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  1. Wei.Xiadi

    OSP 2D Art [Warband] Wei.Xiadi's Litus Armour Project V1.1 (OSP)

    Wei Xiadi's Litus Armour Project Version 1.1 Download: Wei Xiadi's Litus Armour project V1.1 What this Mod does:  This pakacage includes 50+ armour re-textures for modders and members to use. These Armours all use Mount n Blade models, they have simply been retextured and added to a new...
  2. Wei.Xiadi

    OSP 2D Art Wei Xiadi's Armour Project (Version 1.2a - No Errors!)

    Wei Xiadi's Armour Project. Version 1.2a Download Link: Wei.Xiadi's Armour Project V1.2a Log What this Mod does:  This small modification adds a total of 19 armours to the 'Native' game. These Armours all use Mount n Blade models, they have simply been retextured and added to a new BRF to...
  3. Wei.Xiadi

    My Resignation.

    No hard feelings, just couldn't keep up with the amount of college work I had to do.  I have over 3 assignments a day to do and my time to moderate is over.  If someone wants to take over the mod series then I'll help you whenever I get the time to do so.  If no one is willing to take on the...
  4. Wei.Xiadi

    Help Wanted!

    Okay.  Some people think we're dying down, which isn't the case.  We are still working on the mod, but our real life circumstances are affecting the production rate of our work.  If you'd like to help out then there are a few ways people could help speed things up. One. - PM me or add me on...
  5. Wei.Xiadi

    Troop Tree's

    We recieved some names from Lord Corentin, but now i'd like everyone to help chip in with producing some of the troop trees. So this is where everyone is able to post their ideas, suggestions and names for the troops.  We'll gladly accept and credit everyone for their suggestions and ideas.  :)...
  6. Wei.Xiadi

    [OLD] Team Assignments (16-Feb-09)

    Okay, this will be where I let everyone know what I'd like them to do.  Whether they do this or not is up to them, but it's a start in organising what everyone is doing. Also, people may offer suggestions or anything else in this thread, if its applausible i'll add it to an assignment and...
  7. Wei.Xiadi

    We are no longer on Hold

    Okay, as you may be aware we are currently on hold due to real life circumstances and just the 'sheer' amount of work I got to do. xD  Anyways I have a week off so I should be able to come back and start working again soon. :)
  8. Wei.Xiadi

    Help with the DX Render.

    I'm aware that 'plated armour' look retarded using the DX7 render, however, no matter how low I set my settings - DX9 just lags like crazy. :( I can't purchase a new computer and I was curious as to why Dx9 is so awkward, does GE have a large impact on the FPS? Maybe I can try removing that for...
  9. Wei.Xiadi

    Suggestions Thread

    Now that we have a new coder and various new team members.  I was hoping to hear any new suggestions for the mod. I was thinking of more story orientated quests, where you might need to do a little bit of intense invistigating...I'm not sure yet. But yeah..ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED.  One thing...
  10. Wei.Xiadi

    Important Announcements (Read)

    Okay.  First things first, there is no chain of command, there never was - never will be. Since some of my recent team mates seem confused due to certain threads (which might I add have been erased) I thought it a necessity to explain how this team will work.  There is 1 project leader, me. ...
  11. Wei.Xiadi

    [OLD] Texturers' Art Studio.

    The official Texture thread for Mongol. Thread Aims: - Gives a general rundown of what Texturing is and how it affects the experience of all games. - Provides an organized section for Texturers and readers alike to understand what's going on in the Texture department. - Provides an organized...
  12. Wei.Xiadi


    Can everyone post pictures of materials, armours...whatever in this thread please. This is where the texturers will look to create armours and such.  Modelers too. :)
  13. Wei.Xiadi

    A few changes.

    I've adjusted the layout of the thread to save some room at the top.  Everything about the mod is still the same.  But anyone who is a member of the Mongol Team, can I PLEASE ask you to download msn, it's a free web chat messaging and easy to use. Or add me on ...
  14. Wei.Xiadi

    [OLD] Mongol Series Information.

    Welcome to the Mongol Series. I am happy to inform you that all the information you'll ever need will be posted below in small blocks, so that it is easy to read and understand.  So, first things first.  This mod is built around the time of the Mongols dating back to the 1100's.  The mod is...
  15. Wei.Xiadi


    Factions: Borjigin Jadaran Tatars Naimans Kerayids Groups represented but not currently factions: Jin Dynasty Tangut Kingdom Merkits Tayichiud Jalayir Ongut Oirat Darkhad Uriankhai Ok, Pali left of with that in play.  But we've wanted lots of factions for ages and now we're about ready to...
  16. Wei.Xiadi

    Reviewer and willing contributer.

    Before I get into contributions, I'd just like to say that after several months of working on Mongol and then with the recent workings of fallout mod and Calradia.  I decided it'd be a good time to get into some of these mods that keep appearing.  The first (and last) mod I downloaded was in...
  17. Wei.Xiadi

    Question: Why do modified deserts have a pink/purple shine to them?

    Every desert texture I make has a stupid pink and purple glow in game on one side, like it's a reflection off of the sun or something and it's really unappealing to the eye.  I was wondering if it was related to the files bump map, or lack of bump map rather. if there was another reason i'd...
  18. Wei.Xiadi


    It's nice to know if a member of staff is going away for a few days, it keeps people up to date with whats going on. However, for me - I'm probably not going to be returning.  I've offered my services to a few other mods, but as far as Mongol goes, I think i've done everything I can. I mean I...
  19. Wei.Xiadi

    Applicants Needed (Story Writers)

    the Mongol Series, run by Ben, myself and Kongol, are at a point in our time when we need more support.  So far we three, plus the various contributors who support us in our task - have come up with what you know as the Mongol beta release.  Unfortunately however, we have big plans, big aims...
  20. Wei.Xiadi

    Great Khan Information and General Discussion

    It is based on the war against the Jin, which as a country, is my general area of expertise.  Besides its only fair if we all get an equal chance to make the expansion packs/continuations a little..different from each other.  Mongol beta is molded around all of our work, but Ben has a influence...
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