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  1. Vetrogor

    Resolved Is it possible to create a shorter link for forum thread?

    I want to paste link to forum thread in the WRECK compiler info but it is too big. I don't want to use external links. Is it possible for modders to create short link to the thread?
  2. Vetrogor

    WB Coding WRECK full plugin system python code how to integrate?

    I need to integrate python code in the fully integrated WRECK via plugin system. This code creates duplicate noswing weapons for motomotaru formations. I don't know python well. So how can I do it? This code doesn't work. from copy import deepcopy from compiler import * register_plugin() def...
  3. Vetrogor

    [Submod] Custom Commander chosing a companion as the commander before the battle

    Custom Commander chosing a companion as the commander before the battle. Credits to thermocline for sponsoring this submod, Rubik for creating Custom Commander and PoP developers team and comunity. I have made instructions for easy manual installation.
  4. Vetrogor

    How much FPS players used to play in Pendor?

    Just wonder how much FPS players used to play in Pendor. I usually play with 25. Pendor scripts cause stuttering even at normal fps. But what if it wasn't? What is comfort FPS for players (don't take stuttering into account) ?
  5. Vetrogor

    WB Coding Single_player: omit_key_once doesn't work

    Hi. I have tried to block escape or charcter screen but nothing works. Any working code for this operand? omit_key_once Maybe it works only in multiplayer? (0, 0, 0, [ (eq, "$gk_order", gk_order_4), ], [ (omit_key_once, key_escape), ]) , (0, 0, 0, [ (key_clicked, key_escape)...
  6. Vetrogor

    [FIX] Sound looping in tavern and arena

    Fix for ambient sound. This fix is imported from Viking Conquest. Adaptation for clean Prophecy of Pendor 1. Variables 1) File: variables.txt 2) Add new ambiance_channel 3) Find ID 144115188075857320 2. Tavern 1) File: mission_templates.txt 2) Mission: town_default 3) Find...
  7. Vetrogor

    [Python] syntax spaces and new lines

    Trying to update Lav's to integrate it in module system. Does it different if I put new line or new spaces This is code from Lav's lhs_operations = [try_for_range, try_for_range_backwards, try_for_parties, try_for_agents, store_script_param_1...
  8. Vetrogor

    SP Tutorial Presentation Adding Troop Tree button to party managment screen from Viking Conquest

    What is for: Mount&Blade Warband Recuriment: presentation for troop tree provided by rubic or dunde (this are links) Or you can use troop tree presentation from Viking Conquest provided in spoiler. Add constants in file used in VC presentation from the end of the spoiler...
  9. Vetrogor

    Lords count wounded members in their party

    Doesn't work for now. Wounded lords party like 2/50 will calculate your party strength too. Charge to enemy and die in 2 seconds before you can help him. Change the script_party_set_ai_state. Here I moved changes to courage, aggressivnes, initiative to the end of the script to be more...
  10. Vetrogor

    Some hints after exploring game code

    Traits  - a deep topic with strategy Specials Dungeon master - lock up in dungeon 7 and more lords at the same time. It decreases chance for lord to escape after battle for 7. Wine Connoisseur - stockpile 25 barrels of wine at your household possession. You can treat a lord with wine if you...
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