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  1. Sheriff-murder

    Gray's RP server, rebooted.

    I've finally decided to reboot the good old minecraft server. If anyone up for it, the idea is to RP, you don't have to write in-character, but just play as an inhabitant of the world. Don't build lots of crazy, out of context objects just for the sake of creating something crazy. Instead...
  2. Sheriff-murder

    Open worlds in games

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with this survey, perhaps fill it out and give me some comments. I need some help figuring out what kind of general consensus there is on this topic. Thanks in advance! Edit: Had to clear the data, there was some...
  3. Sheriff-murder

    Modulated: Mech Arena Combat, IndieGoGo campaign up!

    The game has been published as an indiegogo campaign, if you could share it, it would help me greatly!                                   Modulated has been published on Desura! As some of you may already know, I am working...
  4. Sheriff-murder

    Digital Drawing Tablets, Tablet PCs, Touch Screens and Pens.

    So, I have a normal desktop and a drawing tablet with it for all my artsy stuff. But I recently realized how superior it would be to be able to draw directly on a touch screen. I know there's some really expensive drawing tablets with a built in touch screen, but I am curious for alternative...
  5. Sheriff-murder

    Math problem.

    Hello guys and gals, objects and opportunitists. I have a problem. I am a alchoho- I mean, I have a math problem. I have two lines, one that can point in any direction except more than 90 degrees up. Pivoting from it's startpoint. Then I have the second starting and pivoting at the end of...
  6. Sheriff-murder

    Zip programs, or other other sofware that can write an .exe file.

    Hello! I am currently having an issue with modifying an installer. I need to implement a file into it, after the actual .exe has been created. (The compiler has a bug where it skips a necessary file because of the filetype) It works somewhat like a zip, and 7zip is capable of opening it, it is...
  7. Sheriff-murder

    Messiah studio

    Just letting you know that there is a powerful and professional tool available at 1/50th (yeah really that much) of the usual price right now. The deal is almost over. It supposedly lets you skip rigging completely and go straight to animating. And being a program dedicated to it, it is easy to...
  8. Sheriff-murder

    Yarn of insignificant questions

    Constantly having questions that isn't worth starting a thread about, and doesn't fit in other threads? Or things that you just feel silly about asking other people about in person? At least I have them all the time, I thought it ought to be useful to have a thread when you suddenly think of...
  9. Sheriff-murder

    Peculiar Game related websites and the people responsible

    Recently found this thread in a forum I visit regularily. Anyone else finding it iffy? This is my take on it: Honest site with a language barrier problem? Or a hoax?
  10. Sheriff-murder

    Sword of the Stars 2

    Seeing as the first game was a major hit here at TW and the sequel was mentioned but sort of forgotten, I thought I'd remind you it's less than a month for the scheduled release of the second game.
  11. Sheriff-murder

    Champions Online, going free to play.

    While I know that people here tend to well, to put it bluntly, have quite a prejudice against MMOS here. Still most don't mind a free game to try once in a while. So I thought I'd let you know that Champions online is going free to play. And will be open for all at 25th of January.
  12. Sheriff-murder

    Christmas Thread and ho's for all.

    I stumble into the fun section and what did I see? Nothing, how could there not already be a christmas thread?
  13. Sheriff-murder

    Anyone tried Liberal Crime Squad?

    It's a game based on the ancient "Oubliette", made originally by the same guy who made Dwarf Fortress. After he went all out developing DF, an independet team picked LCS up and has been working on it since. I have found it extremely addictive, I just played it until 6 am without noticing...
  14. Sheriff-murder

    Suggestions for classic RPG games

    I am currently in a gaming dry period, and I am looking for some classical RPGs. I loved Fallout 1&2 (Planescape: Torment was a bit meh, I didn't like having to control an entire group) and anything along those lines would be just dandy. Any suggestions?
  15. Sheriff-murder


    It seems only America still recognizes boardgames. Do you still play boardgames, what's your favourite boardgame, and what type of boardgames do you play? (Family boardgames to D&D)
  16. Sheriff-murder

    Can't figure out the name of a cartoon.

    I remember seeing a cartoon series when I was little, but that I have no idea what was. It has been nagging me ever since. It's I think it's about 14-16 years ago. I think I was 4 at the time. All I remember is a part of an episode, I think the main characters were some kids in some post...
  17. Sheriff-murder

    Python errors on a fresh start

    Hey, I am back into the modding business with warband, and just set it up. Fresh WB install, copied native, set up the variable path for python, the usual. Yet when I test the module system, i get this: Initializing... variables.txt not found. Creating new variables.txt file Compiling all...
  18. Sheriff-murder

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution I came.
  19. Sheriff-murder

    Dr. Pepper thread

    But I have to admit, it didn't turn out half bad after half a bottle.
  20. Sheriff-murder

    Making Flash game submission form on a site

    Some of you may have have seen my site before (now, and I had some success with popularity by regularily adding flash games. The problem is that I had to recreate the page for every game using a template, then modify two category pages to include the new game. This...
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