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  1. Blayde

    Multiplayer Skirmish 5v5

    remove the 5v5 and leave it 6v6 so at least u wait 30 seconds before someone leaves instead of 5min.
  2. Blayde

    GIVE THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS WHAT THEY WANT: Fix Single-Player before doing anything else with multiplayer

    Literally the only change MP received since launch is some skins, and when they finally did something to MP and added some content, u come and cry bout it ? Do u have the retard in thine brain ?
  3. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    They might be slow to implement a technology developed by AMD for AMD users, since they have partnership with NVIDIA.. :sad:
    Actually according to AMD it is easiest if game already got DLSS, also FSR 2.0 can work on any card not just AMD cards matter fact works better on Nvidia cards for some reason, but not huge margin

  4. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    FSR 2.0 released. Is there a spawn possibility for Bannerlord?
    I think the sauce code ain't out yet, but from deathloop, which is at this time the only game that support it, looks promising almost as good as DLSS, miles ahead of FSR 1.0 but shame it only got marginal gains on low end GPUs, however gains are still gains, so hopefully daddy taleworlds heed the call and fulfill our need

  5. Blayde

    Custom soldiers

    would be cool if they added like warband mod prophesy of pendor where u can make your knight order, and the ai can do it to and u can train em and pay for there armor and ****, that stuff was ahead of its time
  6. Blayde

    The purpose of the Castle in Bannerlord.

    A simple fix would be to ONLY recruit quality troops from castles. No more elite troops from your local fishing village....

    I second this, and on what u said
    Castles were typically made so that armies would have to siege them in order to avoid being ambushed the enemy from the rear
    I sow a mod that had attrition so whenever you're at war with an enemy and wonder inside their territory u lose troops by pop up ambushes, although it was only text it was something at least, of course always relying on mods is inconvenience in my opinion so implementing it natively would be nice
  7. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    I am really suprised the thread boomed after I asked randomly, didn't even think FSR is in the game already. There hasn't been anything in update notes and TW didn't announce it on their social media.
    This is great news for AMD users, thank you for listening the community.
    FSR 1.0 works on both AMD and NVIDIA cards, even Intel.
  8. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    Hopefully daddy taleworlds upgrade to FSR 2.0 when it comes out, looks good from showcases.
  9. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    The resolution scale existed before, FSR upscaling came with 1.7.0. FSR 2.0 will be considered but no decision has been made.
    So you're telling me as of 1.7.0 FSR is implemented, surprised because it wasn't mentioned in the patch, and it usually has a set % scale as other games, but I do remember u had new 50% cap on resolution scale, so I would take your word for it. Thank u chief, FSR 2.0 would help to :xf-smile:
  10. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    Hate to assist with derailing :grin: But I gotta shamelessly brag about my rx 6800 (non-xt), its a great GPU, a real workhorse, the best Ive ever had :grin: Never regret boycut of team green and blue

    Yes that card depends on how much u paid should be one of the best deals, even AMD felt at loss when they announced it at $580, so they will discontinue it, on this topic however I don't think RX 6800 will get any benefit from game like bannerlord with dlss or FSR since most of the time u CPU bound in heavy scenes, it is more for people with low end GPUs, and I hope u enjoy it.
  11. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    To my understanding, this is already available to players as of 1.7.0. When your resolution scale is below 100, it is used to upscale the resulting image.
    No I don't think FSR is implemented, if you're talking about plain old resolution scale then yes it is available and was available even before 1.7.0, but usually FSR got more quality to it than resolution scale it is like DLSS, note that FSR 2.0 will come soon, and they said if any game got DLSS 2.0+ devs can implement FSR 2.0 in less than 3 days, I don't really know if there is truth behind it, but ye would help if u got it in their chief.
  12. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    FSR 2.0 is almost out and the screens look MUCH better than what FSR 1.0 was. I really hope Taleworlds adds 2.0 to the game, would be major for AMD users.
    FSR 2.0 like 1.0 should support all GPUs whether nvidia or AMD or intel
  13. Blayde

    About offensive sieges[troops not charging in when gates are breached]

    Does ordering the battering ram group to charge work? Rather than leaving it to the ai I mean.
    Guess not cos even if u order all your troops to charge the siege rams and towers will still have bots assigned to them
    u can I think make them go to door if u tell them to follow u and u rush in then tell them to charge, but I am talking fixing it from game side because they just suicide when door is wide open and they go for towers one by one + u might die so u can't make them follow u
  14. Blayde

    About offensive sieges[troops not charging in when gates are breached]

    I didn't find any thread talk about this [maybe I don't know how to search] I am just wondering if they are planning on fixing or fixed the troops hanging out outside behind or below the siege towers when the door is breached, I play on 1k troop size and I always end up with empty gate except...
  15. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    Don't mean to wake up an old thread, but there is still no news about this right? Would be so handy for AMD users if we can get a boost on our fps also
    They prolly won't support it, AMD release yesterday I think new driver feature called RSR it is basically FSR, but driver based, but will only work on RX 5000 and RX 6000 series of cards, RSR based on FSR 1.0 and driver based meaning it support all games, native implementation in game would be better doe
    to enable it u need to have adrenalin driver i think 22.3.1+ enable it from driver interface in gaming tab maybe, and u need lower ur ingame resolution [u must be in fullscreen] and it will work it magic, again only on cards like rx 5500xt 5600xt 5700/xt 6500xt[dont buy it **** card] 6600/xt 6700xt 6800/xt 6900xt
  16. Blayde

    Nvidia DLSS causes game to be black screen except for User Interfaces

    I'm still confused what this setting is even for.
    upscaling using machine learning , basically slight visual change for more fps
  17. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    so are they doing it?
    prolly not, no replies no news
  18. Blayde

    FSR Support Request For Next Update

    FSR will not be as good as you think and it's way worse than DLSS. I think it'll be better to just run it in Native.
    low end gpus can have 60fps instead 40fps , it is good non the less , free fps why say no
  19. Blayde

    FSR support in bannerlord

    I'm not sure if he is still checking the forum or not but I guess @Murat Türe can answer this question. I don't think anyone in the Taleworlds Engine team will say "no" to a free performance boost ( little or not ) - especially if the implementation/integration effort is not enormous as other people claim.
    would be nice it will allow people with low end gpus to be able to play game at respectable quality preset or play it at least, so far no respond from taleworld , just say yes ok no problem or no back off at least an answer
  20. Blayde

    Ryzen 3700x or 5600x for bannerlord

    5600x incase anyone want know in future , bannerlord heavly bound on cpu side specially when u got a massive battle the uplift in single core over 3700x make it the better choice in almost all cases speically gaming its not bout core count its about raw performance of cpu and they are pretty close in term raw perfromance but 5600x will have clear advantage cos its far faster per core
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