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  1. jepekula

    The Boii, - A tribe for Celts. (Jomsborg)

    Welcome (back)!
    Nice to have you in the RaW community.
  2. jepekula

    Can we make more players come and play?

    The claim does not come from nothing, honestly.
  3. jepekula


    If I have the chance to get free stuff, guess I need to try my hand  :razz:

    Mine - A new tunnel collapses on the workers as they search for the fruits of underground labour. Thankfully most workers were able to escape unharmed, but one was caught in the disaster.
    Worker dies.

    Fishing docks - Saint Peter smiles on us! Our fishermen have catched an extraordinarily great haul! With all this fish, we could feed the town for a week... Or make a plenty of coin.
    Gain fish.

    Trading post - Bandits attacked our trading post to get rich on our toil! Thankfully they were beaten back, but a worker was injured in the fight
    Worker injured.

    Trading post - Bandits attacked our trading post and stole the toils of our hard labour!
    Lose money.

    If the events can have decisions related to them, then:
    Trading post - A trader claiming to hail from distant lands has come to our trading post, bringing exotic goods with him.
    Accept trade: lose money get stuff
    Decline: Nothing happens
    Attack: Try to rob the trader

    Alehouse - The local drunkard broke in our alehouse and drank whole night before he was found in the storeroom, passed out! O tempora, o mores!
    Lose items.

    Woodcutters Hut - While cutting wood, our worker suffered an accident with his axe. We suspect his late night at the alehouse yesterday might have affected the situation.
    Worker injured.
  4. jepekula

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    I personally only used the cover system to blind throw grenades and even that was hugely situational, often it was more useful to step back instead. The cover system was in my opinion almost useless other than that and blind firing at a door.
  5. jepekula

    General History Questions thread

    Both are foreign organizations which aim to dismantle the sovereignty of the Polish people, both are ****  :party:
  6. jepekula

    Expedition: Viking

    I really liked Expeditions Conquistador. Never finished it though due to the last (I think) missions were bull****.
    Maybe I'll get this game at some point.
  7. jepekula

    "#TZAITPAOEWAPOW" New game from SnowbirdGames (M&B-like)

    Serpent Of Eden said:
    You even downloaded a tank anime mod for civ 5.
    He didn't pay 14€ for the anime mod.
  8. jepekula


    This starts sounding like a goddamn conspiracy  :lol:
    Hope you can find a fix or replacement for it
  9. jepekula


    I just hope it's ready when I'm done with the military  :razz:
  10. jepekula

    [Event Series]Space Normans - 9th April 2017.

    Sleekphantom said:
    jepekula said:
    ****, cant attend this one either.
    Anyway, I summon Ubbe of the Örninn to bring as much Arnarin as he can!
    If he can participate, that is. If not, I guess Sigurdr needs to step up.

    Shame, would have been nice to see you again, on a mod that is more friendly and inviting!  :party:
    Yeah, would've been great to play vikingr again.
    Well, atleast I'll be enjoying fresh forest air and the smell of gunpowder.
  11. jepekula

    [Event Series]Space Normans - 9th April 2017.

    ****, cant attend this one either.
    Anyway, I summon Ubbe of the Örninn to bring as much Arnarin as he can!
    If he can participate, that is. If not, I guess Sigurdr needs to step up.
  12. jepekula

    [Event Series]Space Romans - 2nd April 2017.

    Yeah. Sadly I wont be able to participate.
    Hope you guys have fun, though  :party:
  13. jepekula


    null said:
    I have been doing closed testing. Any form of Steam release it probably at least 2 or 3 months away, I don't wanna rush it.
    Nice, just in time for me to finish military service  :party:
  14. jepekula


    Voted, and cant' wait to throw money your way  :party:
  15. jepekula


    Will there be skills, attributes and levels like in RPGs and The Guild 2?
  16. jepekula

    Battlefield 1

    From what I've seen, "clearing a point from a distance" means never moving from the spawn and shooting once a minute.
    Bloody tankers.
  17. jepekula

    Cheap Gaming

    Hopefully it lasts at least until new year, I won't be at home until 27th    :ohdear:
  18. jepekula

    Battlefield 1

    Alright, apparently they nerfed land vehicles or I magically stopped sucking, as recently I've been succesfull in destroying a few tanks, including heavy ones and landships, with the AT rocket gun and AT grenades  :party:
    I'm still baffled how an arty truck takes 3 rockets to disable, or 2 AT nades.

    also planes are still gay
  19. jepekula

    Battlefield 1

    Conquest is pretty ****ing messy, but I mostly enjoy it.
    My biggest problem is that the vehicles are almost impossible to deal with as infantry. Even the field guns do like 30% damage to light tanks.
    And don't make me even talk about planes.
  20. jepekula

    Blog 2 - Scenes and why you haven't seen any.

    Looks magnificent!
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