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  1. RobustTurd

    In Progress workshop not giving income

    its the new economy, my video shows what you need to do, just picking shop won't work anymore unless you get lucky
    When you have to watch a 9 minute youtube video to figure out how to make nonzero profits with workshops (a core game mechanic) something is wrong with the game. Not your fault of course and your guide is appreciated.
  2. RobustTurd

    In Progress [1.9.0] Epicrotea smithy workshop does not make any income

    Hey, our team is aware and working on this issue. Thank you for reporting it in.
    I'm having the same issue. Is the fix coming soon?
  3. RobustTurd

    In Progress workshop not giving income

    Any news on this problem? I've invested in over 60000 in 3 workshops and all of them have had 0 income ever since.
  4. RobustTurd

    Sallying out while allied army is attacking the besiegers

    What I ended up doing was to wait until my allied army had reduced the besieging force to minimum and then sally out to capture all the lords and get all the loot lol.
  5. RobustTurd

    Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    Any ETA for the DLSS blue ghost graphical bug fix @Dejan ?
  6. RobustTurd

    Sallying out while allied army is attacking the besiegers

    Well, you'll be pleased at least to hear that TW plans on changing that.

    So it seems. I hope this includes scenarios where you sally out to help the allied relief army. We are yet to have directional deployment but this would be the perfect opportunity to implement one where the besieging army is attacked both, from within the town as well as from behind by the relief force. Maybe this breaks the AI though idk.

    @Duh_TaleWorlds or @Dejan maybe a short comment on this?
  7. RobustTurd

    Sallying out while allied army is attacking the besiegers

    There is no opportunity to join the fight unless you first break out of the siege. Breaking out is a forced "simulation" where you lose a good deal of your troops. Then you even have to traverse in the campaign map for a bit to join the battle. Sallying out lets you take your garrison in the fight as well but you will face the whole besiegeing army without allies even though the besieging army is supposed to be fighting my allied relief army at the same time. Also, sallying out is just a normal field battle instead of actually sallying out of the town gates. None of this makes any sense.
  8. RobustTurd

    Sallying out while allied army is attacking the besiegers

    Why can't I join the fight when I'm inside a town and a friendly army is attacking the besiegers? If I sally out I face the enemy army alone, without the help of the allied army.
  9. RobustTurd

    Need More Info Cursor jumps after left-click in the campaign map

    Summary: Cursor jumps after left-click panning camera in the campaign map How to Reproduce: Left click and hold mouse to pan the camera in the campaign map. Release hold and observe that the cursor has moved about 5cm to the bottom right. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if...
  10. RobustTurd

    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Review by RPS

    Awful review. Plenty of surprises in the game as it's simulated. And using angsty complaints of other people as reason of your own review just makes it carbage bin review.
    I guess you can call it a surprise when AI decisions are based on random chance, instead of the player being able to understand its reasoning. It's not the kind of surprise I'm looking for in an entertaining game though.
  11. RobustTurd

    Patch Notes v1.0.1

    Please fix the blue ghost images of parties appearing on the campaign map when DLSS is turned on. I like my DLSS :sad:
  12. RobustTurd

    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Review by RPS

    A spot on review by Rock Paper Shotgun.
  13. RobustTurd

    Draw arrow at right side of bow

    Nocking the arrow on the right side is associated with the "thumb draw" which is and Asian style more common for horse archery and lighter bows. Nocking the arrow on the left side is associated with the "mediterranean draw" and mostly used in European infantry tradition. I would like to see horse archers in Bannerlord using the thumb draw and infantry using Mediterranean draw. Cultural differences would also be cool: Khuzait and Aserai using thumb draw.
  14. RobustTurd

    In Progress Weird blue ghosts on campaign map.

    Any news on the progress in fixing this bug @MArdA TaleWorlds? I very much like my dlss turned on.
  15. RobustTurd

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    @Duh_TaleWorlds what proportion of non-town battle scenes are completed in 1.8.0? I remember the image of the campaign map divided into dozens of regions. Are most in the game already or still being worked on?
  16. RobustTurd

    Let us zoom out so you can see whole map

    much appreciated, one question, are you Emre?
    He is.
  17. RobustTurd

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Thanks for the patch. I noticed only 4 new battle maps. What percentage of all battle maps are complete?
  18. RobustTurd

    How is everyone's morale these days?

    A lot of effort from developers is going into this game and it means a lot to us to see you enjoy Bannerlord. The lack of communication since the start of January is my fault as I was on vacation, I am back now though so let's get it going again.
    Good to have you back! Patch 1.7. was indeed very nice.
  19. RobustTurd

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    You can find our major priorities in the future plan's blog that we shared some time ago. Feasts are not part of it.
    I was just wondering whether that blog contained the future plans all the way to release. Apparently yes.
  20. RobustTurd

    Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    They can announce a lot, doesn´t mean they´ll be able to pull it off. Or where is our criminal empire stuff?
    True. But feature announcement during EA have so far been delivered probably because they were further in development than developer blog announcements.
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