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  1. Fïshe

    Just gonna leave this spear video here - someone might get a good idea

    Bannerlord's problematic approach to spears as a two-attack afterthought is a lazy approach and I expected nothing more from Bannerlord But I can dream about a better implementation for a game Sparring. Notice the binding action Translates to "Bannerlord needs much more chambering and some...
  2. Fïshe

    Companion Employment Agency

    When starting a new game, do you have to look through the encyclopedia for companions with high desirable stats? Don't you wish you could just have someone shortlist a few good trackers for you? Suggestion: In tavern scenes; either the innkeep or a dedicated NPC may know a thing or two about...
  3. Fïshe

    AI and campaign depth- Ransoming prisoners, Corrupt notables, Army strategy, & Interceptable messengers.

    1. NPC AI to allow for the capturing, ransoming, and/or rare execution of enemy NPCs with whom they have quarrels or deals to make - such as war/peace, trade, prisoner exchange, etc. Possibly rope in the player and make this a quest, sort of like in war band, but I think it would be cool to see...
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