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  1. Askorti

    Arms and Armor as goods: maintenance, troop upgrades, supply, and trade.

    The idea I'd like to suggest is pretty simple, but has some implications that can reach pretty far: Add "Arms and armor" (A&A for short for the purpose of the thread) as a trade good. General idea: The arms and armor would be a culture-specific trade good(each culture would have a separate one)...
  2. Askorti

    Surrender, retreat, and overcoming the enemy without casualties

    One of the many problems with Bannerlord is that a lot of troops die in combat, and as a corollary of that, battles are a zero-sum game. You either win one or you lose one, and if you lose, pretty much all your troops are gone, either dead or captured. This is neither historical, nor all that...
  3. Askorti

    So.... Where are my siblings?

    Does the brother actually find your missing siblings after you get to clan lv 1 and fulfill the other requirements? Because I finished that quest, but nothing about ransoming the kids came up. Did I mess something up, or is it like that for everyone too? Or do you have to do the other quest you...
  4. Askorti

    Dusk of the mods

    I'm sorry, but I'm a little frustrated with waiting. This whole NW thing is somewhat troublesome. So I'd like to ask a rather hard, but yet.... simple question. How long? How long do you plan on to releasing new patches for that DLC? Thanks to this miracle, this greatness I, probably backed by...
  5. Askorti

    Game - mod comparison

    As far as I know, many WF&S owners play The Deluge mod for Warband too, so I got curious. What is their opinion, when they get to compare those two products? Which one is better? More entertaining? Bad/good sides of both ones? Also, I'd like to state, that I'm not seeking quarrels over that...
  6. Askorti

    [mini-event]Weekly battles!

    From next week on, we plan to start a series of mini-events every Saturday. For quite some time we had gatherings at one day and one hour, but now, we move to a higher level. Now there will be bigger server with password and Team Speak for groups (both Polish and English speaking). So even...
  7. Askorti

    [RW] Regiment of Greater Poland

    Regiment of Greater Poland We are the oldest still active clan for The Deluge. The main reason for our existence as a group is a desire to have a lot of fun with nice people playing this awesome mod. Long time ago we were called Confederation of Free People(Konfederacja Wolnych ludzi: KWL)...
  8. Askorti

    Item Availability/cheating traders

    Hi! I'd like to suggest making the best items (like plate armour or elite armours) available only to make for an order by a master smith/armourer. I think that just an ordinary trader shouldn't be able to get such an armours/weapons, right? Also, I think: Who the hell would try to sell a...
  9. Askorti

    Few small changes to weapons!

    I'd like to start a discussion about: Why stabbing/thrusting with sabres, two handed bardiche and 2handed axes isn't possible in game. And maybe add here few more weapons that should be edited and discuss about them :) For me its kinda strange, because I see no reason for something like that...
  10. Askorti

    No double stuff!

    Hi everybody! Short version: Disable wielding two the same items like two shields or two crossbows. Except arrows. long story: When I'm playing multiplayer I'm often getting pissed of because of so called turtles. They're basically guys with two or even more shields. One time I even seen guy...
  11. Askorti

    More weak troops - less elites

    Hi everyone! I'm playing M&B for quite long time and thing that surprises me now is that: a) Lords have too little troops, b) have too much elites instead of weak units, c) elite units are way too cheap. So my suggestion is to make elite units a lot more expensive, make lords use less of them...
  12. Askorti

    How can I change forum layout to previous?

    How can I do that? New layout working a bit too slowly :/ And i think it's just ugly ^^ Can i change that? (sorry for bad english)
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