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  1. ssssnake

    Cavalry Can't Take on Foot Archers?

    Was watching the most recent video from Strat Gaming, where he tested the efficacy of various troop types. Cavalry appears to be woefully inadequate. When testing equal numbers of heavy cavalry vs foot archers, the cavalry got wrecked. Heavy Cav vs Foot Archers This is messed up. A unit of...
  2. ssssnake

    Can I lock garrison troops upgrades?

    It would also be good to be able to stop the governor from adding more troops to the garrison.
    They seem to automatically recruit garrison troops up to the garrison cap. For some fiefs, I don't want that to happen.
  3. ssssnake

    The answer to all the folks who are tired of the vanilla campaign content: CRUSADER BLADE!!!

    Indeed, it's just awesome they managed to do something like this so early in the development; however, this is like Bannerlord in CK3.
    What I really am hoping for is CK3 in Bannerlord, if you know what I mean?
    Been playing CK series for more than a decade, I just love it(can't wait for the Royal Court DLC in less than a week!)...but if modders would manage to slowly add the mechanisms to Bannerlord, I think that would be the ultimate medieval gaming experience.
    I know what you mean about CK3 in Bannerlord. That would be the ultimate.

    I just don't see the Taleworlds folks getting there, and I haven't seen any mods, even in Warband, that had the sort of depth of a Crusader Kings game.

    For the forseeable future, I think that Crusdader Blade is going to be my go-to fix for both Bannerlord and CK3. I just hope the new Royal Court DLC is compatible with the Crusdader Blade mod.
  4. ssssnake

    The answer to all the folks who are tired of the vanilla campaign content: CRUSADER BLADE!!!

    Bannerlord's current situation is that the battles work quite well. I really enjoy the fighting. Even sieges are working okay right now. However, much of the campaign mechanics are a bit threadbare and lackluster. Diplomacy is pretty simple, the economy is kind of broken. The quests are...
  5. ssssnake

    I think the real problem with smithing is...

    Unlike some of the posters above, I find smithing for money to be extremely useful. It doesn't feel like a noob trap at all to me. Indeed, it feels so useful that it eclipses all the other means of making money.

    I like to field armies and build garrisons of Fian Champions and Khan's Guard. These sorts of elite armies wreck enemies, but cost a lot to maintain. Smithing is the only avenue to completely eliminate the need to worry about costs. I wish there were more viable avenues for maintaining a passive income. I've played a lot of Prophesy of Pendor, and one of the first priorities in those games is to build workshops in every city, so you have a steady source of gold flowing in that is not reliant on battles.

    Even with a leader at 300 smithing and 10 Endurance, I've not had a problem with leveling other skills. My leader generally has high Stewardship (which is easy to level with food) high Charm (again easy to level by releasing lords and normal interactions.)

    Combat skills don't have to be maxed out. Riding needs to be high enough to ride a warhorse, and bow skill needs to be high enough to use an noble bow. Some skill in pole arm and 2 handed rounds out the combat skills. Armed with crafted weapons, you can pretty much one shot most enemies.
  6. ssssnake

    I think the real problem with smithing is...

    Even without smelting any purchased weapons, smithing still provides more money than anything else.

    In my new playthrough, I'm Clan Tier 2. My two workshops are generating just under 200 each, for about 370 total. A few minutes of smithing can easily generate 10k in profits.

    The big drawback of not smelting purchased weapons turns out to not be lower profits. The big drawback is that you now have to choose to not take the "curious smith" and "curious smelter" perks (which increase part unlock chances) because you need to be able to refine your own steel and fine steel.

    Maybe smithing feels so economically over powered in part because workshops are so bad.
    I'm not sure why Taleworlds put a low limit on numbers of workshops. For workshops to be viable at all in ofsetting your daily expenses, you need more of them than one per clan tier.
  7. ssssnake

    Random events to improve Roleplay and make for compelling characters

    I would love to see many of the Crusdader Kings concepts incorporated into Bannerlord.

    Right now, Bannerlord is mostly a fighting game with a very thin veneer of grand strategy.

    The addition of more diplomacy and dynastic elements would provide more depth to the Bannerlord experience.
  8. ssssnake

    I think the real problem with smithing is...

    This discussion started me thinking about smithing.
    I've started a new playthrough with self imposed limits that mirror my suggestions. I've actually decided to not ever buy weapons of any kind to smelt, and only ever smelt captured or crafted weapons.

    Still very early game, but so far, it feels pretty good.
  9. ssssnake

    Armour. Why it doesn't work and how to make it work

    Armor certainly feels weak in this game. Doesn't provide much protection.
  10. ssssnake

    Can we please allow for pop up notifications for certain critical events?

