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  1. SPQR

    Dev Blog 26/04/18

    Wow- That was borderline underwhelming.

    Way to keep it fresh Development team.
  2. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Sage advice-- but 3 individuals hardly constitute "everybody".

    And I think SPQR has the ability to assess someone's behavior and see patterns that are in no way positive and helpful to the community.

    As for the rest of the trolls:

    If you want to act like an ass (and the taleworlds community supports that)-- don't let me stand in your way
    (I am sure you have stumbled through life up to this point and it is only a matter of time before the cold hand of reality snatches you up)  :twisted:

    You simply wont have access to the server.  :shock:

    And I am ok with that. :smile:  In fact- I find it oddly satisfying.

    Good day to all.

    Calamity said:
    If you dislike the server give constructive feedback without just insults. Some people are not really helping the situation out.. such as:

    Narmin said:
    trash admins

    Also, if you dislike the server perhaps pool some funds together and buy your own. You can run it however you want  :razz:

    Finally, some advice for SPQR: if you ban everyone you don't like you won't have anyone left to play on your server. Being condescending towards them probably isn't the best strategy either.
  3. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Look child. You are visibly upset. Do yourself a favor and take your negativity elsewhere.

    This topic has been addressed.

    In your quote below-- YOU even said that you would not bring this up again.

    Stop lying to yourself. (that should be your new year's resolution)  :shock:

    Rake said:
    Not gonna bother with any of the other **** in this thread, but why have you guys gone so hard on Jarvis? A week ban and being muted for a first offence? Calling it excessive would be the nicest way to put it. If that's how you want to run your server I won't bring this up or say **** again, BUT maybe have some sort of consistency?
  4. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    I don't think I agree with your logic.

    Jarvis was:
    - toxic to multiple players on the server-- to include admins
    - Tk'd 3 players in rapid succession
    - and stated his overall hatred for the server's existence

    It sounds like someone did him a favor.

    and I am sorry-- I dont reacall a "Rake" being on that day. So what factual data are you bringing to your argument?

    Why doesnt Jarvis chime in and apologize for his actions-- sounds like a good first step towards reconciliation.
  5. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Good feedback. Thanks.

    Very constructive.

    So why do you keeping coming back-- to get your fix?
  6. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    I am sorry- who is fiery?
  7. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server


    I love the emotion. :smile:

    Git some.
  8. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Alyss- Thank you for the feedback. We will continue to assess, but for now will keep the rotation as is.

    Zacty- Let me know if you got heartburn with any of the maps on current rotation. Thanks for chiming in. :smile:

    Fear- I appreciate your concern. Those are some pretty imaginative scenarios you thought up. In the end, judgement is reserved for the admin.

    Nekked- I don't know what that means, but thanks for contributing.

    Kern- You have one of the absolute best profile pics. :smile:
  9. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Alyss said:
    I dont know the names of the maps but its like 70% of the maps ...

    Hmmm.. can you be more specific on why certain maps are not conducive?

    and possibly-- a description of which maps are fueling your concern/frustration?

  10. SPQR

    nK - Nobody Knows Clan

    True indeed.
  11. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Snazzelicious said:
    Do you not use POM forums anymore because they've been taken over by porno spamming bots?

    Sorry Snazzy- I do not have any affiliation to those sites. It is unfortunate to hear.

    Zacty-- you could be right. :smile:

    Alyss-- Can you please identify which maps are the **** maps?
              We will look into increasing faction rotation. Thanks for the feedback. :smile:
  12. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    What a disgusting roster of admins.

    Sorry you feel that way Roberta.

    Much love for you. :wink:
  13. SPQR

    Ronin Battle Server

    Hello folks. I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the Ronin Battle Server. A great way to give back to such a wonderful community and promote a positive, yet competitive environment. If you have any questions, concerns or recommended improvements for the server.. you can post...
  14. SPQR

    Dev Blog 07/09/17

    Well, Berat seemed happy and full of glee in her picture.

    Some great insight on the morale and overall enthusiasm of the Bannerlord team. 

    When do we get to see an interview of that red headed kid that was filled with piss and fire.. I think he was on a couple interviews with the team during E3.

    He seemed heavily invested in the effort.

    Thanks for the update.
  15. SPQR

    Dev Blog 10/08/17

    Hmmm.. mildly interesting.

  16. SPQR

    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0


    Good to see this thread still has some gas in the tank.

    Much goodness.
  17. SPQR

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 12 - The Passage Of Time

    The Bowman said:
    DanAngleland said:
    Hello SPQR, I seem to remember your profile name, did you make a Roman mod a long time ago?

    The Hegemony series.,98.0.html

    Yepper. Wow. That seems forever and a day ago. :smile: Looking forward to Bannerlord.
    I hope all is well. Thanks for the shout out. :smile:
  18. SPQR

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 12 - The Passage Of Time

    Oh, how very interesting.

    Good to know this endeavor is still trudging along.  :smile:
  19. SPQR

    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Romans_ said:
    Played that Viking DLC some today. I don't know why, but I thought this would be a no brainer, especially with something like Vikingr as their guide - but sadly TW really messed this up. Even if they would have just left it Native with Viking costumes it would have been better than whatever the fu*k I just purchased.

    The textures are terrible. Everything looks shiny and ultra fake (I'm using the same settings as Native). My frames in Native are 120. My frames in Viking Rip-off are about a 100, no idea why. There is a sound glitch with shield bash that follows you around even when you're not bashing. If you wear headphones you're at risk of bursting an eardrum, as the sound is amplified and never stops. Ever. Sound in general is also up the ass. Hitting an enemy's shield sounds like someone banging an empty oil drum with bat.

    Remember when we all played on medium speed, and fastest seemed fast. Well Viking DLC is like...fastester. It's possible I was playing as the ancient and noble house of Cheetah, sure, but barring that, my barefoot pagan glides upon the grass at the speed of a trotting horse. Weapon swings and back-peddling match cheetah running, so melee is just awkward and dumb to watch. Yet, despite the accelerated speed - blocking is super easy. It's like I was on an autoblock server, but I wasn't.  I know because I had to ask.

    I don't know what archery is. Remember Peasant's mod and how nobody could see their arrows being shot? It's like that. You just shoot them off in the general direction of other humans. You're rewarded with a zipping sound, but where you arrows go, nobody knows. It's like what it must be like playing as Zero.

    I didn't ride a horse. The only good thing about Viking DLC was the server settings - 1000 gold.

    TW should have just bought Vikingr and repackaged it.

    Viking Conquest the DLC is terrible. I'd rather go play the piano in Napoleonic Wars.

    Great Review by Roma... ****ty game.

    Good looking out brother. Now I can save some pocket change to buy a Guinness. Delicious!

  20. SPQR

    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Let me know if it is any good. :wink:

    Need solid feedback before I buy.

    Maddy, what say you?
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