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  1. Mabons

    Save settings separately for mp and sp

    Been playing some singleplayer after playing multiplayer. Switch to high graphics. Go back to multiplayer, now need to switch to low graphics. And vice versa everytime I switch. Can you make it so they are saved separately.
  2. Mabons

    In Progress [e1.6.1] Shield sheathing itself trying to change weapons

    Summary: This is similar to how the previous patch sheathed your shield after throwing your throwing weapons. It still does it for me, but I also randomly sheath my shield when attempting to switch to my second weapon via up scroll. I can up scroll 10 times in a row and at least one of those...
  3. Mabons

    BEAST Predictions - Entries Closed

    READ THE FULL POST CAREFULLY BEFORE MAKING PREDICTIONS. I've wanted to do this for a while, but with past BEAST tournaments being pretty cut and dry with who will win and who will be demoted it was quite a foregone conclusion. But with Destiny Masters finally being dethroned, a host of new...
  4. Mabons

    Lobby and other QoL changes.

    The lobby screen is the one that I find myself staring at the most thus far in my hours of gameplay, it's pretty outdated feeling and I'd like to offer some suggestions that would go nicely. -There is no portal to forums, reddits, steam boards etc. -I'm sure it's already planned but integrated...
  5. Mabons

    It's 3:30 am I'm bored here is a big post

    Things that need fixing: The most recent patch has shifted around the perks in some of the silliest ways, removing ash throwing spear from clan warrior but giving recruits pilas. There still isn't any "Meaningful choices" on most classes, there is still a best way to play. The complete lack of...
  6. Mabons

    Lets talk about the Gold System...(Skirmish)

    Alright had my 750 wins badge now so I feel somewhat qualified to talk about how absurd the gold system is. I've noticed a trend in that some factions need some rounds to get going and bank a little gold to really take advantage of certain classes. A good example is how Khuzait really lack in...
  7. Mabons

    Please allow anyone in the party to invite

    This used to be an option so I know it's possible, it makes creating a party a pain especially with the current lobby bugs.
  8. Mabons


    Right now (according to some folks I've spoken to) assists are only given if you deal 50% of the damage to someone and then they are killed. (Please correct me if this is wrong). This is resulting in a poor representation of how players are performing in the game. Assists to me should indicate...
  9. Mabons

    Speed inconsistencies between weapons

    The swing speeds are wildly all over the place. For example, maces: Imperial Mace: 85 Imperial Cavalry Mace: 79 Western Hammer(technically a mace): 95 Western Mace: 96 Western Cavalry Mace: 75 Highland Mace: 97 Northern Mace: 86 Eastern Infantry Club: 95 Eastern Heavy Mace: 85 Eastern Cavalry...
  10. Mabons

    Need More Info "Packet Loss" icon showing, yet there doesn't seem to be a noticeable effect.

    I keep having the packet loss icon showing up in the middle of the game, but my ping doesn't fluctuate or anything, and only occasionally does it result in slightly rubberbanding effects while playing. I'm not really aquainted with this kind of stuff but as I understand this could also be a...
  11. Mabons

    Urgently need more servers

    Right now there is 1800 people searching for a game, 840 searching for my criteria alone, which is skirmish in EU. I'm going to assume the servers are up as the custom servers are running fine. I complained about this in beta and people told me this was out of order as it was a free product...
  12. Mabons

    Small Captain mode guide (PSA)

    Had a few games this morning in Captain mode and the amount of people that didn't know certain things like fighting in shield wall made your units very defensive and would lose in a melee. So, here is a small guide: COMMANDING INFANTRY: First things first, blob them up. Having them in a spread...
  13. Mabons

    TCG Games

    So I did a quick search and the only really relevant topic I could find was this: I've just recently actually started playing Yu Gi Oh about a year and a half ago... flatmate introduced me while he was playing versus my other flatmate and I just kind of got a little hooked on it since then...
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