    I would love to get an instant pop-up notification for important events. If someone is beslieging one of my fiefs or raiding one of my villages, I'd like the game to use a pop-up to make sure that I see this message and that it doesn't get lost in the constant scrolling notifications that I...
  11. ssssnake

    I think the real problem with smithing is...

    I like the Smithing mechanic. However, it's currently so overpowered that it eclipses all other ways of making money. I can easily generate millions of dinars without ever leaving town.

    Things I would change in Smithing:

    1: Get rid of the Tribal Throwing Daggers and the Pugio daggers. These are so cheap and so plentiful and they provide so much smelting metal that they make smelting too overpowered. Because of these two items, refining metals (other than Thamaskene) is pretty much obsolete.

    2: Eliminate the random nature of unlocking parts. You should be able to focus on which parts you want to unlock. Unlocking higher tier parts shoudl be more difficult and should take longer, but you shouldn't have to suffer through unlocking 100 useless and practically identical pommels before you get lucky and unlock a decent sword blade or axe head or pole arm head.

    3: Don't require the waiting in a town to recharge your smithing ability. Make the time for recharge longer, but allow it to recharge when you're out and about fighting, moving on the campaign map, etc.

    4: Higher difficulty weapons should use more stamina. Forging a single Tier 5 weapon should be about all you can do in a day.

    5: Cut the selling price for crafted weapons in half, and reduce it by half again for each crafted weapon you sell to a particular city in a single day. (This would prevent churning out dozens of cookie cutter weapons just for selling.)

    These changes would cut down the money printing aspect of smithing a bit, while still allowing you to make some profits and allow you to forge cool weapons for yourself and your companions.
  12. ssssnake

    How to marry the younger daughter?

    Wait until the 37 old daughter is in prison, they can not marry while in prison.

    This is how I did it. Both daughters were in an army that lost a battle and were both taken prisoner.

    I immediately talked to the lord who had taken the desireable daughter prisoner and bribed him to release her.

    Then, I ran as fast as possible to find her father. Engaged him in discussion, and he offered up the desireable daughter for marriage.

    Not as straight forward as being able to just specify which daughter I was interested in, but it worked.
  13. ssssnake

    How to marry the younger daughter?

    I am trying to get my brother married. There is an Empire lord with several daughters. One of them (the youngest at 19 years old) has great stats. However, when I talk to him and propose a marriage alliance, I only get offered his 37 year old widowed daughter with terrible stats. Is there...
  14. ssssnake

    Can't control troops after enemy flees

    Please allow commanders to control their troops.

    The current situation is awful.
  15. ssssnake

    Smithing - Is the player supposed to easily get +5 millions before day 500?

    I enjoy smithing. I like crafting weapons for me and my party to use.

    However, the economics of smithing make any other method for making money completely obsolete.

    Simply by forging and selling 2 handed swords, I can easily make $200k per day.

    The prices of smithed weapons need to be reduced. By a lot. There really should be a 80% trade penalty imposed on the prices for player made weapons. Otherwise, money is pretty much free.

    That said, there should also be a reduction in the cost of high tier equipment in general. 200k to 500k for top tier bows and armor seems like a bit much.
  16. ssssnake

    I'm done with this game.

    I am playing Aserai currently.

    They are very strong once you level up their troops.

    Who cares if the Aserai low level troops have a hammer? I only fight easy battles with low level troops. They're easy enough to level up.

    The Master Archers are some of the best archers in the game. The Mameluke Palace Guard are serious damage dealers. The Noble cavalry with their thrown weapons are very versatile.

    They have troops for seiges. They have troops for field battles.

    I have never played the Sturgians, so I can't comment on them, but the Aserai are far from weak.
  17. ssssnake

    Orders during a route

    Not only would it be useful for hunting down and mopping up routers, but it would also be great for practicing troop maneuvers.

    There's no real convenient way right now to practice with the various formation commands.
  18. ssssnake

    Does half barding horse armor provide 360 degree protection?

    I searched, but couldn't find a thread where this was addressed. Does half barding only provide armor protection for the front of the horse? On humans, your body is divided into different target zones, and the armor value of that particular zone (leg, arm, etc.) varies depending on what...
  19. ssssnake

    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    My problem with the looters is that they interfere with my villager parties who are trying to sell goods to towns.

    My current solution is to fight large looter parties, but not kill them entirely. End battle before my men have run down all the routers.

    This leaves a bunch of small, 5 to 10 man looter bands running around that can't harm anyone. Having these smaller parties seems to deter spawning of more looter parties.

    It's not a perfect fix. So many of the suggestions made here seem like such common sense solutions that I don't know why none of them have been impoemented in the game.
  20. ssssnake

    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    Seeing that the game already has a "security" rating for fiefs, it seems logical that bandit and looter spawns should be tied to this security rating.

    Endless looter/bandit spawns is one of the things I dislike the most about this game right now.
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