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  1. CallmeWayne

    Resolved Hardwood turned to Charcoal issue

    Summary:Hardwood that I have turned into charcoal for better profits if sold doesn't count to my trade skill. Is this intended design or bug? Even tho I am in city that needs that resource. How to Reproduce: Buy hardwood in Amprela (plenty of metal and hardwood ), Travel to Myzea (need of...
  2. CallmeWayne

    In Progress Cannot gain XP

    Summary: After long grind of my steward skill I came to ultimate stop of not being able to get 275th skill of it. It has stopped at 274. I think 6INT should be enough for me go gain it. No I am not using any mods that would modify skill or xp gain. May need to do so tho. Suggestion:Get rid of...
  3. CallmeWayne

    Need More Info List of Minor Bugs that I have found (will add some later)

    1.When a player is hit by an arrow to a shield on his back, this shows up(see image): if u dont want to open that image or it can't be then this is what it says: ERROR: Text with id ui_hit_shield_on_back doesn't exist! 2. There is bug that soldiers prefer ladders over breaking the gate. they...
  4. CallmeWayne

    Brytenwalda Caravan problem (restocking)

    Hello... What happened: I started selling things to caravans, which i looted from villages and these things were more expensive .. so it was great business :D because when i i tried to sell ... Hides to cities the value was 200-300 and it went lower after each hide .. but when i sold it to...
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