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  1. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Is tf_guarantee_ranged affect firearms and thrown weapons in warband?
  2. B Tutorial Other Adding things such as overhead stab, crouching, extra formations options.

    You would need to add an if-clause such way that items with that property are getting that flag.
    Thank you, Seems easy to add. :grin:

    To someone who need it, too. Only add the part between #.
            (is_between, ":item_no", reference_books_begin, reference_books_end),
              (eq, ":extra_text_id", 0),
                (eq, ":item_no", "itm_book_wound_treatment_reference"),
                (str_store_string, s1, "@wound treament"),
                (eq, ":item_no", "itm_book_training_reference"),
                (str_store_string, s1, "@trainer"),
                (eq, ":item_no", "itm_book_surgery_reference"),
                (str_store_string, s1, "@surgery"),
              (set_result_string, "@+1 to {s1} while in inventory"),
              (set_trigger_result, 0xFFEEDD),
    ########## This part ##########
            (item_has_property, ":item_no", itp_is_pike),
              (eq, ":extra_text_id", 0),
              (set_result_string, "@can brace"),
              (set_trigger_result, 0xFFEEDD),
    ########## This part ##########
  3. B Tutorial Other Adding things such as overhead stab, crouching, extra formations options.

    How to make itp_is_pike to be a tag in weapon UI like Bonus against shields?
  4. Is MBrepository dead?

    I asked the content pack's creator about a backup and it turned out there is one, freshly made:
    Thank you so much. I'm glad this OSP pack can rebirth, it has so many beautiful weapons and armors. :smile:
  5. Is MBrepository dead?

    Thanks for noticing. Smaller size files still can download with the Wayback Machine. But large size file like Indo-Persian Pack updating in 2021 seems will dead forever, except developers still have the copy.

    This is so sad to know what was happening, like notice the old game is dead slowly. Very thanks all of developers and administrators in MBrepository.
  6. Is MBrepository dead?

    That is the old version. The newest version seems only upload in MBrepository. But thanks for your reply.
  7. Is MBrepository dead?

    I'm working my own module so hard these month, and I notice MBrepository become connection timed out at least a week. So, is website dead or just in maintenance? Because I really want Dariel's indo-persian armor pack. Hope anyone has the copy file, thanks.
  8. OSP Code Campaign Restoration of a faction

    It should work, but make sure to replace :eek: with :o in the source code because the scripts are not in code blocks and, therefore, not formatted correctly.
    Yeah, I did it. Thank you. :smile:
  9. OSP Code Campaign Restoration of a faction

    Sorry for reply old post and my poor English.
    Is anyone has this code for module system 1.171?
    I already tried the code from this post, floris and KAOS, but they're all not working.
  10. LSP Animations Tavern Animation Pack

    that happens to me when I create a new item, but it is something that can happen at any stage or place in the game, for that you have to create a new game since 3 items have been added.... did you start a new game?
    Yes, after adding some new things, I always create a new game for test.
    I have already added hunting mod, bodyguards and something else in my game and anything is working fine.
    I don't know why only this OSP cause wrong text in my local language, even only add this in clean native game.
  11. LSP Animations Tavern Animation Pack

    I'm having a problem. When I am using this with my local language in native game, I got some text issues.
    e.g. tavern keeper says: "Stop! No shooting! No shooting!" and it becomes "It has been an honor to serve you, sire."
    But when I change to using English, there's no any issues and works perfect.
    I've already translated conversation, menus in my language csv files, but nothing fixed.
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