm already puzzled to have "betas" after crossing the EA finish line, but I'm even more surprised by this kind of rachitic updates.

  8. Terco_Viejo

    SP B Hybrid Blocking

    ...Recent update is for v1.0.1 or still old version e.1.7.1...?
    Sorry Jab... I have this section a bit neglected (and the forum in general lately). Yes, updated for v1.0.1... I'm going to modify the rest of the threads.

    Best regards
  9. Terco_Viejo

    11 years of development and still missing.....


    Although it seemed impossible, even the radio silence has been getting worse... :lol: (/hide the pain)
  10. Terco_Viejo

    Official Release

    My dear developers, the TaleWorlds team - I congratulate you all from the bottom of my heart on the release of the game!!!
    I am very happy for everyone who has worked and is working on the game, for everyone who loves this game.
    Hooray!!! :party:
    I wish Mount & Blade II Bannerlord a long and happy life!!! :smile:
    I miss talking to you, i miss you... :sad:
    Hello to everyone who remembers me, and maybe sometimes remembers me :wink:
    YAGA the LEGEND! Good to read you mate, I hope everything is going well for you. All the best, big hugs.

    Well... Bannerlord officially released... who would have thought it.


    Sadly a game that is but a shadow of what many of us longed for... just look at Sargot's placement on the campaign map in v.1.0.0 "official release version"... same with the game itself, misplaced and forgetful of its roots.

  11. Terco_Viejo

    Why is the Khan's Guard so much stronger than the Vanguard Faris?


    Besides that, I can see an issue with this animation during rider vs rider combat. If the swing comes from below like that it's likely to hit the opponent's horse first, especially if it's really close, which is very likely thanks to the shorter range of the weapon.
    Maybe I didn't explain enough....

    If you have a moment, in-game when you are stationary on horseback with a glaive or any weapon you will have noticed there are certain axis points (hinge points) where depending on the angle at which it is framed it triggers one animation or another.

    Assuming that the enemy was on foot and we face him to the right of our mount, being a hit below the horizontal line between 270º and 360º the animation would be like the one in the gif. If, on the other hand, the enemy is on horseback, the blow is supposed to land above the horizontal line between 45º and 90º, so the native animation is still valid for this.

    In short, you would only have to add an animation for that action window (270º and 360º) to complement the existing ones (45º - 90º / 90º-180º / 180º-270º). Obviously, you would have to have a mirror animation for when the pose is on the other side.



    Also, when hitting, there is the vertical* alignment. These swing angles can be modified so that the rider is "allowed" to swing closer to the belly of the mount by modifying the degrees of inclination. Swinging to right side* at about 90º we would be hitting very close to the legs and at about 45º we would be hitting flat and almost horizontal. Note the swing angle diference:


    An addition like the animation proposed for that particular window (very much along the lines of the one I commented on for 1h here) + a tweak of the swing arcs would be interesting...

    Sorry for the wild spamming 🙏😌

    (*) Edit
  12. Terco_Viejo

    Why is the Khan's Guard so much stronger than the Vanguard Faris?

    I have been reading all your comments regarding the glaive and I would like to comment on certain aspects.

    Personally I see the glaive khuzait as an exotic weapon which is part of that constructed "identity". Therefore, without going into historical considerations, my opinion is to go for the glaive as much as the panoply available.

    Terco_Viejo said: Also consider that the iconography and historical sources that the Khergit-Khuzait faction draws from are of Asian/Oriental origin, making the glaive an exotic weapon both in appearance and use (if we compare them with those of all other factions)... at least in my eyes and it's because of all this together that makes me give it "more plausibility" than other 2h/polearms wielded on horseback.

    That said:

    1. Weapon itself:

    As many of us have pointed out (Bluko88's latest examples being a case in point), there is an obvious problem with the damage that this type of weapon does, especially on horseback...a collateral effect of an inconsistenced aplication of damage/protection formula.​
    It is also notorious the excessive size of this type of weapon, highly disproportionate... that's why many players have it as a meta weapon (combination of considerable length + exorbitant damage).​

    2. The horseback attack animations:

    I've commented in both the MP and SP sections (both in comments and threads), the swing animations with this type of weapon are a real aberration of biomechanics. Taleworlds reused the swing animations with 2h/staff on foot by carrying them the same way in the horseback versions instead of creating a consistent set suitable for this type of action.​
    Swinging polearms the way it's implemented is a joke... neither swords at 2h nor axes at 2h should have that handling on horseback with both handling and speed penalties applied to them. Also surprising are the obtuse swing angles, which allow a totally disproportionate hit window.​

    In my opinion, Bannerlord should have this same kind of animation for the glaive and other types of swingable horse weapons within the lower hit action windows.


    Here is an old video test where the swing arcs and the length/aesthetics of the weapon were modified to look more realistic (imho). Sadly nothing can be done with animations back then.


    Unfortunately and despite having tried it here... if Taleworlds hasn't reacted yet it's either because they don't care or they don't see a problem with it; sadly for many of us... it's too late for native and it's final build.

    With rectified animations out of the equation (plausible) the only hope is to apply usage penalties for these types of weapons on horseback (less speed handling+ less damage + reduced swing polearms arcs + reduced shaft length) and deprive these KG types of units of so much armour advantage.
  13. Terco_Viejo

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    We are now all MostBlunted

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