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  1. Factions near my own nation become hostile for no reason

    So, I am having a problem with Prussians and Samagotians who suddenly become hostile to me for no reason, they are burning my villages and attacking me whenever I get in sight but there is no hostility towards me if you look in the notes, Factions Relations report. And they are not hostile to my...
  2. Lady won't depart at occupied town

    So, I've encountered a problem while playing this awesome module. It all began when I took this quest to hunt down a party consisting of ca 200 marauders (I was given the quest by an innkeeper), and then suddenly in the heat of battle the game crashes, and a pop-up window says that Mount and...
  3. Vad fick dig att förlora tron på mänskligheten idag?

    Fanns ingen tråd för detta ändamål så jag skapade en ny tråd här kan ni posta allt som-ja, ni vet ju hur titeln lyder. Det här fick mig att tappa tro på mänskligheten:
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