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  1. Jufasto

    Need More Info Skirmish not working.

    Absolutely 100% right. Please revolve this matter immediately for the sake of multiplayer community of Bannerlord.
  2. Jufasto

    Self-written cheats for multiplayer Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord?

    As the video states, he is an extremely toxic person. This trait of him shows he is more likely to use cheats. Even in this video if you look closely he uses auto block to block my godly feints but since he knows I am recording in some duels he turns it off. He became a professional to use cheats at this point. Please developers, listen to the community and bring justice to the Bannerlord Multiplayer community.

    Best regards,

  3. Jufasto

    Self-written cheats for multiplayer Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord?

    Argentum and DM clan is well known cheater. Its a shame when it's a little community but people keep insist on cheating. #banargentum
  4. Jufasto

    [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    Alım var mı?
    Discordumuzdan iletişime geçebilirsin. Forumu takip etmiyorum yeni gördüm kusura bakma dostum.
  5. Jufasto

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    Gonna travel America + Europe + Israel for filming :cool:

    I wish my best luck to my dear team RM ❤️, I won't able to IGL this season.
  6. Jufasto

    High Five [H5]

    adam reelde dahi inverse dans edebiliyor kesinlikle yaklaşamayız :razz:
    Boşuna Bachata God Jufasto doğmadı ondan sonra...:cool:
  7. Jufasto

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Team name: Smoke Weed Everyday
    Contact Information: Jufasto Discord
  8. Jufasto

    [RM] Risen Manifest

    Maybe I should open a second forum account with a hot anime girl nick and avatar and call "her" my e-girl gf. Maybe "she" can host some cool bannerlord tournaments and I can attend with my main account masculine Jufasto with neo avatar! Best romance ever!

    @Liscia @Hairless
  9. Jufasto

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Leaving Taleworlds​

    As mentioned above, this is my last week at Taleworlds.

    Thanks for everything!
  10. Jufasto

    High Five [H5]

    A klanımız ligi birinci bitirdi, maçlarımıza gelseydin bilirdin. Zaten Jufasto'nun en iyi oyuncu olduğunu hepimiz kabul ediyoruz ama Jufasto seviyesine yaklaşan bir çok oyuncumuz var.
    İmzan iyi güldürdü :grin:
  11. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] ✨ Grand Final & Promotion Week

    RM 12 - 3 DR
    They gave default for last set. GG.


  12. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] Semi-Final & Week 1 Promotion Matches

    DM proposes 20:15, as some people have to get up early at monday we prefer to play the match faster.
    20:15 it is. Accepted.
  13. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] Semi-Final & Week 1 Promotion Matches

    RM vs DM Sunday -> RM proposing 20:30 CET for Semifinal
    We would propose 20 cet but Wonders is outside that day so we have to wait for him to arrive his home. He said he can be 15 minutes late if we agree on 20 CET so I am just playing safe here.
  14. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    RM 3rd place
    You will get crushed against the pressure of Relexan + Woj :grin:
  15. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    RM 3rd place
    Why are you playing Lost Ark right now instead of your tournament match? :grin:
  16. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    DM couldn't gather enough players so they gave us (DR) a default.
    This is golden :grin: :grin: :grin:
    All of the DM sits on discord 7/24 and they can't find players?

    They are still crying about matchfixing about Beast 1 group stage and look what have they done hahahaha.
  17. Jufasto


    Yeni videolar bekliyoruz başkan ? :iamamoron:
    Çok teşekkürler, fırında birkaç tane var yüklemem gereken :smile:

    Hocam bu nedir yahu sanki oyunun içindesiniz.
    :grin: Evet biraz öyle oldu artık

    O zaman yeni video gelsin! :grin:

  18. Jufasto

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    RM 12 - 0 VW



  19. Jufasto

    Appeal to admins' decision and a proposition of a rule change

    @Jufasto I am sure RM is not a big fan of this. See it as a way to prove your superiority. You don't need gifted wins, right?
    RM gonna destroy the F outta finals anyway. Nothing changed for us. Easy Semi Final and Easy Final Win For RM.
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