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  1. Morrigan (spoilers)

    So Bannerlord is out, and quarantine got pretty close to retirement, and I am in fact working on this mod now, as a submod to Tingyun's Balance Mod. Beta test version available on his Discord
    Nice! I recently began playing again so I will check it out.
  2. Several questions regarding Lord allegiance

    Hi, I am still playing this awesome dlc it is like no other when it comes to this period. So, like the title says I have several questions regarding lord allegiance: 1) What is court position? Does this determine if a lord is indicted for treason? If not what then does determine if a lord is...
  3. Morrigan (spoilers)

    Ok thank you for taking your time to answer anyways.
  4. Morrigan (spoilers)

    Ok I have seen the "add Morrigan to your party" tweak before. Can I do something similar without sacrificing any of my party members? Can I switch her for another companion that has not yet been recruited or somehow make her appear on a tavern? If not, this method above is good enough.

    The second part of the matter is: once she is in my party, can I tweak the module system so that I can romance her like other party members?
  5. Morrigan (spoilers)

    Played through the entire Last Tuatha quest, finished it, romanced Morrigan and now she´s gone. Then my character became king and I cannot think of anyone else to be better as wife. So, I believe that with both the save game editor and the module system some magic can be made as to find...
  6. OpenBRF help.

    I tired to add a cloak to an armour using OpenBRF but when I load the game the armor shows all white and shiny (the cloak looks OK). What am I doing wrong here?
  7. Recruiting Templars (I have read older posts and still nothing works!)

    HooTmAn said:
    Kid build a church first in your manor and then talk to the priest and see what he might offer.

    If there is no other way, but as I said I am trying to recruit them without owning any land, as so far I have been playing as a mercenary and that is what I want to do for some time.
  8. Recruiting Templars (I have read older posts and still nothing works!)

    Hi, I have been enjoying this mod in its latest version and I don´t know if it is a feature that has been modified, because in other posts it was said that if you join the crusader states (either as a vassal or mercenary) you can recruit holy order soldiers on towns or villages if the lord...
  9. Patrols/Sea King

    I was wondering if there is any way to recruit/spawn patrols once you start your own kingdom. More specifficaly, I have conquered for myself the kingdom of Norway but I have noticed that the sea kings are no longer present in the areas surrounding Tunsberg. I have tried asking my minister and...
  10. Save Game Editor / Convertor

    Awsome tool good job!

    I have a queston: is there a way to change a failed quest to a succeeded quest?

    Thanks in advance for any answers
  11. how to CHANGE kingdom culture

    How do you bring up the subject with the chancellor?
    I do have one in my town but the dialog doesnt seem to be available...
  12. Town/castle/hall soldiers?

    After succesfully founding a kingdom of my own, i want it to have khergit soldiers so... Is there any way to cange the soldiers at towns/castles while you "take a walk around the streets/courtyard? and on the lords hall the default sooldier seems to always be the swadian sergeant can that be...
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