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  1. Duchess Skye

    Proposed solutions for crafting and weapon/armour economy.

    Lots of people are complaining about smithing, rightfully so, since it's pretty broken and lets players create weapons to sell for tens of thousands very easily. Problem is not however the crafting system itself. While the crafting system does have its issues the main problem which lets the...
  2. Duchess Skye

    Thoughts on how to spice up the Khuzaits visual roster

    The devs have been upgrading some of the factions with new armour etc. The khuzaits however still remain very neglected and absolutely cucked by the Sturgians who got a really nice looking new lamellar armour. Anyway in this thread I was going to share some ideas on what types of armour they...
  3. Duchess Skye

    Suggestion General Add mod 'profiles' to the launcher

    Apologies if a thread like this has been made before. I did a quick search on the site and couldn't find anything. But to get to the point, the game desperately needs a better launcher. I understand the idea they went for in Bannerlord, with allowing a high degree of flexibility regarding mods...
  4. Duchess Skye

    Some historically-inspired feature ideas.

    Initially these were written with the idea of being mods but some might be cool to implement in native, even if not fully as written here. I will paste the text from a document I wrote. Keep in mind that I don't know C#, but I have a slight idea of how the in-game code is set up so I tried to...
  5. Duchess Skye

    Need help with overstab animation

    I recently downloaded a module (Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition) which incorporated the overstab animation. Only problem is that it's fixed in place, meaning I can't move it up or down and that makes it totally useless (since it aims above the enemies heads). It's also driving me real goddamn nuts...
  6. Duchess Skye

    A question about helmet rigging

    I have no idea how this is supposed to work. Long story short I decided to copy and paste some rigging from one of Narfs packs onto a helmet that did not have one. Except, that nerfs helmets are not orientated in the helmet position. So how the hell do they still appear properly in-game...
  7. Duchess Skye

    Does an OSP like this exist?

    I'm looking for an OSP which contains viking era (Anglo-saxon, Frank, Norse etc) clothing. No i don't mean the unhistorical, dull-colored leather biker gear, I mean real clothing. Like these: Just wondering if something like that is out there
  8. Duchess Skye

    2018 - Is this mod dead now then?

    If so, is it okay if I use some of the armors for my mod?
  9. Duchess Skye

    Recruit from castles and towns

    I tried to follow the code written in the blog (albeit an old one which might explain the problem), however I ended up with this error. I'm not very experienced and cannot tell what's wrong
  10. Duchess Skye

    Merging Diplomacy

    So I decided to make my own mod using the module system, however I want diplomacy in there. I have the source files, but is there any way to do this with Modmerger or do I have to do everything manually?
  11. Duchess Skye

    Fomations source code?

    I would be really and utterly thankful if the authors would consider releasing the source code for the formations. And with that I mean that code that makes the units bunch up instead of charging like suicidal maniacs. Not looking to make a mod out of it, just implement it into native or...
  12. Duchess Skye

    A modding request?

    So I recently played Nova Aetas, and i found that the units when charging actually stayed in formation! Being a historical maniac I found this extremely appealing, and I wonder if anyone would be so kind as to implement this for native? I'd do it myself if I could but I'm so bad with coding...
  13. Duchess Skye

    Is it still worth buying this dlc?

    Are the multiplayer servers polulated, are there events and is it worth it?
  14. Duchess Skye

    Ultra real combat Idea?

    Now, I know Warband combat isn't supposed to be realistic as much as it's competitive. And I know I'm asking way to much here, and that no one actually will do this. But being hard-headed history obsessed maniac, I just wonder if this would be possible to implement: Real armor physics...
  15. Duchess Skye

    Ever wanted a Warband gameplay first person only series?

    Well, I'm creating one. Yes I sound corny as hell, and yes it isn't the best quality. However I never found a series that focused on playing the game first person only, so I decided to make one. I'm uploading one vid per 2-3 days, and length varies depending on what mood I was in when I recorded...
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