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  1. Duh_TaleWorlds

    New Wave reinforcement system

    Can someone explain why this mechanic was 'needed" in the game. I find the whole thing just junk when we could just fight the entire battle at once. The one thing that sucks is if the wave ends and your at 19% then your forced to sim the battle. Why, can some dev tell me why this was needed at all when the old system was just fine.
    The reinforcement wave system is primarily aimed at players with lower battle sizes that don't want to auto-resolve the entire encounter, but do want a built-in limit for the mission to control the time spent. The old system is still there (choose "unlimited waves", though I think it defaults to this anyways?) so you should be able to pick the option that suits you best.
  2. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Sallying out while allied army is attacking the besiegers

    @Duh_TaleWorlds or @Dejan maybe a short comment on this?
    Missions are - to a degree - constrained by the scenes that they work within. What you are describing would not work in the current scenes (even if we were to move around spawn points, etc, there simply wouldn't be enough room afaik). And like you said, the AI is also not set up to support it.

    The sally out mission discussed in the release plans is a surprise attack against the enemy siege engines.
  3. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Patch Notes v1.0.1

    This should've just been a hotfix honestly, it doesn't really feel like enough changes to get it's own update thread.
    Multiplayer client-side fixes cannot be released as part of a hotfix as users may otherwise crash when loading into multiplayer without updating.
  4. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    there was an oversight over your team, Jastion Varros (WE) is married to a girl from NE, and the girl is not inside her husband clan but her father clan still
    Cheers, I forwarded it. Having said that, bug reports are generally better submitted via the support section. That way they are properly tracked.
  5. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    I assume a scene specific stability issue.
  6. Duh_TaleWorlds

    TaleWorlds Should Consider Paying Modders

    Do you think they'd be willing to pay you 200k USD for making the best mod?
    I wouldn't care for it. I have always modded for myself. You lot just got lucky :razz:

    Or would they rather try to hire you for some fixed Turkish wages and treat your mod as portifolio?
    I'm happy that I got to join the company, meet and befriend various developers and contribute towards getting the game into players' hands. Don't think the company ever treated any modder's work as portfolio (unless you mean Warband DLCs?) - and I am not the only modder or community member that was hired over the years.

    Regarding OP, I am personally not a fan of this kind of approach. In my opinion it can have a negative effect on community dynamics. If it is meant to cover large mods (overhauls etc.), it is also very subjective. One can turn it into a public popularity contest to make it more "fair", but that just drives the other point.
  7. Duh_TaleWorlds

    TaleWorlds Should Consider Paying Modders

    TW would rather eat nails than hire a modder in any capacity, I think.
  8. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Spear flags should be faction color instead of the brown color currently.

    Cant say that offhand but I know we have an evaluation of equipment faction coloring going on and will being this up. Cheers for the ping.
  9. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV


    When is statement V going to be? During the next week with the release?
    It already came out :wink:
  10. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    (VERSION 1.9)i tryed many and many time and that bugg always when i complete it when i come for return the quest to aragas the quest stay grey and im unable to valid the quest
    Did you conquer a town, assign a governor, talk to your governor and create a kingdom via your dialogue with the governor BEFORE talking to the mentor (arzagos/istiana)?
  11. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Release on Tuesday, but at which time?

    I think the consoles stores can give you a hint :wink:
  12. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Is this all intended to work like that?
    I don't think so. Forwarded for investigation.
    Does this game have End Screens? Id actually be happy to hear that
    It will post-release. It is discussed (and shows an early version) in the release plans post.
  13. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    I really hope that the devs choose to put 1 banner for each separate army and party participating in the battle (as long as they have brought say, like 20-30 troops for the formation, regardless if that amount has spawned in the battle) per formation.
    The intention is to have a banner bearer per formation with a captain - because the banner effects apply only while the banner is carried. When a banner bearer gets knocked out, they cease (until it's picked up again).

    On a sidenote, thanks to everyone that highlighted an issue. I forwarded the critical ones. Will be logging off for now as I need to catch a plane to turkey tomorrow.
  14. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    @Duh_TaleWorlds I think there's probably a bug with the banners (I hope this is not intended). My own formed army and another one of my faction's armies are in a field battle with an enemy army. I noticed that despite me equipping all my companions with banners and assigning them as captains, there's only 1 banner per formation; that of my ally leading the other army. There really should be at least one banner per formation per army and separate party (so if there's 1 army and 3 separate parties joining the battle, there should be 4 banners in the infantry formation)
    Cheers, shot the relevant dev a message.
  15. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Safe to assume that means that formations have captains assigned or is it just a visual thing? Like if I fought a single party instead of an army will only one formation have a banner?
    Banners are determined by the equipment of captains. No captain (with a banner item equipped), no banner bearer in the formation.
  16. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Did everyone get shorter in the encyclopedia? Some people look comically tiny.
    I think there was a bug that prevented height (and weight?) parameters from properly taking effect. If this is the cause of the change, not everyone should be smaller - just some folks.
  17. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Steam page "release plans" update but no forum post? SHAME SHAME SHAME! Here it is

    Well, typically, products advertise what they have / plan to have rather than explicitly list what they don't. Naturally, if there are specific and frequent inquiries, it's good to cover them in FAQs. We do have one of those, but it doesn't yet cover console. Will inquire about it.
  18. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Steam page "release plans" update but no forum post? SHAME SHAME SHAME! Here it is

    And your second point is objectively wrong. You (TW if there is any confusion) were not straight up about it and that is clear by the posts on the subreddits (where there are a higher number of potential console players) which have garnered more engagement and upvotes than previous posts in the last couple of years. They obviously didn't know, or weren't reminded because your Twitter and Facebook account mostly posts random historical events, rather than anything useful to do with the game.
    It seems odd to me to make this argument subsequent to pointing out that it was communicated on an official platform - and well ahead of the console release. TBF I am not sure of the exact wording of the statement (I don't use Twitter myself :sad: ) - so maybe it was obtuse in some way?
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